Hiphop Fish & Chicken

7118 Darlington Dr, Parkville
(410) 665-6565

Recent Reviews

Janet Crawford

I ordered the 20 pcs shrimp dinner that were over cooked and a piece of yellow cake with chocolate icing the cake was spoiled the chocolate in between the layers was gray and stunk if I had eaten it I would have been poison will never order from here again I just lost 18.00 dollars lesson learned

Craig Pennington

If I could could give a "0" I MOST DEFINITELY WOULD!!! When I went to order a 4 piece "Trout", the guy sitting next to the register said, "YOU want a 4 piece whiting or catfish don't you?" I said, "Absolutely not! I don't like them!" The girl at the register takes it upon herself to charge me for what I ordered and gave me Whiting instead! I got home and called, only to get hung up on numerous times and eventually the phone goes silent like they left it off the hook with me on there. Then I call back and get hung up on again! This place is a joke!!! Not a business!!! This happened about 10:00pm on Friday, 7/29/2022. Anyone else with issues? I'm curious?

Shellie Parker

We got small wings and itty bitty pieces of catfish that looks like a cut up piece of Catfish and fries. No ketchup and no coleslaw no forks which is a part of our meal. And we've been calling ever since we got home and no one has picked up.


So it's game day its snowing and I didnt wanna go out so I ordered online I saw a nice review on doordash so I gave it a try. It's only about 12pm. All I wanted was the fish & chips with coleslaw.Fries were fried hard so they were dry, fish was fried hard too. I HAD NO COLESLOW. To eat my meal with. I mean that was the main reason I ordered the food just to enjoy those 3 things.So disappointed! I called the store about my order but girl had an attitude asking if I wanna come get the coleslaw. Ain't no way I'm burning gas for that AN APOLOGY WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE. Like if yall messing up orders this early I feel sorry for yall when the rush comes for the superbowl!Never ordering from here again!

Kim C Wilkins

Good food

erin brown

it baffles me the good reviews on this place because we've had it twice and each time was horrible. The shrimp had this awful weird taste like it was spoiled. I immediately spat it out. The fries were soggy. The fried chicken was overly fried and had clumps of sugar on it or some type of sweet coating. It's consistently bad. Bad meat,bad cooking, bad seasoning! And it's quite expensive to boot!

Emma Sembly - Brodie

Think of this chain as another McDonald-type restaurant, but with far better tasting food. Yes, it's fried fish and chicken, but it's so delicious, it's worth the calories. The menu also includes French fries, greens, mac & cheese, desserts, and more. Generous proportions.

Simone Robinson

Chicken good but they jacked the prices up WAY HI FOR SOME DANG ON ? WINGS

Lynn Davis

This location needs work. The food was fine, but the look of the location would make you think twice.

Troy Bell

Fast service friendly staff it's a decent place

Mark Torain

D*** mfs

rob b

Picked up some collard greens. Yummy.

Kenny Watts

Love that season

Christiana Badmus

Great Fish

Belinda Tyler

It was cool but the fish was dry

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