167 Center St, Bangor
(207) 262-2170

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Stuart Galloway

A lifesaver, open on Thanksgiving, turned out to be excellent! Friendly staff, great food. If you want good, Chinese food, it's worth a visit!

Matt Collins

The food is good, especially the sesame chicken which is always great. Staff is friendly. When dining inside recently though, it stunk of cigarette smoke, it was the dominant smell inside, moreso than the cooking food even. Needs incense sticks and some Chinese flute / string music to improve vibe.

Benjamin Lippert

Best Chinese I've had in Bangor! Food is good and service is quick. Currently only take away service but easy to order on the way home or for delivery!Food: 5/5

Alicia D.

Best Chinese food in Bangor. Not greasy or heavy. Full of fresh vegetables and authentic flavor. Quick and friendly service and affordable for family takeout night.

Marli M.

Pretty disappointed in our experience. My husband and I walked in and ordered the orange chicken, than we're told it doesn't come with rice so we added that on. We also got fried pork dumplings. The meal was way more expensive than I was hoping for. Our order came out quickly though and we took it back to our hotel to eat. It was hot but the food was just lack luster. The orange chicken had very little flavor and tough pieces of chicken. The dumplings were honestly disgusting with some kind of mystery meat inside. Even soy sauce could not help this meal.


Off the beaten path, hole in the wall business more conducive to takeout fare than a eat in vibe. Food was ok, friendly service.

Raymond B.

My son selected this restaurant, so to be supportive, I said okay. As soon as I walked in, I wanted to walk out. The place smells like an ashtray. The waitperson was annoyed when we hadn't made our mind up what to order in one minute. She asked us if we have any questions. My son then asked a question, and she snapped back at him like he was stupid. It was only after we ordered our food that we were told it was take out only. The big sign over the door says "Dine in". So then we sat in a booth in the restaurant for 20 minutes for our food to arrive, then they made us leave. Didn't make sense. We ate the food at a park in the rain. The food was almost okay but the chicken tasted and smelled like boiled chicken and the dumplings seemed to be from Walmart. Not a good experience.

Ethan B.

Says dine-in but when you go in the woman waiting there was very rude and passive aggressive and told us the only option is to take out. Food is also Luke warm pre-packed food stuck in a container.

Brandon Loveland (AssassinBamBam)

This place is incredibly over priced for what you get. For example their dumplings are the size of nickels, not anywhere close to what you get at other establishments. They also forgot items in our order even after double checking our bag. 1 star, wish I could give 0.

Daphne Turcotte

The Chinese fried rice (bland and greasy,) and Mongolian beef were not as I expected. One of our egg rolls was burnt, as well as the chicken wings, crab rangoons and teriyaki. There was not much flavor to anything


I arrived at Choptsticks after 3 pm because that is the time they open. I was in the area the night before after 8 pm but I decided it was too late to go there to dine in. The next day I showed up in time to dine in but was handed a brown bag and told dine in was not available. I figure I'm in town I might as well sit down in a restaurant and have a meal like I did at Burger King the day before. I drove back to my hotel only to discover that there are no utensils to eat my meal. Needless to say I was pissed off and felt like a caveman. There were different sauces that go with the meal that needed at least a fork or spoon. The hotel I stayed at the dining area is closed and they only give a brown bag for breakfast. I called the restaurant to complain. Had I been afforded the opportunity to dine in I won't have this complaint. Utensils to eat a meal should be a given when a bag is packed. So warning if you go to this restaurant and they give you a take out bag do yourself a favor and open it to check if there are utensils to eat your meal. The last thing I have to say is that the lady who took my order asked me if I want to eat it with silverware. I told her plastic utensils will do. Silverware you use with dine in not with take out. Something is amiss. The day before I ate my burger and fries at Burger King which is located less than two miles from this restaurant.

Jillian Leblanc

I don’t even want to give this place even one star. I paid $50 for a meal from this place and it was uneditable. I called and let them know I was not satisfied, did not ask for different food and offered to bring back the food we ordered to prove we didn’t eat it. They hung up. I called again, they ignored my call. So I went to the restaurant to speak with them and try to get some sort of refund or something to make it right as it was not cheap. And the owner and the staff screamed at me in my face and my boyfriends face. Shoving food at us to “prove” it was fresh. I demanded a refund as at this point I was being ambushed by 3 people. They threw snow peas at me and told me they had to pay rent so no refund, well I have to pay rent too and I just basically threw $50 out in the trash. He threw $20 at me and said he will get police involved. All I wanted was for them to make it right. Highly recommend you spend your money elsewhere.

Mary Ganem

One of the best Chinese restaurants I've ever eaten at I would eat there seven nights a week if I could for anyone who likes general tso's chicken this is the place to get it from it's like nectar of the gods

Tank Nation

Food was bland at best. We ordered 55 dollars worth of food and it is all going to waste, nothing was remotely even flavorful besides the garlic broccoli. Everything was made as if it was prepared for a geriatric facility. There's probably more flavor in the old gum under the kindergarten table then the food here. Honestly, just go elsewhere and save your money and your palate from disappointment.

Nadeane ellicott

Best chinese in the area, very fresh and the Lomein looks homemade , Chicken on the spicy side, but I like that.

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