Pizza Hut

190 Camden St, Rockland
(207) 594-7330

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Mehul Awadhiya

We came here at night the guy was really helpful and gave us the pizza that we ordered.

Logan Davis

they don’t wash the dishes and the salad bar is disgusting. worst restaurant i’ve personally been to. clearly they hire anyone

Thomas Marr

I recently brought a family member here for lunch and ordered the large one topping special for 9.99. No issues, no problems. I went again 2 days later with a family member and a work associate, they ordered the small dinner box and I ordered the large one topping special again.....but this time they would not honor the deal. This place continues to change there policies depending on who's in charge.I was not happy so one of the managers came over to explain her side which was ridiculous that the sign advertising the special is on the take out entrance for take out only. I guess I wouldn't have seen it 8f I came in on the dining room side. It's also does not say anything that it is for take out only.So I never ordered anything and basically told them to stick it and will never darken there door way again.I could understand if this place was always busy but its dead all the time I would think a sales is a sale.This Pizza Huts quality and service continuously goes down hill.My advice to all is drive by and don't look back!


would give 0 if i could. love the company’s recipes, delicious food. my order was taking over 80 minutes and i called to see what’s up and i got a sassy teenager saying they don’t like when people pay with cash so i just cancelled my order and got some dominos. every time that i’ve gone in person, I’ve been greeted with the most arrogant and ignorant teenagers/young adults I’ve ever met in my life, it’s almost like they hire the wrong people on purpose. embarrassing. and by the reviews on this page, I have no idea how they haven’t been taken down or something.

Daniel Lapham

My son and friends went to this pizzahut and were not impressed. No waitresses and you had to get their own menu's, they had to go to the checkout counter to order their food. Then they had to go back to the front to get their food and drinks. The food wasn't that edible and the salad bar was dry and soggy. My son's friend and pastor was eating some broccoli, it was so dry he started choking and couldn't breathe, my son jump up to help him, before he could get there, pastor cough the broccoli up. No soap in the bathroom and service was really bad, they lost the business of 16 people, he would like to give the give the pizzahut a -10.

Majra Bešić

We were waiting for 2,5hours for delibery and they didn’t placed it. They took our money from the card but they didn’t prepare our order. We decided to go to their store and ask what’s wrong, but there was a rude menager who spoke with us. She was very loud and arrogant. We will never order again.

Dylen Mahonen

Pizza never showed up. Number goes to call center. After 2 hours, guy laughed and hung up on me.


Such a great option to have. I love the personal pan pizzas.

Tim Pinkham

Delivered by polite driver, food was hot and satisfyingly delicious!

Janice McCullough

Went to pick up my order at 5:45 which was the time I requested online when order was placed. The employee said she could not find it so I got out my phone to show her and she said to me not to get nasty!!! She was the one you could not find the order my order came out about 15 late so I think they quickly made it. I will say it was busy with takeouts but no I’m sorry from anyone

Jim Quinn

Waitress was in a hurry so rushed the paperwork. Food was very good.


Chain store. Not pretending to be an Italian grandma's food. Prices were high for the middling serving size. 50 bucks for 2 cups of pasta in goo and some breadsticks.

Carolyn Marietta

While the restaurant itself is quite run down and uninviting to dine in. The food is well made and the staff are friendly.

Chrissy Hovis

Pizza was very good, fresh and hot. Exactly as ordered. In Maine they actually give you small bottles of grated cheese and pepper flakes. Who knew? lol

Barbara Seaborg

They do put out a hot pizza in 15 minutes which is nice when hungry and tired. Wish there were better veggie choices and take out salad

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