Asados Grill

12028 Jefferson Farm Pl, Waldorf
(240) 222-3463

Recent Reviews

Michael Toussaint

Look do yourself a favor and just go. The price is right, the portions are fair, and oh man the food tastes delicious. Everything we ordered was delicious, I can't wait to go back. One thing I will say though is I wasn't a fan of the green sauce just because it's mayo based and a little heavy on it. I'm not really keen on mayo, but aside from that it's definitely a good restaurant.

Erbin C.

This place sucks. Employees don't know how to make an order and they don't know how to treat customers.

Georgeann Bailey

Authentic and delicious food. A nice selection on menu.

Liza Sanchez

Food is good. Good price. Friendly staff. Love that I can order online and pick up.


Got the wife and I pupusas revueltas(pork and cheese). Short wait which is to be expected with pupusas. Good size and the toppings with the sauce went well with them. Unfortunately they were a little burnt.

Kathy S.

Cashier is so freaking annoying and rude!! I shouldn't have to repeat my order over and over again, because you don't understand English!!! Ordered a Chicken Quesadillas with a string of chicken in them!!!! Also always thank your customer for patronize your business!!

Akila Young

The chicken is dry. This place is so inauthentic and flavorless. The menu is all over the place; it has no focus. At least, the price wasn’t bad though, but the sauces for the Peruvian food suck! Eat here if your on hard times. I would recommend that they put more focus on their Peruvian dishes.

Beng Reyes

Fried tilapia cooked to absolute perfection and the salad was awesome with the home made vinegar dressing. Would make this place one of my top 5 in Waldorf!

Nat W.

This restaurant, one day the food is good, the next time - the food is awful. Its annoying, disappointing & a waste of your money when they are this inconsistent. I bought a tamales today, and it was very loose - could not stay together.


Food was made quick and the flavors were great. Loved the service that was given from the start.

Nicole Thomas

The Food and the People are AMAZING, I thoroughly enjoyed my salad!!!Can't wait to go back and try some other dishes!!!

Griselda Campos

Pésimo servicio las mesas estaban sucias tube que limpiar la mesa y eso que esta solo un cliente hicimos el pedido por teléfono unos 20 minutos antes de llegar y ya tenemos unos 40 minutos aquí sentados aparte de la cajera pésima solo le dije que son 3 horchatas por que solo venía con 1 en la mano y me dijo espérese que no puedo con más

Paul Brewer

Fantastic food, super friendly staff members, constantly great vibes. They charge convenient prices and the food quality is excellent. Great work.

Tyjuana Stewart

The food is delicious (pollo, frijoles, camaron), though you do have to wait a bit but that's because it's made to order. They also have the best Flan!! Muy deliciosa!! I try everyone's Flan to see if it compares to what I get in Mexico & it never does. This one is definitely the best I've had in the States.

Dominik C

The customer service is consistently speedy, excellent character, very nice staff. I will come back again when I get nearby.

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