8 Milestone Terrace, Williamsport
(240) 366-8236

Recent Reviews

josh bussard

The food was good, but every time i visit, there is only one employee who has 7 subs still to make. The vabe is visually bright and fun, but the sound and feel is missing energy.Food: 4/5

Montana Dunn

The lady that helped me was very nice, asked what all I wanted on my sub, very friendly, and was nice talking to while no other customers were in the store.Food: 5/5


My favorite go to place for subs. Always great!Food: 5/5


Tonight was the third time that I have tried to use a subway published discount code and this is the third time that this store has declined using the code. If you want an over-priced sandwich, I guess this is a great choice but if you're trying to use a coupon code provided at the home page of the national site, move on because this store doesn't play.

Erick Lookingbill

Best Subway in Hagerstown actually have frethey have fresh vegetables and meat don't go to another Subway you'll be disappointedFood: 5/5

Bogdan M

The place is really nice and clean. The staff was helpfull and nice!Food: 5/5

Robert Holowack

Very friendly staff, bright and clean inside.The tuna sub was delicious.Vegetarian options: Lots of vegetables to add as toppingsDietary restrictions: I ordered a tuna sub with no cheese

Bogdan Marinoiu

The place is really nice and clean. The staff was helpfull and nice!Food: 5/5

Jan Goldman

You can get whatever you want on your sub as well as different breads - plenty to choose from.

Jennifer Bentz

One of owners made my sandwiches on Wednesday and ...I have a picky family she didn't cut it , as I asked... They were so good I am back today!!! She was super pleasant and professional! New favorite!


One of the best subways around. Such nice employees, and they make great sandwiches!

Doug Pittsnogle

I won't ever come back here. There was only one person working, so I still had to stand in line to get an online order. The guy who was working was friendly, but my complaint is with the owner for leaving the store open but unstaffed. I saw a sign that said they don't accept coupons. This place is just on the "do not return" list. There are lots of places to patronize or not...

Donna Baker

I WISH i could give fewer stars. This was my worst experience ever at a fast food restaurant. I went into this store and ordered 2 6 inch subs. that was IT. The hispanic older lady there was awful! She was rude, was very aggressive when she asked what i wanted on my food. She disgusted me! how can anybody hire her to work for them and expect their business to have ant customers???? I pray that she loses her job. I wish this woman be fired. nobody should be disrespected so much when ordering food. I will not bereturning to this store and i will make sure to tell people to avoid it. i am repulsed by the lame excuse for customer service this place has to give.

Lisa Cooper

Very clean good food very fast and friendly service

Hillary Griffin

Staff was very friendly and fast. Prices are fair, the food quality was great and the dining room was very clean. Bathrooms were spotless and smelled great!

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