Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

2485 Crain Hwy, Waldorf
(301) 843-9310

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I waited 30 minutes in the drive-thru, and five of those were waiting for someone to acknowledge the customer in front of me. When I finally got to the speaker (45 minutes before closing) I waited another five minutes before someone acknowledged me and then I was told: “We only got ghost pepper wings and regular thighs, whatchu want?”I left without ordering


This location has a lot of issues with customer service. These young people who are working here have no respect or professionalism when dealing with customers. I don't know how they still have a job! Understand one thing, if customers are not patronizing the business, that means no revenue and paychecks for the employees. As a customer, I don't owe you anything. As employees of this establishment, your job is to provide great customer service and quality food to all customers that come thru the door and drive thru. This location has dropped the ball many times. It needs to make changes to its staff. Whoever the regional manager is isn't doing their job period. Whoever the general manager is, you aren't performing your job well niether!

Jay Monchais

By far the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.I mostly blame myself for even frequenting such a deplorable fast-food chain option, but hey…The staff is riddled with a bunch of younger folks who seemingly didn’t get past the first grade level (in terms of their intellectual acuity.)Wish there were a score lower than the “1 Star” grading

Michele Coley

Ordered 5 spicy wings platter they did not give me spicy wings, drove back to the store and asked for what I order which was 5 spicy wings they so busy trying to rush people out the drive-thru still don't seem to be able to get 5 spicy wings. I had taken popeyes off the list of places to spend my money at. Now behind this can't get right episode I will have to remove this popeyes from my list where to spend money at.

Laverne Quashie

First of all, i never go to this popeyes, but this day it was the closest, the lines for drive thru and inside are always way too long. The wait is ridiculous. It took us 30 minutes in the drive thru. They had no frozen lemonade, and my order was wrong. I didn't figure it out until I got home.Food: 4/5

Keith W

I visited this location two days in row thinking it can't be bad two days in a row. I normally do not ready at Popeyes but a coworker wanted to eat there while we head to DC. On Saturday we went by to grab something quick. I place a mobile order thinking it would help speed up the process. My coworker did not know what they wanted so they ordered when we got there I'm thinking my order would have already been made and we would just have to wait for theirs. The ordering process was simple and easy. That was the best part. As we waited in the drive through for about 10 minutes once we got to the window bonding was ready. So my friend had to adjust thier order my mobile order was not even ready and I was asked to wait an additional 5 -10 minutes. So I had to get something else so we can be on our way. Even after this I decided to go back the following day ordering the same thing, the nugget big box meal. It took almost 20 minutes to get my order then after getting my order they forgot the utensils and had to go back to get it. It appeared that the individual working the counter was there both days and was having a bad day both days. I would not return to this location if I can help it. Which shouldn't be hard.

Melissa Lane

I love Popeyes. But my favorite spot is Laplata becasue it always smells clean in the air in there, the tables are always clean (atleast when I go) and the workers are super friendly and nice. Never a dull moment in there. Their chicken is always fresh and hot. Waldorf Popeyes needs to come up. Now every now and again you might get some fresh hot chicken out waldorf ( the trick is to go when they first open). Their workers need training on how to work and treat customers. Not all, but majority if their staff. So that's why I come to Laplata.

Santiago Cisneros

This Popeyes is so slow that it’s single-handedly causing climate change by making cars idle for so long. Slowest drive through of all time, and that’s not an exaggeration. The chicken is pretty good though so two stars.


I don't like KFC. I love Popeyes chicken. Sometimes the wait can be a little long. Food is always good and hot. Go to the website for coupons.Kid-friendliness: Small meal options for kids.Parking: Parking lot is little tight but plenty of spots to park.

Erik Warnes

Standard fast food restaurant atmosphere, but at least it's clean. Great friendly service and the chicken sandwich is the best fast food chicken sandwich available. No need to ever visit Chick fil a. Plus Popeyes doesn't hate anyone.Food: 5/5

Barbara Black

The Chicken appeared to be dry and it looked old and not fresh. I have been going to the Waldorf Popeys for many Years. Don't think I will be back no time soon. Because I like fresh food. My husband and myself put it in our Trash where it belongs. I asked for Original and they gave me Extra Crispy. Hopefully they get right call me Back for some Fresh Chicken. At which time I will change my Review. It was 8 piece . I paid 30. Dollars Money Wasted.

Ct Ross

Another great last minute dinner at Popeyes. The chicken tenders were hot and very tasty, the popcorn shrimp were outstanding, and the blueberry pie topped it all off nicely.Food: 5/5

Rissa Mitchell

The drive thru was very backed up. It is to be expected and we waited patiently. The tenders meal was horrible. The tenders were very greasy. After consuming the tenders my son and I became ill.Food: 1/5

Lesley Cassidy

For the price you pay ( expensive now)I have never seen chicken this small in the box ever. The thighs look like a Cornish game hen thigh along with the legs and breast. Don't have to worry about me ever donning the doorstep of a Popeyes again. All the chicken stacked the worker picked out the smallest pieces. Absolute disgrace. This was the Popeyes on Crain Hwy in Waldorf Maryland.

Dejah Miles

Wish I could give it 0 stars. I arrived to the Popeyes at 4:30 PM, ordered at around 5:40 PM, and got my half of what I needed at 5:55 PM. The service I received was truly horrible. After waiting nearly an hour to order $20 worth of food for my family, I was unable to fully order what I intended to. My order was finalized before I was able to order.When I waited and let the staff know my order wasn’t complete, they told me to move forward. I went to the front waited for 15 minutes and was told “I don’t take order at the window”. The man at the front disrespectfully interrogated me without letting me explain why I was trying to order at the window. At this point I was amused by the blatant disrespect and simply paid for half of what I wanted to order.This is money down the drain due to poor staff behavior. I used to work on customer service so i’m aware of it difficulties. However, the service I received tonight was beyond out of line. I also want to add I NEVER have this problem at the Popeyes’s in La Plata.

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