Shaw's Fish & Lobster Wharf

129 ME-32 Suite A, New Harbor
(207) 677-2200

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Alicia B.

Shaw's is a winner located on the charming New Harbor working harbor with views out to the ocean and Mohegan Island. Lots of fresh seafood and other food choices. And don't forget the lobster and clam photo oops on the dock.

gary benjamin

First let me say right off the bat. I did not eat at this place. My friends brought me here for the lobster, as I hear it is outstanding, but when we arrived we found out they had closed for the season. We missed it by two days. But I trust their opinion as they have lived in Maine about 44 years now and have eaten a lot of lobsters and if they say they Shaw has the best lobsters and other seafood items, then they have the best lobsters and other seafood items.After talking to one of the employees we found out that their website is not owned by Shaw's. Apparently someone acquired their website, I assume, in an attempt to force them to pay them for it's use. I note that here because per the website, they were still open, which is why we went. So if you go to Shaw's, make sure to visit their Facebook page for updates and details around hours of operation.Anyway, we did not get a chance to eat here, but did take some photos. Great spot! Quintessential Maine restaurant located in a harbour. Great views. I will be going back, because I have to try the lobster that has been talked up by my friends.

jay r

The scallop baskets in my opinion are way better than five Islands due to the crispy coating and the price is what you would expect to pay for seafood by the coast and you can eat outside and watch the lobster boats bring the catch right in if you're looking for a hidden Jewel that isn't all over the New York and Boston newspapers this is definitely the place not that it shouldn't be if you're planning on going on a Maine Lobster tour you should definitely stop here whether you want a big lobster or a small lobster two or three they will accommodate you I purchased a combo with scallops and whole belly clams I've been to a few places in the Northeast and I was extremely pleased the combo was excellent and a good size.You have to remember most Seafood Shacks don't give much anymore and you still pay no more or less than another place. Also to the individual that mentioned something about smelling food waste well you have to remember that any seafood place you go to on a hot day it's going to smell like old Seafood no matter what you do you're going to smell somewhat rotted Seafood which is what you would expect if you're walking past a dumpster and a place that sells seafood you have to also remember that you're by the coast they tend to watch out for pollution and littering so if you happen to notice and odor from Seafood I would be hard pressed to believe that you could go to any place in the state that is along the coast and not smell the same scent on a hot day when you sell a lot of food the trash has to go somewhere

Darlene Williams

Lobster rolls & french fries were delish!Perfect spot for beautiful pictures.Dumpster smell was disgusting approaching building.


Was walking distance from Gosnald Arms Inn, local feel, live music, food and good drinks! A must visit.


Getting a lobster roll at a local place was on the to do list for my time in Maine. Shaw's was recommended, so I ventured that way after my visit to the local lighthouse. Still open even after "season", the roll was pure Maine. Yummy goodness, & it travelled well to my hotel room in Brunswick! Will have to come back.


The restaurant is located upstairs over a tour boat operation. Like most of the seafood wharf venues it is self service. Place your order and get a number, they call you to pick up your meal. Everything is served on paper with plastic utensils. If you’re unable to climb stairs or navigate a steep hill this is not the wharf seafood experience for you. My wife and I had a seafood casserole with pieces of shrimp, haddock and white shrimp in a lobster bisque base topped with butter cracker crumbles. The bisque was delicious and the seafood for cooked correctly and was excellent. The only complaint was the size of the portion, about was about six ounces in a paper cup. It was offered with two sides. I choose a salad and rice, my wife had a baked potato and Cole slaw. The tables were sticky and inside needed a good cleaning. They do service alcohol. The restaurants have learned they can charge a premium for being in a very high volume tourist town. While the portions were sufficient due to the richness of the base, the price was a bit steep for the experience. Dinner with a bottle of water was over $55.00. If you have never had the wharf seafood experience, this is an ok place.


They offer a variety of seafood as well as other items. It is a bit rustic, but always clean. You order your food and they call you when it is ready. There is indoor and outdoor seating. They are on the harbor so the outdoor options are great. Unfortunately, due to staffing shortages, they are not always open.

John Pyers

If the aroma of rotting garbage, grease, and sewerage makes you salivate, this is the place for you.The first smell you get walking from the parking lot is the dumpster, and that smell wafts through the building, and even to the outside seating. You're not smelling low tide, folks.The bathrooms are gross. If I wasn't there with others, I would have left. People around us at other tables were also commenting on the smell of rotting garbage and the disgusting bathrooms.The kitchen is visible, and it looked clean, otherwise, I would have left immediately.The food is typical seafood shack seafood. I had a fried plate, and it was average. My partner had a fried dinner and it was average. He had potato salad that tasted unpleasant. He said he would have preferred store bought. His Cole slaw was old. Our friends shared a mussels plate and calamari. Several of the mussels were not open, which suggest they weren't fresh when they were cooked. The calamari was undercooked.This wasn't a good experience at all. The place is expensive and the food is generally poor. It has the ambiance of a dumpster.The view is great - if you don't mind the stench.

Petw K

The rustic dock location made hopeful for expectations of a great seafood meal. We had the chowder and seafood casserole. I'm usually easy to please but for what we paid I felt the food didn't make the grade D+. Much better options South of here.


We stopped by Shaw's for lunch based on Tripadvisor recommendations. As others have said, everything about the restaurant is casual. The food-ordering service was slow and not friendly, but it got the job done. The woman serving drinks was great and knowledgeable about local beers. Our food was average, in comparison with our numerous meals on the Maine coast, and the lobster rolls were not exceptional. The view from the deck was spectacular, which may justify the prices. There are many better places in the region, with comparable views and without sticky, dirty tables, and we would not go back to Shaw's.


Great location overlooking New Harbor, can eat in or out on the deck. Order and then wait for number to be called. My wife and I had fish chowder, lobster stew, haddock bites, and onion rings. All excellent, except the chowder was almost cold, we should have gone back, but the line was growing and we opted not to. Everything else was wonderful, lobster stew was tasty and full of lobster, haddock was moist and tasty, not greasy at all and the onion rings were stellar. Will definitely go back.

Keith Gray

Setup for quick service for fresh seafood. Great place to eat outside on a nice summer day.

Art S.

Worst lobster shack we've ever been to. The place is past its prime, dingy, sticky, stinky and in need of good cleaning. Maybe a sand blasting, painting, new furniture, umbrellas at the outside tables, and updating the interior "dining" area so it's no longer dark, unappetizing and stuck in the 1970's. Haven't even mentioned the food yet - which is nowhere near the quality of any lobster or crab shack I've ever been to. Forget any of that "dockside charm" - the fishy/trash smell on the way into the wharf never seems to leave your sense of smell or taste until after you've left and you're about an hour away. If you've read this far, you can probably guess that I'd give this place a hard "pass!"


We ate hear after going on a Hardy Boat puffin cruise. It had BY FAR the biggest lobster rolls we experienced in Maine--likely a whole lobster (unlike other places). And the price was reasonable.

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