Wings and Seafood - Parkville

2425 Cleanleigh Dr, Parkville
(443) 627-8199

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xiaobin li

My friend recommended me to this restaurant. I fell in love with it the first time I went there. The restaurant is clean and spacious, the waiters are very good, and the seafood tastes very good, which suits my appetite. Then I recommended my friend to go there

Stefan Hurtt

I'm a new customer walking into an establishment giving a simple order a guy behind the counter (said his name was Eddie) and to be told that I was wrong when I gave the order heard him say it back. They bring me the wrong order and to not even be humble about it. Instead Eddie said I was lying bout what I ordered from then changed me for to correct my order after getting sassy

Aleisha D & her AJ’s

Food was very delicious, I had the Cheesesteak and 6 wings (not whole) for about $13 and some change Which I believe is a very good deal.. With Fries and drink would’ve been extra $2 more.. My honey garlic pepper wings was on point, fried perfectly and flavor was awesome..The Cheese steak was seasoned well, my ingredients tasted fresh and the Bread set it off, with it being very soft as well. I do wonder what bread they use. I’ll definitely be back again & again.. One of my new fav spots now..

Keisha Terry

I had the honey old bay wings. They were delicious. Cooked well done& seasoned very well.Food: 4/5

Qivon A.

My family loves this place! The food is always good and the staff is always friendly. The food always tastes fresh and cooked with clean ingredients (including oil). We’ve been eating here since they opened earlier this year. I hope they stay consistent.

Kierra Ludd

I visit this place every other week & each time I go I’m never disappointed very much satisfied. The boils are amazing every time & their buffalo wings are also delicious. I definitely recommend!!

Rebi Mac

The staff are very Polite….my experience has been what ever I’ve ordered was is always made the way I’ve asked ,the food is very good ,made to order, and has always been hot when I pick it up..

Jay Ariz

Quick, tasty and easy bite at an insanely low price.9” Philly, fries and soda for 9.95 + chicken strips + fried rice and soda 9.95…Without a doubt, some of the best food I’ve had at a “hole in the wall”-esque establishments at a price you cannot beat.Worth swinging by!

ShaDonna Linton

Today was my first time going there. My order was messed up. The lady that answered the phone was super nice. And she said they will fix my order when I come back. The seafood boil was delicious. Will be returning

Gamer Gal

Everything about this place was truly amazing! The Seafood boils are so tasty and fresh. I was surprised at how HEAVY the boil bag were, and how well everything was seasoned for such a good price. The service was great, and well mannered staff. Will definitely come again!

Sharon Stell

The crab legs were over cooked making the meat soft and soggy, the shrimp was ok.

Leslie Jones

Had an excellent seafood boil with just shrimp. So much food, definitely worth the price. I will say that I ordered mild Old Bay and my nose was running, mouth burning, not what I would call mild. But it was delicious!

Norkeita Beckham

My DAD & I WENT THERE TO GET SOMETHING TO EAT, OT WAS REALLY NEW THEN. It hasn't really been there that long and looking at the menu I really wanted to try something to eat so I went for the gusto I got what I really wanted. And I was really not satisfied with it at all it doesn't feel good saying this but it wasn't good to me at all it didn't taste fresh it didn't say it just didn't it just wasn't. I'll try something different I will try to go there and get something to eat again because they are nice and clean. Hell it should be playing we got time to clean up all day they ain't got nobody coming in there doing a whole bunch of ordering. So like I said I will try it again and I hope I like it and I'll be back.


Ordered crab legs once with shrimp and it was good went back got me some fried chicken tenders with shrimp fried rice that was good as well shrimp could use a lil seasoning but that's my preference. I'd go back if I'm in the area.

Karin Yearwood

Very clean inside. Food is made fresh. Good customer service.I ordered the 4 whole wing combo. The chicken and fries had no flavor. They pretty much just fried it and put it in the container. Of course I could have added hot sauce. But I think chicken should have flavor.I will return and order something else next time.

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