Taco Bell

13400 H G Trueman Rd, Solomons
(410) 326-0180

Recent Reviews

Carol King

Taco shells were rancid. The restaurant is disgusting and in dire need of remodel.

Kyle Beck

It is getting better. Food was fresh today. The fries had just come out of the fryer. Still work to be done.

A Brown

I would give zero stars if I could. This place is terrible! Waited to order at the speaker, they couldn’t hear me so I pulled up to the window. I was then told “you have to go back around” several times while the kid argued with me saying I can’t order at the window. Last time I checked, deaf or hearing impaired can order at the window. If their food was worth it, I’d sue them. But the food is dry, or they are “out of taco meat” or “out of chicken” supposedly. Worst establishment. This doesn’t begin to describe my experiences there and I will never return. This location needs to be shut down.

Meka Blizzard-Robinson

Just so you know....apparently the cash register doesn't work at night. I've been there several times where they say "We are only taking cash, credit machine is down." If you say you have cash, they won't respond. I will say the story gets a little more unique every time. Hey, sometimes that shut down all the lights waaaay before closing. ITS OBVIOUSLY LIES. This makes the staff look lazy. I will say if you go earlier and not 45 mins or so before closing, you'll find the staff to be extremely incompetent. Order is always wrong or messed up in some fashion. But tbh, I must be just as d*** as them because I keep going back. No more though....Im over it.

Cheyenne Dykstra

Came for lunch, placed an order and told them the drink syrup needed to be replaced, they informed us they were out of C02 throughout the restaurant after we ordered. We got water and went to eat, part of the order was missing but they did correct that. The beans on the nacho bellgrande looked like they were cooked several days ago or reheated several times. The toilet was actively backing up in the ladies room and we told the cashier, who responded with “yeah, we know”. Sitting in the dining room eating and several workers were in the kitchen yelling/singing at the top of their lungs. We are not ones to complain, but I wouldn’t bother wasting your money.

Brandon C.

Just Terrible.. food order was not correct, had to wait 25 min for a burrito. employees were very rude

Don Kepler

It's combined with Kentucky Fried Chicken which I had with no grilled chicken (way less fat) and very poor service...rude and laughing at my inability to hear them. Never again for me.


terribly ran with a even worse customer experience. Honestly some of the most hostile workers I've had at any taco bell. They always have items out of stock that both California and prince Fredrick never have. Just not worth getting and risking getting berated because THEY forgot to put a order in and didn't want to have you "waiting" and holding up the drive through.

clarissa parson

We went and ordered 3 Mexican pizza combo meals to be told that they only had bottled water or sweet tea. Then we seen a lady walk out with a baha blast so obviously that was a lie. Then we get home to find all 3 Mexican pizzas with a little bit of beef on one half the pizza then a big clump of beans on the other. Food was horrible. We will never go there again. Don’t waste your time.

Kannon Humphreys

Ordered 3 hard tacos with no lettuce along with some nachos. Ended up with 3 hard tacos with no lettuce, however, it had sour cream. Nachos were hard and stale tasting. Not the first time they've screwed up a simple order.

Casey M.

This joint can NEVER get anything correct. I order online. Pay online. And never get what I order. It's ridiculous!! Either the cash register doesn't work or the drink machine. I paid for 3 things tonight that I didn't get. The line is always way too long to go back and fix things. It's fast food. Yeah right! Usually it's No food.


Rude staff. Ask a simple question and was told they could cancel my delivery order. Served people who order after me. Manager needs to be fired. She may not like GrubHub and DoorDash but they still bring you sales from your customers. It was delivery apps that kept you in business throughout the pandemic. How about treating the drivers like your customers because that is who the order is for.

Black-. .-Pxpsicle

awful. absolutely awful. i ordered 2 cheese quesadillas and only received one. the cheese wasnt melted, it had jalapeno sauce on it and chicken. I understand they are short staffed but its not hard to make a cheese quesadilla :/

Janessa Bradley

I ordered a crunchwrap Supreme, and got a side of hair. This location is constantly out of ingredients and the customer service is extremely poor.

Randy Tipton

This is hands down the worst Taco bell in town. on the KFC side They will not sell buckets of chicken, EVER. Taco Bell side the food is always old and cold, staff is the worst staff I have ever dealt with. when they wrap your food it looks like a 2 year old did the job and if you get past that I bet you take a few bites and toss it in the trash where it and the staff belong! Drive to Prince Frederick where the employees care about their job.

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