Captain Nemo's Submarine

144 3rd St, Belleville
(734) 697-2900

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jabira Muhammad-Holden

This is literally the worst experience I’ve ever had in a sandwich shop. The owner as well as one of the employees Alissa, was extremely unprofessional and unsanitary. After purchasing six sandwiches and half of them being made incorrectly, I decided to call and ask to simply have them remade. Instead, the owner insisted they were made correctly and asked to see it for herself. So, I take more time out of my day to go back to the sandwich shop. When I arrive only 10 minutes later, the owner (I was speaking with on the phone) happens to not be there. One of the employees (Alissa) decides to unwrap and look through the sub and said “it’s a little cheese there”, as she points. Then, tries to give the sandwich back to me, to consume! When I asked for it to be remade or refunded, she said she couldn’t do either. We are still in a pandemic and proper handling of food is detrimental! The customer service was awful. I will never return to this place and I’d advise you to do the same.

Jen Chesney

Waited for a long time because I thought they were busy but our subs had been done and were just sitting there getting cold and soggy. While I sat at the table waiting and was passed up several times while they gave other orders after me out was when I realized I needed to ask if they were done. Not sure how I got missed. Disappointed in the quality , Romulus is way better. Only came here cause they are closed.

Gmail Account

The hunger for Captain Nemo's never goes away. I am still tasting the flavor of a Captain Nemo's Pizza sub in my mouth even though I have not had one since the late 90's. I grew up eating at Captain Nemo's, in the 90's and also I believe in the 80's. I mean, it seems like Captain Nemos was always in my life growing up.Then my family moved, and when I relocated, I suddenly realised exactly how special Captain Nemo's was, because Captain Nemo's pizza sub was available nowhere else on earth, and suddenly I could not have one anymore. That just drove me crazy and I have grieved the loss of this sub all of my life.Just the other day at work, I sat drooling, wishing I could have a Captain Nemo's pizza sub. Then I started to think about how I could get one. The rustic delicious bun, the tasty hot beef, pepperoni and cheese, the mozzarella strings that hang from the sub after every bite, those ribbons of lettuce, and the tomato slices sprinkled with the spices and oily stuff, it all just begs me to eat it, even right now as I type this, somewhere, a Captain Nemo's pizza sub is calling out to me."Eat Me"I try to comfort myself, and imagine myself re-creating the recipe from memory, but it could never be the same.I will always love you, Captain Nemo's.Your friend,the kid who grew up and moved away...

Cynthia Strawser

WILL NOT RETURN BUT WARNING FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT WANT TO BE SCAMMED WHEN THEY ORDER.I went here today for the first time and ordered a hot turkey club with mayo instead of miracle whip and a large pizza sub, I was not asked what size for my sub but when the total came to 22.03, I assumed they just charged me for a large which was fine.We waited for the subs to be made and when we received them, we noticed that one of the subs was smaller than the other. We went back inside and asked about the price difference. We were told by the woman running the counter that because I switched the miracle whip for mayo she charged us for each thing individually which made the total higher. When I asked her why she did not tell us about this large difference, she stared at us dumbfounded and said she didn't know.So I was charged an extra almost $3 because I prefer mayo to miracle whip and was not told about this ridiculous rule. I am absolutely flabbergasted by this. We will never return and we will tell this to everyone I know who eats here so they are warned.

James Sykes

The wait staff sucks at the current time I was there and I was told I could not customize my sandwich at all can only get it in the length 8 or 16 and the way they made it and that was it

Admiral Cutie

I was told that the next time I ordered the Turkey Club with Mayo instead of Miracle Whip it would be a lot more expensive because I'm creating a new sub??? How does that make sense.All the girls there were very polite except the manager/owner.

Millie Udovich

Been eating their Pizza subs for many years. I absolutely love them!

