New China House

2051 E Joppa Rd #2825, Parkville
(410) 668-1330

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Jennifer B.

After looking on Yelp we decided to get take out from here for dinner. We ordered 3 different meals and were happy with all of them. When we we're running behind to pick up our food they actually called us to let us know that it was ready. When we arrived our food was packaged to go and everything was still warm when we arrived home. The spring rolls were bigger than i've seen at a lot of restaurants which was nice and they included fortune cookies which i rarely see anymore so that was an added bonus! Would definitely try this place again if i'm the area.

Kay Kay

I spent $30 at this location for my chicken to be unseasoned and I started feeling sick after eating the food. I called up to the store to have my issue resolved but they told me that there’s nothing that they could do because I didn’t call the same day! I picked my food up right before closing. It hasn’t even been 24 hours later. Highly disappointed and would not recommend spending money here.

Terre Lawrence

Egg rolls were all cabbage. No sign saying u charge for using a card. I ordered 2 shrimp egg rolls. 1 little tiny shrimp in each roll. I was making my own Chinese which turned out delightful. But I don't think I will get anything from them. Will continue to go to Bruce Lee in Timonium

Brittany Richburg

I was stationed in Idaho with my husband and we are back here visiting family. I always ordered from here. This is still the BEST Chinese food in the neighborhood. Me, My husband, son, and grandmother are enjoying our bourbon chicken, shrimp fried rice, crab cheese wontons and milk tea with pearls. I missed home and great Chinese food so much and you guys are still THE BEST! :) Thank you so much!

Granny Vega

I don't know what happened to this place. Used to be good, but the last time I was there, they tried to poison me. The food had a distinct chemical taste like some kind of bleach or something. I threw it all away and made beans on toast for my supper. Don't order from here. You might die!

king mitchell

Didn't like food was half cooked and rushed because of them getting ready to close for the evening.

Ann K.

Only okay. Gotten food here twice now and it's definitely not the best Chinese takeout. Not even in the top 5. It's a pretty dumpy little place, the website sucks and the alternative, ordering over the phone, is confusing at best. They do a brisk business.... definitely liked by many, but not by us. We'll be going elsewhere.

Lady Jae

Everything I've gotten from here thus far has been delicious. I usually order either Shrimp Yat Gaw Mein or Shrimp Lo Mein. I also get the fried scallops which is just a typical carryout food appetizer but I really like them! The ladies also hv great customer service when I call. Definitely will continue to patronize this business.

Patrick Shields

Standard menu of food but theyve been our most competent goto place for a few years now.

M Macdrew

I’ve ordered here regularly for over 3 yrs, mostly lunch specials. This time when I ordered it was a PENNY in my rice. When I called, instead of showing empathy, she was dismissive. Wanting ME to bring back food for another order! Smh I will never return and it’s unfortunate cause the food was reasonable.

Kevin R.

Sometimes it seems like Baltimore County is nothing but strip plazas . And many of them have the usual Chinese Takeout or the neighborhood Pizza Joint. But in Parkville there's a plaza there that has some of the Best Cantonese Chinese food in the County. New y chi a is a multi generational family business. They consistently serve great Pork Dumplings, Tonight I ordered an order of the pan fried Pork Dumplings. They were crispy and flavorful and the centers were juicy and full of flavor. They definitely make their own dumplings by the chewiness of the dough. The Pork with Black Bean Sauce was sublime and the taste of the fermented black beans, the pieces of Chinese Roast Pork and the Black Beans come together like a well arranged string section in a carefully constructed Symphony. The Chicken with Snow Peas was light , fresh and the pea pods were still crunchy. My only caution is to try not to order more food then what's needed because the portions are generous.

Rusty Coulbourne

Decent takeout Chinese food for a good price.

Ce G

We love to order foods from here. But every time this guy picks up the phone, he will say “We don’t deliver right now” not only once happened! Every time he’s the one picking up the phone!!! Like why would offer delivery in your menu if you guys can’t deliver!!!!!

Yelena Bogdanovski

I ordered szechuan style shrimp with spicy green beans, food was not spicy, wasn't hot either, they over charge me too, when I called and said that food wasn't spicy and asked to talk to the owner, woman answered the phone and said that it's spicy to normal people, so she implied that I wasn't normal, and kept going on and on with this. I felt so humiliated because I wasn't "normal " according to her standards. I ordered before from this place and other Chinese places it was always spicy, I don't understand why this woman puts me down like this, she hardly even speaks English. I don't believe that she is a owner of this business. She made me very upset. I think that should be certain screen for who can be allowed to open business in the USA. This business treats USA citizens very badly, they need to learn how professionally operate the business in the USA first before they allowed to do so.

Christine Guercio

We love to order foods from here. But every time this guy picks up the phone, he will say “We don’t deliver right now” not only once happened! Every time he’s the one picking up the phone!!! Like why would offer delivery in your menu if you guys can’t deliver!!!!!

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