The East Ender

47 Middle St, Portland
(207) 879-7669

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Kathy S.

great people . thanks jack. all recommendations were great. great place everyone needs to stop by.


We popped in while waiting for a table at Duckfat and I'm so glad we did! The drinks were amazing and the oysters were even better!

Bethesda Bees

Great beer selection on tap and the food options were great. Spinach salad and chickpea patty were very nicely done. And the lobster roll was quite good. It was busy, but easy to find seats at the bar. Service was very good.

Kashmir M.

I popped into The East Ender while waiting for a table at Duckfat. I was surprised to find the it was the tiniest Karaoke bar I'd ever seen. The "stage" is literally right in front of the door. My husband and I shuffled past the singer to get to the little bar. We didn't check out the upstairs at all. We were welcomed to pull up a chair by a friendly man with a mustache (who ended up being on the the hosts). The bartender gave us a couple of menus promptly and served up our drinks quickly. The hubs got a beer, and I order a Lefty Lemonade. The cocktail wasn't anything special--just lemonade and whiskey. The Deep Fried Deviled Eggs though... mmmm! This little pre-dinner snack made it a worth while spot to hang out while we waited for our dinner table next door... even if we had to watch and listen to some boring karaoke sessions from just a small handful of singers opting to sing obscure oldies.

Sarne Hutcherson

Stopped in for their happy hour for the oysters when waiting for a table next door and they did not disappoint! Wife loved them. We also had the deep fried deviled eggs and split a lobster roll. All great!

Chrissy S

Stumbled on this bar looking to kill time before dinner, and what a lucky find! We headed to the upstairs bar because kareoke was about to kick in downstairs.Both our cocktails were a delight (I got a whiskey, honey, lemon one but I forget the name). Tried the fried devil eggs following rave reviews and they were delightfully unexpected.Would definitely swing back again.

Barbara G.

This is a hidden gem next to Duck Fat. The smash burger was the perfect mix of cheese, lettuce, and burger. The loaded potatoes were delicious with caramelized onions. Definitely worth checking out!

Joseph N.

Excellent Excellent drinks - Tijuana Pearl is fantastic. Didn't try the food but the vibes are great and drinks before dinner at Eventide were great - will be back for karaoke...

Ellen M

I found them by spending weeks researching restaurants along the New England coast to visit during our Fall cruise. The East Ender came up over and over again as a must-eat, do not miss, recommendation. I manage 3 businesses: A fine dining steakhouse; A wedding venue; and my own company which specializes in Marketing and Business Training for small businesses. I train people to be experts in customer service, though my expectations are often low for tourist areas. I fully expect there to be off days, especially in the third year of a pandemic when short staffing and exhaustion is at an all time high. Our cruise ship of 1,900 people has a social media group of around 1,200. I also manage a sub-page of recommendations when off the ship. Three weeks before the cruise I saw an Instagram post (reels) by @theeastenderportland poking fun of how much their staff hates the cruise business. I commented what a poor look this was, even if it was an attempt at humor, and they quickly backtracked. But the 67 private messages I received from locals with better recommendations was priceless. After sharing this story in our cruise group, most decided to skip TEE including myself. But last minute I decided to give them a fair chance so that I could leave a 100% honest review everywhere possible. EAT ANYWHERE ELSE. Their staff is short/rude/impatient, we absolutely felt that we were a thorn in their side by being there, and I’ve had better food at the Costco food court. The very next day they posted on Instagram that due to staff burnout they were closing for a day. I’m glad they recognized their own poor service, but it came too late. I had an incredible cruise, ate more amazing food than I deserve but I hope the next time I’m in Portland a worthy establishment has taken over the lease.

Ione H.

Popped into East Ender for a drink and a snack. Got a table upstairs and were served fairly quickly. Ordered the Island Time cocktail and the Lefty Lemonade for drinks. Lefty was a lemonade whiskey sitch and wasn't super impressive - just tasted like lemonade with booze, but it tasted good and strong. Island Time was also strong but nothing impressive. For our snack we snagged the fried deviled eggs, and these were the star of the show. Did not think I would enjoy a hot egg but the crispy coating and the creamy egg perfectly complimented the tangy shallot jam. If you get anything, get these eggs. The drinks left a bit to be desired and could probably use a bit more innovation, but this is a good place to stop in if you're hungry and want to be a little tipsy.

Malik K.

Karaoke every day of the week? Sign me up. Refreshingly quick turnaround from one song to the next. My friend and I stumbled in here to kill some time while waiting for a table at Duck Fat next door. The employees are awesome and I think all of them sang at least one song (even the ones off shift). Thanks to Rachel (sp?), Estela (sp?), Tyler, Ryan, and the other members of the team whose names escape me for making us feel welcome and allowing us to belt out a song or two each night of our stay in lovely Portland.

Cara A.

The food we had at The East Ender was head and shoulders above the establishment next door that had over an hour wait. Ordered the deviled eggs and hot dog. They way the garlic mayo, tang of the relish, and fried onions work together with the dog results in a real depth of flavor that took me by surprise, but I thoroughly enjoyed. The Island Time cocktail is beautiful and delicious and the Champ lager is a great, local find. The staff were really warm and attentive. I wouldn’t go back to the place next door with the long wait, but I would absolutely come back to The East Ender.

Haley M.

You must try the deviled eggs. Seriously. Amazing. The matcha matcha man shot just wasn't our thing. Matcha and liquor just don't mix well in my book. You can't go wrong with a lobster roll. And the vibe was it. Makes you feel like you fit right into the scene.

Brett M.

Smashburger was better than I thought it was going to be. Friends had a couple of the salads and some oysters, loved all of it. I'm. Not an oyster person C Cocktails we good but limited on variety, service from the bartender was awesome!

Cali B.

I was quite hungry upon arriving to Portland, and needed to find a good meal ASAP! I heard good things about DuckFat (which is next door), but the line was too long so I popped into The East Ender. Inside the vibe is similar to a club, with colourful neon lights backlighting the bar and thus the whole restaurant. The food menu isn't enormous, but the drink list is and they all look amazing! As I said, I was hungry upon arrival and a bit sad to see a $30 Lobster Roll or a few salads... Reluctantly I ordered the Grilled Salad and OH MY GOSH! It was DELICIOUS! There isn't a whole lot of space inside, as there are three tables and bar seating available inside, and two tables outside. Food and drinks do come quick though

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