Jerry's Subs and Pizza

13962 Solomons Island Rd S, Solomons
(410) 326-4820

Recent Reviews

Rocky Thepoet

Jerry's has delicious food and they give you a decent amount of food.Food: 5/5

Jonathan Cassagnol

Very friendly staff. We had the Southstreet Steak and Cheese. We also had friendly baked Chocolate Chip Cookies; They were so good.

Karl 3%

First time there. Food Meh... Service < Meh... Expensive for for what you get. Eating out is just TOO Expensive anymore. Maybe one more try? But was disappointed with experience. Decide for yourself...

Belinda Rhoten

We love their cheese bread, very yummy and their Monday's large cheese pizza deal!

Jonathan Youngson

Food is always fresh, hot, and quick. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Tone Tone

I love this place I love there pizza great staff but I forgot my card and asked if they had Apple Pay they said no witch I understand so I went back in and said well I’m standing in front of you and asked if my sister pays for me over the phone for me while I’m here they said yes but it’s a 52 dollar minimum payment over the phone even though I was standing in-front of them I was very disappointed because I was there and all I wanted was 2 large pizzas so I had to tell my son I’m sorry I can’t get it


Just ordered a large ham, blk. olive, and extra cheese pizza. It took an hour and twenty minutes to receive it, which was understandable due to a concert in Solomons. What was not understandable was the quality. The pizza was barely a thin crust; several of the slices had a single olive slice or piece of ham on them; and it most definitely did not have extra cheese. Twenty four dollars is not a reasonable price for what I received. If I were the owner of the business and my manager sent out product of that quality to someone that has been a loyal customer for well over twenty years, they would be fired on the spot!


I ordered delivery and was charged for everything only to find out 1 he later when I called that they have no driver! I asked for my money back but was told they need to ask a manager! No worries my bank will refund me. All they needed to do was disable the delivery option!

Bobby Axelrod

The service was excellent, the food was absolutely delicious and fresh. I had a Large Italiano Sub with an order of wedge fries. The ingredients combined perfectly. The sub was totally satisfying. It was the best sub I have had at Jerry’s. I recommend everyone eat at the Jerry’s on Solomon island.SATISFIED CUSTOMER

Tiffany Mahar

The subs and pizza etc is always great when adults make our order. You can always tell when its someone who takes pride in their jobs. Otherwise we end up with mushy subs and pizza with topping and cheese sliding off the barley cut pizza. .

Karen Macken

Food used to be better. There is a lady employee who runs around the store yelling at other employees creates a tense environment for diners. Seems like this lady hates her job and doesn't want to be there. She said very loudly that she hates doordash when a doordash delivery guy was in the store. The price of the food has gone up but the quality of food has gone down.

Joshua Blankenship

Service was nothing like it used to be years ago. Employees were courteous and professional but slow, much older crew than you would normally see at a fast food restaurant. Took 30 minutes to get an 8 inch Double Trouble. I was only 4 orders back. However, I still loved the sub. Jerry's is still the best.

Whitney Fouch

Had an issue with online ordering for our staff on Christmas Eve, came into the store and they were incredibly polite and nice about the situation. Took care of my order right then and there. Excellent customer service, especially on such a busy day for everyone. Appreciate the staff and the food is always great! Keep up the good work.

Jesse Byrd

Pizza is great, but who puts Lettuce and tomato on a Philly? Am I the only person who thinks that is nasty. Meat, cheese, bread, and maybe a few onions ...... IDK. The further north I live the less hope I have for good food!!

Cheri Mrkva

I was in the Solomons store tonight and a lady that was in the back was yelling at the employees telling them that they were not to say no to other staff when they were asked to get the phone, and that from now on, they had to do what they were told to do. It was not a pleasant environment to eat a meal during this. When she came out to the front I said "excuse me ma'm". She said "Oh, I don't work here" I asked her then why was she yelling at the employees and I would like her name and the corporate office phone number." She said " I don't have to tell you that I am the corporate office" I told her I didn't believe so because Jerry's is a franchise." She snarkley said " Have a nice day" She then came back and told me her name was Denise" I believe she was lying about her name. Other than the tense eating situation the food was good.

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