The Honey Paw

78 Middle St, Portland
(207) 774-8538

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Deborah C

Came as a party of five on a Sunday around 12:15pm and were seated at the large table in the middle of the restaurant. The space is nicely decorated, and aside from the one large table, there are tables outside as well as seats lining the windows and at the bar.We got the Tuna Tartare and Fried Wings to start, and I got the Jane Says cocktail. I liked that the tartare had a variety of textures, and same with the fried wings, which have coconut shavings on top.I shared the Mee Goreng and Khao Soi with another person, which was more than enough. While tasty, considering the price, the Mee Goreng wasn't super worth it. I would, however, get the Khao Soi again.I didn't want to come in with expectations considering this is an Asian restaurant that (from my observations) doesn't seem to be run by any Asian people, but I was pleasantly surprised by the food. I wouldn't scramble to come back, but I also wouldn't be opposed if someone wanted to come try it out.


not knowing what to expect we went to this gem. a recommendation from our airbnb host. wow. what a great meal. starting with the ambiance the place has nice outside spots and great curb appeal despite some roadwork nearby. we wound up inside at the large table and looking over the menu was able to feed our picky 13 year old boy some beef skewers and also they did some plain ramen to tide him over. i loved the fried bread appetizer. get that. also we had the roasted cabbage salad which was unexpectedly amazing. some amazing pork ramen with mushrooms was had as well as a noodle beef dish i can’t recall the name of. everyone felt their food was the best ever. also really recommend the honey ice cream. that was the crowing touch. i recommend it for everyone.


Food was good. Service awful. Meals were served 15 minutes apart and no opportunity to order second drink or any follow up. Finally asked hostess for check


Fried wings, Haddock wrapped in banana leaf and KHAO SOI


I have been to Honey Paw several other times on my visits to Portland and the experience was very good. This time it seems as if they stopped trying. Yea I know Covid, restaurants trying to get back on their feet, disillusioned restaurant staff, but we the public are still paying full price, plus inflation. I got a Bloody Mary and it was nothing like they use to serve, where was the celery, the bacon, the citrus fruit, the olives, not to mention the size. It wasn't even spicy. Tasted like they just poured tomato juice in a glass and served it. I had lunch here with a friend. We both ordered together and they brought one order out, then brought the other order 10 minutes later, amateurish. The meals themself were very pedestrian. Honey Paw has lost its edge. With so many other food establishments around, I would give this one a pass until they get their mojo back.


Good Thai inspired meal. A good solid mean but I was expecting more from the reviews. Fried chicken wings had what I can only describe as an essence of fresh doughnut with a bit of sweetness. Lobster Tom Yum good but lobster was overcooked and a bit tough. A bit on the spicy side - you may want to ask they hold the peppers if you're not a fan of spice - especially on the crab/tomato/corn salad and napa salads. Enjoyed the meal, but was expecting more flavor. Shishito pepper special was my favorite.


We felt so lucky to have found this gem of a restaurant. We stopped in for a drink but returned for dinner. WOW WOW WOW The staff was extremely attentive and kind. The food, shines. The most unique dishes and bold flavors. We really enjoyed the menu, atmosphere and vibes here. Their bear and honey theme is seamlessly executed with inspiration menus from other restaurants hanging on their wall. Highly recommend the following: 1) Fried Wings 2) Grilled Skewers 3) Mee Goreng 4) Local Kelp Torchio- Pasta Dish MUST ORDER DESSERT- Honey Soft serve!!! Incredibly unique and delicious

Vincent Tchong

The Asian fusion flavors here are fantastic. The menu has a vast selection of noodle and rice dishes that are all very presentable and tastes delicious. I can’t wait to come back and try the other items on the menu.

NL. C.E.

Apps, service and atmosphere were great. Try every app on the menu cause I think it’s better than the entrees. Wasn’t feeling the veggie ramen. Something about that broth was very off (not appetizing at all) but everything else was great. The lobster app was so delicious. What a snack!

Al Milukas

Always a fun atmosphere and super creative dishes! Can’t beat music off vinyl, either!


Sara was great. The food was amazing. She gave us excellent recommendations. We ordered the tuna. They had a toro special and the tuna skewers. Amazing. Eat here.

Ross Bower

Fantastic spot for lunch or dinner. Great food really tasty. I would definitely recommend getting the wings and any of the noodle dishes. Salads are also really good. Very affordable and fairly priced. Service was excellent and our waiter was very helpful

Shea Mazar

AMAZING. One of the best meals of my life. My husband and I split two appetizers and a meal: their raw fish appetizers were fantastic, so flavorful and a unique mix of tastes. We also got a house made noodle dish with pork and crab and it was some of the best pork we’ve ever had. Highly recommend!! Wonderful service, too.

Jennifer S.

Delicious and creative entrees some of which are spins on traditional Asian dishes. Everything was high quality and perfectly prepared. Front of the House staff were friendly and professional during a very busy Friday lunch. Service was excellent.

Kaitlin Altieri

The Honey Paw is quickly becoming one of the most sought after restaurants in Portland. Their Asian fusion cuisine makes perfect nods to both their roots and Maine— incorporating lots of seafood, but also traditional Asian dishes. Do yourself a favor and get in the waitlist EARLY— you’ll usually have a wait regardless of the time or day! Also, be sure to ALWAYS save room for dessert, there. Their honey soft serve with honeycomb and dark chocolate sea salt is what dreams are made of!

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