Kenneth Tripp

I order a $75.00 in food. 2 of the Subs is was made wrong. You call up there to explain there was a mistake and the girl said well I repeated to you like 4 times. But when a customer says only certain items on subs and nothing else doesn't mean you want everything normally that comes on it.Plus why is this place have all female employees? For years this place has not hire one male employee. What kind of place is this? I suggested the 48111 not to waste your money in here if they can not replace your food they f up...

Alyssa Tripp

This was my first experience I’ve had ordering from this restaurant and unfortunately I am dissatisfied with their lack of customer service skills. We had 2 sandwiches that were ordered with very specific items and only those items. (Meaning none of the usual toppings). We called because we figured it’d be no big deal to get the sandwiches fixed properly. The girl who answered the phone stated that they would replace the 8 inch sand which but not the other because she had “read it back 4 times” (she did not..) and that it’s our fault for not being specific enough. We tried to reason that we just wanted it remade or the item refunded. They then proceeded to argue and state that we were being hostile with them for arguing for a replacement and eventually hung up on us (twice). We were going to just take the items back up there to attempt to see if maybe someone can make it right but since we were hung up on we figured that it probably would be more of an issue than what it’d be worth. So thanks I guess. Don’t count on us to be back anytime soon.

Brian Beaty

was always my go to ordered double steak and cheese wish I could show you a pic 3in on both sides empty so 6in of sub nothing but bread they used to be full not sure they will get my business any longer I pay for double I should get a double not a single with extra bun very disappointed

Leif Millar

The place looked very clean and the girls behind the counter were polite and fast! Unfortunately, that's the only good part.The bread is hard, dry, and has no flavor. I was going to ask for extra veggies, however a sign indicated that is not allowed. Would have asked for no season salt as that was the predominant flavor of my turkey club, but didn't think to do so. The oil and vinegar wasn't great, either. Not enough veggies, not sure I got any onion at all. Two razor thin tomato slices and not a lot of lettuce.This place could learn a thing or two from Jersey Mike's. No Italian sub option. No extra anything. Seating area was blocked off. Overall, not a customer-friendly establishment.I won't be back.

Tom Beaver

I can’t believe how similar our experience was to the many negative reviews posted for this “restaurant “ over the past several months. We have ordered subs here for many years and have noticed a significant decline in quality, content, and most importantly, customer service over the past year. We ordered almost $ 50 worth of subs yesterday the best were average and the worst was terrible and made incorrectly, it was a carry out order we called when we realized that order had been incorrectly made. The “Manager” (term used very loosely) took our call immediately disputed our concern, put us on hold for several minutes while she debated with one of her helpers then hung up on us. I called back she immediately took an aggressive tone blamed us for their mistakes and took the position of how we were the problem. This is the second time she has been very rude regarding a poorly made sub in our last few visits. I was wondering if we really were the problem, our story is so similar to the other poor reviews I have absolutely no doubts..... this place sucks, poorly managed, no customer service, and appears to not really care what it’s customers think . My advice vote with your feet and find somewhere else to spend $50 bucks on a lousy lunch.

Zanita Williams

Went here for lunch because I wanted a sandwich. I ended up getting the turkey club and they were able to make it hot, since it is usually served cold. Customer service was good and you are able to see them make the food in front of you but it wasn't anything spectacular. Options are sort of limited due to them only have various chip flavors as a side and a small drink fountain. Next time I am in the mood for a sub, I will seek them out and will probably give one of their steak subs a try, since that is what people seem to rave about.

maria castillano

I really have enjoyed great subs from captain nemos for over 20 years. Although they made a mistake on a sub that was ordered ( which is ok we all make mistakes) when I brought the sub back for them to remake it and the teenager spent 20 minutes or more looking for “ their ticket “ and refused to remake the sub. I was totally turned off by the way she handled it and the truth is I would have purchased another sub but being that I only had 45 minutes to eat, that is why I even called first and went there then she waisted my entire lunch break. I will have to go to a different captain nemos now ?

Victoria Perkins

One of the best shops for subs ? Try the Taco or Ham and Egg!

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