Salvage BBQ

919 Congress St, Portland
(207) 553-2100

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Ben Alvarez

This is 5 star barbecue! So glad we stopped in for ribs: great bark and taste. Coleslaw was delicious with mild vinegar and crunch. Love the decor and bar as well.

Thomas Brady

I ordered a brisket sandwich, my wife ordered the chopped pork. Both were delicious and overflowing. The sauce is tasty and more available on each table. We had sweet tea to drink which was very sweet. Friendly and relaxed ambience. I parked on the street without much trouble even though it is close to the Maine Medical Center.

preston noon

Great place, order beforehand if you have somewhere to be. Memorable BBQ

Lisa McCaslin RN

Awesome ! thank you so much for doing our summer picnic at Mmp 5 Bucknam Road

Therese Caouette

We chose Salvage BBQ for catering our family reunion after sampling several items one evening. The ribs were terrific and the pork tasty and moist. We had corn bread and we chose the Mac n cheese to make sure the kids had something they would like. The adults liked them as well.They delivered on time and we had more than enough for 30 people. This made for a great reunion without all the work!

Brock Holmes

Salvage is my favorite BBQ joint in Southern Maine. The Brisket and Collard Greens are top notch, I enjoy the order and pay method making it a great option on a night out before or after a game.Simply picnic table seating, large bar and an Andrea to lounge makes Salvage inviting weather your looking for a full meal, quick bit or night out.

Paul Barnes

I really like the atmosphere of this place. I also like the flow. You walk in, you order, you get a number, and they bring you your food. The drinks from the bar are very good, and the bartender is very knowledgeable about his mixing skills. The prices are high for the amount of food you get, but it didn't surprise me since it's Portland, Maine. Prices are high everywhere! The food was excellent and we enjoyed the LGBTQ+ friendly environment.

Jeremy M.

Best BBQ in portland. I can't leave the area without picking some up. I also love the array of sauces they have.

Tywan S.

Overall pretty good but there were a few issues. 1. their collard greens are stemy and don't have flavor. Bartender said they don't put smoked pork in the greens in order to provide food for Vegans but my question is why are vegans going to a BBQ joint? 2. Hush puppies were burnt and dry. 3. My friend and I ordered 2 meat comas and the food all came out on the same tray, wasn't an issue for me but he wasn't happy about it. 4. Pretty pricy but they it was a good amount of food so i'll let them pass on that .


BBQ, Beer, Bingo. great ambiance. great food. great service.


Great food, good atmosphere. Low on selection but great alternatives were options! Call ahead if you want something specific. Brisket was my favorite.

Dominic Villarreal

We had a platter of 3 meats and two sides. The cornbread hush puppies are great, the fries are good but the soup was kind of tasting like it was from a can. The ribs are flavorful but seem baked as they weren't smokey as they were charred. The chopped pork was cold when we got it and the brisket was ok but did not have a solid flavor.ProsGood atmosphere and a well stocked barGreat staffKinda quiet around 1-2Homey feelingConsFood needs more flavorMake sure all the food is hotPricey for qualityNeeds more assistance for new patronsFinal rating 7/10

Adam M

I’d seen this place in passing and finally decided to stop in and give it a try one evening recently. nothing fancy. Order at the counter and then take a table and they bring it out to you. Was very satisfied with what we got, a platter with St. Louis ribs, beef brisket, and chopped pulled pork with baked beans, chili and “yankee style” sweetened cornbread. (what I’d call Johnny cake, but up north they call cornbread). Huge selection of local and regional draft beers which you can also buy to bring home in half gallon or gallon quantities It’s hard to find decent barbecue in New England. This place definitely gets a pass. The ribs and brisket were as good as any barbecue I’ve had in Memphis or when eating soul/roadside BBQ food down south. I’ve tried a couple of the other newer barbecue places in town and they weren’t quite up to par with what I consider barbecue. Will definitely return.

Uncle J.

I LOVE the vibe in this place so much. It's open rafters, lots of light, the bar option or the big family style tables. It obviously smells like heaven and they have an great, long draft list and even better cocktail options. Unfortunately, the food is always hit or miss. This last time it was a huge miss. I don't know the first thing about running a restaurant, but why offer specials if the kitchen is going to have a hard time pulling them off. I appreciate trying to add some flair to the same old menu; that was honestly what made us make a trip in, but it was rough. They were out of a lot of things at 1pm, but there was a game next door so I get that. Settled on the taco specials, barbacoa and pulled pork. The pulled pork was 50-75% rubbery, jelly fat. This ain't our first BBQ rodeo and we know what is meat and what is was the kind you can't chew through and have to spit out. My partner had to pull off chunks and chunks of it to get through her tacos. The barbacoa ones were not typical barbacoa (at least by what I've had and what Google shows if you Google barbacoa), but more stew-sized chunks. Both tacos immediately dumped through the bottom of the tortilla on the first pick-up and were eaten with a fork. Flavor was good at least! I made the most of mine, but felt awful for my partner, who said it was one of the worst meals she'd had in a long time. I'd still stop by for a great beer or an amazing cocktail and some hushpuppies or their amazing beef fat fries, but snacks only for us for a while.

Peter K.

For me, Salvage BBQ is the best BBQ in Portland. I could live just on their pulled pork alone. What separates their food from the several other bbq places in Portland is their side dishes. Many bbq places focus all their attention on the meat and seem to overlook the sides. But at Salvage their sides are all delicious. The mac and cheese is rich and thick. The collards are tangy and smoky. The hush puppies are moist and the beans well cooked and flavorful. I love their brisket. The giant mixed meat platter is a really good deal and easily feeds five or more people. I do miss their table service, probably due to the difficulty of finding staff, but that doesn't distract from the food.

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