Cortez Cigars

971 Thayer Ave, Silver Spring
(301) 587-5887

Recent Reviews

josh r.

Upon entry, the aromatic smell of the tobacco leaf was intoxicating. The immediate arrival of the shopkeeper, and eagerness to curate the fine selection of imported cigars left me wooed to purchase a modicum of the goods in both Robusto and Corona size. Delightful they were. Exquisite!!!

Alan Hew

Cortez makes wonderful cigars. They make mostly mild to medium bodied cigars focusing on aromatics and flavor. They are excellently hand made with a great draw. They have a couple of heavier cigars that are VERY nice as well. The prices are reasonable for what you're getting mostly in the $8-10 range. Their lounge has an amazing ventilation system and the leather couches are comfortable to relax in and enjoy your cigar. The staff are friendly, helpful and really know their trade.You should not over look this gem all other stores sell only name brands. Cortez only sells their own, which is a must try!

Daniel Press (Sanek)

INCREDIBLY friendly staff and super helpful if you're a beginner. Gonna visit again!

Shaun Cavanagh

Many cigar blends to choose from. Excellent cigars.

Kee Payton

Great cigars. Good prices

Lyric Nolan

Walked up on this shop & to my surprise it a cool little spot. The other customers inside were cool. Carlton helped me with my selection. Great guy!Check them out.

Ron Willis

One of the best known unknown cigars in the area.

Tim Chester

Nicest people on staff!

Zerline Hughes

El Salvadoran owned and they sell their own brand. True mom and pop and niche. Cigars from Peru, Brazil, Nicaragua. No maduro cigars though.

Charles Mac

l love the atmosphere the owner the manager they are really cool

Moinina Tarawally

The man was very helpful in so many ways forget his name but thank you.

Anna S.

Just had a delightful afternoon with my husband smoking a couple cigars outside in a parking spot the store commandeered for the purpose during covid19. The cigars are fantastic and staff and owners really know their stuff and are very friendly!

Alex B.

They have a big selection of cigars, im new to cigars so I'm always a hunnid percent sure what I want. The owner is pretty helpful, when I'm trying to decide. I usually go get a beef patty and ginger beer from Negril and come in and smoke when I stop in. It's a nice little spot to sit down and smoke. It's right off Ga Ave so you can grab one and hit the strip.

Carlos Geo Santos

Awesome place, Cigars are fresh, great, and high quality. Great place to network and meet new people in the area. Definitely a good time and good vibes! Everyone super friendly and very welcoming.

Nicole Wise

This review is long overdue. This Family Oriented Business opened their doors here, in Downtown Silver Spring in 2013. Since arriving back in the DMV, this shop received, from myself alone, 6 years of devotion, entertainment, and just all around bonding, over GOOD STICKS and ATMOSPHERE. In closing, I would love to give 5 stars, however, the reason being is due to some "BAD APPLES" in the bunch (e.g. some guest), carry a sense of ARROGANCE, that is not INDICATIVE of how BOTLs and SOTLs should ACT in our CIGAR WORLD; yet the 4 stars is a show of appreciation for Kristian Cortez and his Team, that delivers a GOOD PRODUCT and PROFESSIONALISM.....

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