Burger King

13410 H G Trueman Rd, Solomons
(410) 394-1355

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John Bond

This is Burger King and Burger King is what Burger King I like this place. The food is very good and it's in Dover Delaware. People are kind and is fairly clean or should I say it's clean.Food: 5/5

Nolan B.

Put my order in, when I got to window they didn't have everything. Waited for 20 minutes for my food with, and it was wrong.

dominic casabianca

I go there at the same time on my way to work and the same girl is always taking orders and I order the same thing every time and every time I pull up to the window and she hands me something I didn't order and I tell her and she stares at me like I'm crazy and then she runs round throwing a fit because I said she's done this to me multiple times and she just needs to slow down. I've worked food before I know she's trying to be fast and efficient but if your messing up orders and being rude about it when your corrected your doing something wrong.

Nathan Banker

Took forever to get food when it was sitting on the slot gave 3 others that where behind me food before I got mine then tried to make up the time with a small soft ice cream

Brian Nesbit

Food was on par for Burger King and the drive through person was nice and friendly.

Robert Hall

The guy at the cash register didn't know what he was doing he had to call the manager twice and still overcharge me.

Jason Harmer

We actually drive past another BK to get here. Everyone is friendly and the food is always correct!

Eric Etzel

The King of Burgers! One of the best ones around. No kidding, if you like Burger King this is the place to get it done your way.


From the moment I pulled up I should have drove away. At the menu board I was acknowledge by a rude what can I get you, I was caught off guard by the greeting so I did not respond immediately so he repeated the same rude what can I get you. Placed my ordered waited at the window once my food was completed then he came to the window and took payment. Then instead of giving my drink stopped and took another order and kept me waiting. Once I got to my destination about a half mileup the road. I opened my food and the fries were awful like sitting in a warmer for a really long time would be my guess. Then my chicken sandwich was chicken and bun nothing else not what I ordered at all. Terrible service and food.

John Fockler

Between trying to get food at the drive-up late evening, while nobody takes order, even after honking several times, then call and they say oh sorry must not of heard me, and now getting a new whopper melt and the bread not even being toasted, shows how little the manager, or workers care about the customer. Talked to the manager, but this place is on a continued downhill spiral.

Ben Kopp

Terrible service. Twenty five minutes in the drive thru to serve me and the four cars in front of me. No one in the dining room. Staff standing around the register. Food was cold by the time I got it. My friends then went two hours later, waited the same amount of time and got cold mozzarella sticks without sauce. 0/10 will not be back.

Randy Parmer

I waited 20 minutes in the drive thru only to get to the window and was told they will not accept a $50 bill to pay for my order ? They have a hand written note at the pickup window... Would have been nice to see that where you place the order.The service at this location has always been awful and it is getting worse....Do yourself a favor and pass on this location...I will never go back

Jeremy Bajenski

The hours posted for Google maps is wrong. They open at 7am

Jim Krenek

This has to be the cleanest Burger King I've ever been in and service rocked!! Thank you

Melanie M.

I have a lot of diet restrictions and I know that bk isn't a good choice for breakfast but I ordered the breakfast burrito and asked for no meat and no cheese. The guy that took our order said it only came with bacon. I got the burrito with sausage on it. I would have gotten very sick if I ate it had I not checked. Then we ordered an ice coffee with no cream. Definitely got it with cream which I cannot have. They were so impatient with us that we didn't even care to complain.

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