Amigos Mexican Restaurant & Bar

9 Dana St, Portland
(207) 772-0772

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Tina LV

Super cool spot. Get the Supreme tacos. Not on the menu.

Nell Sullivan

The back patio looks out on the parking lot off the kitchen, where the back of the house crew is unmasked, smoking, and often coughing. Have your margarita in the front, maybe eat somewhere else.

Bill Callahan

Awesome! Great service, great music, nice regulars!

Dustin Bonk

Nice spot for Taco Tuesdays! Cheap tacos and great margaritas.

Dafne Momongan-Connall

Great stop for margaritas

Angie M.

A chill, local dive bar with cheap (but strong!) drinks.Got the house margs & guac & chips. Delicious.

Elle Bea

My hubs and I came here on a brisk Portland day, Amigos doesn’t allow dogs on their patio- a total bummer! After we put our babies to bed, we went back to amigos to whoop it up! Loved their white claws and enjoyed the chill vibe of the back patio. A “must visit” while in Portland!

Megan Foster

Don’t go here unless your drunk and don’t care about the quality of food you’re eating.Would 100% be worth waiting the 2 hour wait at another restaurant.Made the mistake of eating here last night on the front patio and had the worst tacos and burrito. Out of all the food in the area, this probably the worst option you could get.


We were in town for one night and went to one of the first places we saw. They were only seating people outside (due to COVID). We didn't have to wait long to sit. The service was a little slow. The food wasn't bad but it was very bland and boring. I had the chili and it tasted like meat and a little sauce with no flavor. My husband got taco and said the same thing. I would not recommend this place.

Suzette Arbaiza

The Worst Chorizo Dip it tasted like they warmed it up in the mircrowave and overcooked it and Chimichanga was dry , the service was horrible the waiter wasn’t really checking up on table ... Was really hyped to try this place ...

Veronica F.

If i could give this zero stars I would. Me and my friend had come here 3 times in one day. Lovely service and great drinks! Our 3rd tome to this bar we were having a great time and my friend attempted to go to the bathroom and hit a wrong door which was locked. She promptly came back to our bench and proceed on with the night. About 5 minutes later the security came to our table and told us to get out because my friend "puked in the stairwell". She was gone more more than 1 Minute and the staff claims That she "puked in the stairwell". I believe this establishment simply had a vendetta against my friend because she is Hispanic and wanted a reason to kick us out.Shame on them for this discrimination my friend received!

Mike T.

The plate of nachos had the most ground beef in a plate of nachos I've ever seen in my entire life. Not only was there a bounty of ground beef, but the nachos were layered. That is rare. Chips - Beef - Beans - Cheese repeat 3x. Amazing. Don't let the facade of this bar and restaurant fool you, Guy Fieri would stop at this place and say "We're riding the bus to flavor town" or "This is out of bounds!" The next time I come to Portland my first stop is Flavortown, and when I say flavortown I mean Amigos Bar and Restaurant.

Jenna G.

Nachos were unexpectedly large and delicious!!! Very casual eats and classic Mexican food.

Patrick OConnor

Truly great food and service!! WOW WOW!!! You must give it a try...

tia conover

Good lil place for drunken Mexican food. Definitely not the fanciest or highest quality but food was tasty and I enjoyed every bite of my quesadilla. It didn’t come with salsa or sour cream which was a bit disappointing but they did provide different options for hot sauce. Have a small beer selection with decent prices.

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Amigos Mexican Restaurant & Bar

9 Dana St, Portland, ME 04101
(207) 772-0772