11812 Belleville Rd, Belleville
(734) 697-7782

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Amanda is the grumpy old lady who CLEARLY hates her job. The other staff would benefit greatly, by seeking employment elsewhere. As long as she's there, I won't be back. Too many Subways around for me to have that negativity anywhere near my life.

Skylar Lehr

Came in to get lunch during my break older lady making my sub was nice sub looked and tasted fresh … was just about done had about 2 bite left and with my bite came out a long black hair .. gross!! the rest of it went in the trash

chris atkinson

Place is dirty, manager and employees a very rude, nothing looks fresh. Will never eat here again.

Sabrina St-Amour

Employees are rude 95% of the time. Theres been countless times when I drove there and they didnt have any bread. This was before the shortages started coming along! Ive ordered online, they didnt have cookies, the manager with the black hair that was checking me out did not even offer anything. I bought multiple cookies, already paid, and all you have to say is that you're out of them? Someone there is making it miserable for their employees. And I bet you its that old lady manager, who seems to choose when she wants to show good customer service. Way to be a role model, especially for your younger employees that work there.

chibuike asuzu

Always a good place to grab a good bite!


Wish I could give a 0 I recently visited again after many years and today was a reminder while I’ll never go back and support this Subway. Worst staff ever the woman that runs is it is completely rude and doesn’t care about customer service. If I want someone to ruin your day definitely go this Subway. I won’t come here again.

Danny Thacker

Amanda and Kareena are the best!

Jon Mastin

Staff is fast and accurate. Bread is always fresh. I don't care what anyone says, I love the tuna, I've never had a problem with it and it tastes good.

Sayed Abouassaly

Wonderful care and faster and so kind helpful

Jordan H.

Older lady who made my sandwich on 6/10/21 at 5 pm is snobby and lazy as fuk. She wouldn't be working for me sorry ‍

Steve Mikita

The food is always good at this location. I've been going there since 2015.

Chris Fletcher

Almost always out of something, hot/cold customer service.

Stephanie R

Very nice staff, clean business, good food

Pamela Palermo-Gray

The Subway in Belleville/Van Buren Twp is the worst. The help their is the rudest ever, including the so called owner/ manager. The young people that work there will leave in the middle of making your order to wait on their friends. They act like they are doing you a favor by waiting on you when they are good and ready. We decided that even though we get get subs at least twice a week for our family, we will drive the extra few miles to Canton Subway to get our Subs from now on.

Got 2-12 inch tuna subs. Bread was very hard. Very little tuna. It was horrible

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