Captain Smith's Seafood

13944 Solomons Island Rd S, Solomons
(410) 326-1134

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Mariana D.

You can't be in Solomons and not stop by Capitan Smith's. They have fresh crabs, oysters, shrimp, fish. They have a nice selection of frozen seafood as wellI LOVE the Smiths seasoning, we buy a bucket every time. The also serve soup, sandwiches salads, steamed crabs for carryout. Last year I got a bushel of oysters, they packed everything so careful and loaded the box. Really appreciate the staff, great service!Glad they still have the punch cards:)

Carlina Dixon

My brother lives in Lexington Park he took me to Captain Smith seafood the crabs and shrimp very good. I drive a hour just to go get some great price for the crabs males or females

Paulette Bowman

I love Captain Smith they are like the best to me I go there it seem like every other day but it's probably every two weeks I love them

Lori Healy

The crabs were full and tasty. Service is always great!

Darnisha E.

You can get better food a Long John Silvers. Only this place does have better hush puppies (lightly). Got the fried seafood platter. It was super bland. Fish was dry. Scallops were ok. Shrimp were the only good thing. (1 the one star). Website said they have green beans but they do not. When I went back to pick up my and my aunts order he asked how many crab deviled eggs I got. I wasn't sure as they were with her order. He found the ticket and rang everything up. Get to the hotel. No deviled eggs. Thankfully it was super close so I went back. No apology. Nothing. You'd be better off going to the gas station right near them for food. Also the crab deviled eggs were disgustingly sweet and only had a tiny piece of crab on top. I'm sure the fried clams didn't actually contain any clam. Hard and empty. If you know anything about good seafood avoid this place.

Stan Messineo

If you want the best crabs you got to come here. They're jumbos are packed full with meat !!!

Caroline Chow

Super helpful and friendly folks at Captain Smith's. They were helpful in answering our questions and figuring out what to order.

John N.

Steamed crabs were good but several out of the 6 I ordered were missing claws. Didn't notice until I got home and too far to go back and complain.

Ikea Taylor

I'm not sure why some of my crabs taste freezer burnt or had gritty meat. But they were cooked fast and had options when others were sold out so.

Kevie Newman

I got 6 #1 steamed crabs. The Crabs were good but most of them were missing at least one big claw! One didn't have any claws! I only had 6 crabs and 4 of them were missing claws. I have never had that happen at any other crab place.

Amber M.

Ordered here last night, items were missing from our purchase and the flounder tasted inedible and soggy. Absolutely not worth the price by any means, what a complete waste of money.


I purchased a bushel of #2 male crabs on Sunday, July 10, 2022, for a family gathering. My round trip from my home was over an hour and half to Captain Smith’s. The Carryout was clean and the service was friendly and helpful. The problem and great disappointment was, when the crabs were brought out to my car the crabs were steaming, however, the inside of the crabs were refrigerated cold like they were reheated. This disappointed and concerned us because we were not sure how old the crabs were and whether we were going to get sick from eating them. Captain Smith Seafood has the best prices for crabs in Southern Maryland and we discovered why....ours were old and reheated without disclosure. Are they what was left from last night...from local restaurants... who knows. If you

Jan B.

Omg!!! I freakin love this place and the staff are all so friendly and helpful. The only place I buy seafood to go <3 last time I was there, I ordered the steamed shrimp. They were so good and idk what they are mixing with the old bay, but it’s some kind of good.

Bruce Banner

Great local seafood spot.I called ahead and placed an order for a certain time but when I showed up they couldn't find it.So I had to wait until it was prepared but it was well worth the wait.


Door dash order, fries were barely cooked, steamed shrimp was way too undercooked, some were still gray in color. Normally satisfied with there food but really disappointed this time.

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