Wayback Burgers

2027 E Joppa Rd, Parkville
(443) 495-2992

Recent Reviews

Jaha Ozibodi

I was very disappointed... the food quality wasn't worth the price I paid. First & last time at this establishment, so underwhelmed

David Hasselbarth

When ordering they need to tell you the bbq sauce is $1 extra even though they said it comes with the onion rings, it should be free especially since you just paid $30 for 2 hamburger meals.

Patrick Murnane

Super slow service. Decent food. Five guys is faster, similarly priced, and quicker

Lily Moore

This restaurant was absolutely atrocious. Would not recommend eating here if you want good quality food.

Michelle Moody

The burgers here are great. I always enjoy my meals at Wayback. They have great shakes, onion rings and fries too. I like the retro vibe of the place; the pictures from the original store and from the 70's are cool. I'm a burger person, so switching it up is nice. These burgers are better than Five Guys and they always taste fresh. If you've read any of my reviews, you should know I'm going to complain about price. I know, I need to give up that ghost because everything is expensive now. Just be prepared to spend and extra 8 bucks if you want onion rings and fries with your burger. Tip: get the kids meal burger, it comes with fries and a drink and you get plenty of food.

Meredith Khoury

Absolutely a fantastic experience... very clean, food was so good, and the Staff WAS OUTSTANDING.... highly recommend... I wish you could bring a store to Swansea MA....

Patrick B.

I walked in a few minutes past opening, with only one couple there. It was a well cleaned and dressed place of business. It took time to read the menu and the cashier was not pushy. I ordered a cheeseburger and was told there would be about an 8 minute wait. The burger came out on a cake pan like plate. Metal with a wax like paper between it and the burger. Ketchup and napkins on the table. Nice. For the burger, it was easy to hold, the grease from the burger was not in the bun. It came out hot as well. For the flavor, Meh, it was a burger. So why the Meh? What had me lost was the greasy flavor behind it. I was not a fan of their grease. Now let me say there was nothing wrong and I would never turn away a free burger, but for me, it tasted like a very much better version of a Wendy's burger. Worth the price, yes, but not a 5 out of 5. Note, I am not unhappy at all, just deciding this fast food chain is likely almost as good as the other top one you might think of and for the price I will see how far the other place might be. One other note, if I could say, the dining room was more to my liking. I found it restful, the TVs and the decorations looked on par! 4 of 5 stars

Jay C

Love the burgers here and the employees are always polite and friendly. Don't get to go here often but try to whenever I'm in the areaFood: 5/5

Tracy Mendoza

I've gotten food a few times and 8 out of 10 times it was great and taste great. But the one thing that bothers me about going in to this location is the smell. I don't know what it is it doesn't even smell like food.Food: 4/5

Samuel Miller

Not bad but at all food was good and staff was friendly. I still like 5 guys, shake shack, red robin a little better.

Vicki K.

The shakes were the best part of our meal. My burger had ZERO taste. Not worth the money we paid. The hotdog was equally nasty that my husband ordered. The tater tots were good, we got about 15 tots for the order. Never coming back here again.

Rongfeng Li

They refused to serve me before their close time.. I got there 8:55pm and was told they were closed and refused to serve me. She also told me that everything takes 45 minutes to make. Then I was wondering if the restaurant close at 9pm, they would stop serving customers food around 8:15pm because EVERYTHING takes 45 minutes to make. This does not make any sense to me.BTW, I eat there a lot. Their food is delicious and most people working there are friendly. I am 100% happy with that.

Stephen Mooore

Food was outstanding. Fresh and Delicious. The staff there was extremely nice. Even come to the tables and check on you. Will be going back. Try the Cheesy Burger, dress it up how you want. They have a burger with 9 patties I may take a swipe at as well.

Shericka Davis

I went to pick up a milk shake for my husband that he thought was free when I arrived the cashier explained to me the milkshake he ordered was not the free one and it could not be ordered online it was in store only so of course we requested a refund and the cashier explained it would need to be done on the site by hitting the cancel button. My husband signs in to the site and guess what there's no cancel button so we called the store and the cashier said she would let the owner know guess what its been 2 weeks and the owner did not contact my husband and they did not refund him.? From this experience I will not be spending money here again. There is power in where you decide to spend your money. This situation is ridiculous ?

Robert Colclough

My buddy got the double bacon cheese burger... Love it and I got a grilled hotdog with the works loved it. Definitely will be back

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