8335 Harford Rd, Baltimore
(410) 882-4532

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Craig Price

Seems subway is doing a bait and switch scam.The app offers a buy one foot long get one free. It then show all the participating stores. However when you try to order the offer through the app or at the store its not honored. Just another way they lure you in with a to good to be true offer.Food: 3/5

Nicholas Murray

What can I say it's Subway everybody knows it. Everybody knows what's there. They're all the same the only reason why I gave this place 3 stars on the atmosphere is they have a broken speaker that cuts out constantly and it's been like that for 2 years and it's very annoying.Food: 5/5

Veronica Linton

Always fresh items, fast and friendly customer service.Food: 5/5

Teena Hallameyer

Been there several times and they never have wheat bread.Food: 2/5

Cake Bomb

Love subway ?But sometimes it wouldn't kill them to clean the knife that they cut the sub after they used itKid-friendliness: I'm a "kid" and they were nice to meParking: I would say 8 to 9 parking spots

Letonia Blanding

I really enjoyed one of the new melts. It was delicious. The most tasty sandwich I have had at Subway. I had the Philly. Mmm goodParking: Nice spacious parking lot.Wheelchair accessibility: Wheelchair accessible from the parking lot

taney paul

My go to Subway. Clean, super clean. Awesome employees.

Robert Adcock

stay away from here, got charged for food I didn't order, place is going down hill pretty quick. although the long hair in the one sub I did get was i guess now expected. it used to be good but now no way i would go back if I want


I think there are a new owners that have taken over my son and I always used to go in there before pandemic and now we started coming back. I asked for a Subway club they give me a turkey club had to take it back and get the right club. My son went and asked for a Subway club they gave him turkey club but he stopped them before they rang him up. For some reason the young ladies aren't listening to orders properly. I miss the old staff but for covid they never got it wrong. Having to go all the way home and come back to get the right sandwich is unheard of I don't think they understand how much gas prices are right now please do better

Jeff Morris

If you want a good Subway sub with lots of meat this is the place to go and nice friendly staff


Went inside, ordered two subs, left with nothing. Sub maker and cashier conversing in another language obviously confused on how to use the register, they had difficulty understanding and comprehending the English language, had $20 giftcard to use but cashier could not work the register, I asked what the problem was after scanning payment 3 times. I showed him the balance on my card. He did not understand what I was asking, why I was getting agitated. 20 mins of my time wasted while my two subs sat on the counter getting cold, I went to a different location, used my giftcard, no problems whatsoever.

Tina Cotton

Great food people are friendly

Helen James

You have to make sure you speak clearly when asking what you want on your sub.

Sylvia Sidney

Worker had on gloves but use knife in water to cut sandwich. She couldn’t get vent wipe of knife or font cut sandwich at all. Disgusting.

Tiffany Balkaran

Clean store with all menu options available

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