Isaac’s Restaurant & Pub

155 Holiday Dr, Solomons
(410) 326-6311

Recent Reviews

Tanya Redding

Wonderful venues in Solomons Island. The staff were friendly and welcoming. The food was great. The facility was clean.

Michael Mkala

After a long day at the beach we wanted some place to eat. Having to wrangle 2 toddlers and 2 infants out of the house before dark is crazy hard but we manage to get out at 7pm. Most places close at 8ish so this is one of like 2 other places in the area that close at 10pm.We go there and the food was amazing, salmon, wings, fries and nuggets were some of the best we've ever had. Service was sublime too. Let's not forget the bartender who made again some of the best cocktails we've had. Place is going on the "Safe Bets" list for us!Note: it's inside the Solomon's Inn Resort that threw us off a little bit.

Karla bp

Cheap breakfast buffet.. 9.99 eggs,potatoes, bacon, sausage, grits and muffins. Orange juice & coffee

Chris Permito

It was a joke the bar manager could careless about bar tender catering to the locals and the hotel guests were second rate letting the hotel manger know was worthless I know this won’t go anywhere but I thought I would let them know. Sending a review on Yelp if they would care!

Tami S

The food was delicious! Highly recommend the chicken cordon bleu!!

Suzanne Best

Saturday/Sunday brunch buffet is offered starting at 7:00 am. You can dine in or carry out. There is a variety of foods - biscuits/sausage gravy, cream of wheat or oatmeal and toppings, scrambled eggs with and without cheese, sausage links, bacon (cooked perfectly), waffles and fried chicken tenders, fried potatoes, seasonal fresh fruit and apples/oranges, muffins/danish and they will make toast/bagels to order (butter/jam and condiments are available). Drinks include coffee, tea, orange juice, apple juice, tomato juice and iced water. All staff are friendly, helpful and accommodating - excellent service! The only reasons why I gave 4 stars is because the scrambled eggs appeared to be reconstituted and not fresh, and the floor was dirty and sticky. We all enjoyed the meal and would definitely go back!

Marty S.

Typical hotel bar. The drinks are great, and poured just right. Not too strong, not too weak. The rum punch I ordered came put perfectly. The food is another matter. I ordered the grilled cheese and fries. The fries are frozen oven fries. Hard to mess those up and came out ok. The grilled cheese was ice cold cheese slices on cold toast. I guess my mistake here. Oh well.

Kenneth Kaye

I went here as part of a planned yacht club party. Food was served buffet style. The food was good, not great. The staff were very nice and helpful.


Great food! Quality service. This is my first time here. The bartender/waitress was very nice. The service was excellent... I will definitely be back!!


Avoid this place!!! Had a horrible experience which started from the moment I tried to make a reservation for Easter brunch. My reservation couldn’t be taken over the phone due to incompetence, so I had to come into the actual restaurant where I was met with more incompetence. Our reservation for brunch was 11am. Pretty standard time for brunch. Absolutely no reason why all the food should be cold. The menu which sounded good on paper was not executed well at all. The roast beef was pre sliced and thrown into a tray of gravy (no carving station), the steamed shrimp were certainly not fresh and Were served as a seafood boil with a bunch of other shellfish and corn. All cold. The eggs Benedict was called fried eggs Benedict. This was a pathetic attempt at making a classic dish with frozen ingredients. A soggy biscuit topped with a frozen sausage patty, then a fried egg and cold hollandaise sauce. Every item was bad. The $25 per person didn’t even include juice. Beverage was 2.95. How does a special brunch buffet not include juice or coffee? And on top of that the orange juice I ordered was brought over and the waitress tells me she added an ice cube because she felt it was too warm. Lol. Did she sip it, did she stick her finger in it, was the juice not refrigerated? And to top it all off when we came back from the buffet with our initial plates, before we could even unwrap our silverware were told “if you want us to heat that up for you we can”. Why is the food cold in the first place? There’s 5 tables at best in the whole restaurant. They’ve been open an hour and they’re serving cold food lol. What a joke. This place needs some serious help. Table was dirty, floor was dirty, ceiling vents covered in dust. Didn’t expect much from this place due to the previous reviews so shame on me. They lived up to everything negative thing I read.

Kris D.

Just got back from Isaac's Sunday breakfast buffet. Very, very disappointing. Waffles were either a soggy mess or too hard to bite into. All the food was cold and subpar. The empty restaurant should have been my first clue. First and last time for me and my husband. I'll stick with The Pier's breakfast buffet (their waffles are perfect, sausage and home fries 100% better, they offer fresh shrimp cocktail, and have a custom omelette bar which my husband loves).

K Crawford

Their menu was totally different from the website and google link. So I took pictures and decided to upload for them. Apparently new ownership the cuisine changed from seafood to Latin. Food tasted ok and presented well however not a good menu move.

Heidi Farstad

This restaurant as well as Holiday Inn, now Solomon's Inn, has new ownership. My mom and I had an absolute horrible experience here!!! I ordered the crab dip appetizer and a side of french fries. My mom ordered chicken wing basket and fries.Easy order right? We were the only customers in the restaurant and the waiter and cook messed up many times on our order. Waiter never came to fill our drinks. We had to flag him down for those and utensils. We asked for a few extra napkins. That never happened.Waiter came out to tell my mom that they were out of wings. Ok...simple fix there. No problem. Mom ordered chinken finger basket and asked for 2 honey mustards.My mom's was delivered to our table and I was told that my food would be right out. Fast forward 10 minutes... My french fries came out but they were made wrong. They were the deluxe french fries with extra cheese and bacon. I told the waiter that I didn't order that. He took them back and I waited 10 more minutes for plain fries. At this time; my mom was more than half way through her food and she only had 1 honey mustard. I waited another 10 minutes and the cook brought out my crab dip. (Only it wasn't crab dip!) It was an orange looking soup! Not kidding here! I told the cook that I didn't order that and I ordered crab dip. He said that it was crab dip. At this point; I got very angry and told him that it was NOT crab dip and I grew up in this area for over 30 years, living on the Chesapeake Bay and it was most definitely NOT crab dip. He had the audacity to argue with me to tell it me that it was. The waiter stepped in and took the orange looking soup away. Fast forward another 10 minutes and my crab dip came out and the center of it was very cold. My mom was done her food.My mom and I stopped in Isaac's for a meal because we were starving after walking over 2 miles on Solomon's Island searching for a deceased family member that fell off his boat in the Chesapeake Bay and we looked in every marina around boats and onshore and offshore locations with binoculars for him. There are currently large amounts of people such as family, volunteers, Department of Natural Resources, Coast Guard, and Sheriffs Office searching all inlets, Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay for him as well. We came in to unwind and have a mental break for a relaxing meal. This was far from what happened here!I absolutely do NOT recommend this restaurant any more since there has been a change of ownership with a bunch of workers and owners from India who do not speak much English who will stand in front of me and argue what a crab dip is! Very poor customer service!

michael tyler

Great Staff! ♥️ Awesome Food!


Very disappointing Thanksgiving buffet. No real turkey, just sliced breast meat like would come from a wholesale club. They had beef but it was pieces of rolled up beef like from a wholesale club. Nothing on the buffet that I was impressed with.

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