Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

2485 Crain Hwy, Waldorf
(301) 843-9310

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Spyce Thyme

I hadn't been to Popeye's in years, but I was starving, and it smelled so good. Well, it didn't taste as good as it used to. The chicken and biscuit were dry, and the Cajun fries were cold. On a good note,, The cole saw was good, and the employees were nice.

Lisa Brown

I'm not sure why but ordering and receiving your order takes a very long time. I spent almost 30 Minutes in the drive thru and the inside had a line. The staff is extremely friendly and courteous but I am just not sure why it takes so long to get food.

Melody Schaefer

Love spicy chicken and red beans and rice! Wish they didn't make the containers so much smaller


The line was extremely long inside and out, I was inside and then staff worked hard to get orders out in a timely manner. The manager stepped in as well to assist with inside orders.Each staff was professional, friendly and working hard. Great job young people. ??

Allan Gadia

Went here yesterday to grab lunch. The food is like your typical Popeyes. The staff is very friendly and the line moved very fast. This place can be busy at times so don't forget you can order via the app. You can also get food delivered from this location via various food delivery apps.

GaryandDorothy Martin

We were in the drive thru to get a bucket of chicken and they told us the breasts would take 5 minutes. We asked where we should wait so we wouldn't hold up the line. They told us to just stay at the window and wait! Why wouldn't they ask us to pull over and bring it out to us so they could continue to help the other people in line for "fast" food?!!

Bob Beagley

Great food but totally inefficient through put. The had at least 5 counter people but they were mostly working at slow speed

Jem Salazar

I ordered through the app in order to save some time but long story short, I got through the drive through line at 8:03pm and didn’t get through the line to finally get my food until 9:05. The sun was gone by the time I was done. To top it off, food was cold. Don’t go here if you’re in a hurry!

perry mason

Food was hot, order correct, I went through drive in , had chicken sandwich fries, and nuggets.

Tamica Meadows

This location isn't too bad if you're used to long lines. Food was good. No bad attitudes and can you believe Popeyes no longer sell onion rings.

John D.

This was the worst Popeyes experience I've had. The lines were extremely long and the service was slow. I entered the facility at 6:50 pm and wasn't able to order until 7:25 pm! Then, the food was terrible. It was greasy and the chicken wasn't good. I will NEVER patronize a Popeyes establishment again.


The wait was horrible. The workers were not working or worried about the customers, sitting on the phone. I saw a worker start complaining and just walk out. So I will never be coming back and this place needs some new people , very unorganized!

Tiara Y.

This might be the worst Popeyes ever ! The drive thru is super super slow and the service in the inside is trash ! It's almost as if they make chicken only when people order it . I've been sitting in line for 30 mins , why? The chicken is ready yet you have a ton of staff walking around but not taking orders . I will never understand! The ONLY reason I continue to come here is because it's the only one in the area ! And I love the chicken but the service and management needs major improvement . Not to mention the cleanliness of the restaurant , the floor is disgusting and the drink station needs cleaning . I use to work at Popeyes years ago, none of this was tolerated .

Rebecca Proctor

Customer service terrible. Sense of urgency- terrible, long wait times Terrible

Jas Cabiness

Waited 20 minutes for a mobile order that should have already been prepared. The staff argued with each other about who was going to make the order. The manager has no control over their staff

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