3600 Twelve Mile Rd, Berkley
(248) 268-1905

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Ron Teed

Good coffee most of the time, but service is not consistent. I ordered two creams in a medium coffee, and it looked more like a cup of milk with some coffee in it vs a cup of coffee with some cream in it. I had already left the area, so I couldn't return it, and poured it out instead.

Ms. Fox

Pros; open early. Accepts coupons and racially diverse employees.Cons: parking is limited.

Kyle Fasick

would recommend going to the Ferndale location… stopped in today for a pumpkin cold brew and the lady taking the orders was very confused for everyone’s orders, slow, and unfriendly. what seemed to be manager was very loud and bossing everyone around it was alarming to hear the way she was speaking to customers and staff. got my cold brew and the girl had forgotten to add the pumpkin cold foam but i just wanted to get out of there! not the vibe!

Gammy Ziener

This place has a wall of amazing art that is worth stopping in to see!!! You can even view a self portrait of the artist titled "Me" whom I was told is actually a regular here. The service was friendly and I enjoyed the vegan options. But the art on the wall is really why you should stop in at least once.


I normally love this Biggby location as it’s close to work, however today I had quite a rude interaction that turned me away. I went in and grabbed a coupon page like I normally due at the pick up area. When I went to use a coupon (before even placing my order) I was rudely told they couldn’t be used and had to be for next time. I asked where it stated this on the coupon and it didn’t. They wouldn’t take my order with a completely valid coupon. I went to Starbucks instead and will be going to other Biggby locations in the future where they don’t give you a hard time for using a valid no expired coupon.

Janie H.

honestly, i feel bad for the workers. there is a manager there that's a real c**** i was served a super watered down iced coffee and kindly asked for something else to be made. the manager decided to scream a crossed the room at me "have you ever had an iced coffee before? it comes watered down." Well, um.. i don't know if you've ever been a manager before ... but you don't scream at your customers. also, i'm not sure.. maybe it's just me.. but if a drink is SERVED watered down.. maybe change the recipe??

Raina House

My daughter and I frequent Biggby and the staff was great, but our Carmel Marvel's had a bitter and old taste. I couldn't even drink mine. I did notice they took the expresso from this box and not from the machine.

Erin Safir

Usually I have only had excellent experiences. I went in recently for one of their signature drinks and they obviously messed my order up and put a bunch of syrups in. When I came back (I was getting a pedicure next door and could not come back immediately) and politely told them my drink was made incorrectly, asked if they would please remake it, and they told me they couldn't take it back and the manager assured me they made it right. I told her I wasn't upset but come here often and know what the drink tastes like and that it's wrong. She seemed dismissive and said they would remake the drink. I asked if it was OK to throw the drink they originally made out because they said they couldn't take it back, and she huffed and said give it to her so it doesn't get the trash wet. In the end I did end up with the drink made correctly but they could have been more polite.

Trina Wiedenbeck

Love coming to this Biggby! The staff here are always super nice and in great moods! Such a good vibe in that shop!

Paige Cook

Got my order wrong, (and today's drink maker touched her bangs A LOT,) but overall they were friendly and relatively quick considering how busy they were. Thanks for breakfast!

Jason Ishakis

Great staff. Always open. My Local Starbucks is either closing the "Dining Room", not letting walk up orders or some other Lame Excuse.BIGBY is great!

Amanda Rechsteiner

I usually don't give reviews at chains but I have been going to this Biggby almost every morning as I temporarily am living in the area. The staff is SO nice and the artwork and sweet notes around create a welcoming and kind environment. Love it here!

Thomas Gasque

They do a great job being quick and serving guest is a small area.

Mr Googler

Nice people in good service ? ? ? ?. Mocha Mocha ? in a teddy bear ? iced ? lattes. Be kind in support local business. Hey ? Googlers!!! On this side of town today. Stopping ✋️ in at Biggbys for some coffee ☕️. Helping someone out today in this area to be a blessing ? ? ✨️. I have a gift ? ? ? of fixing things. Sometimes not!!! Lol ? # brake it. More pics ? 2!! Baristas did well ? ? today. Lattes looks n taste ? delicious. Googlers stop ✋️ by here when u get the chance. Thanks everyone ☺️. Another awesome experience ? ? ? ? at this Biggbys location. I stop ✋️ by here for some more coffee ☕️ intake. ??! Pics ? ? are us ?? ✨️. Pictures that will leave you all drooling ?. Hopefully Googlers, u all made time ⏲️ to stop by here to be blessed ? ? ? ☺️ by the awesome baristas that work at this location.

Chris C.

The Service is always beyond efficient and friendly. The Art Work is delightful, every time I go I Browse. The Artist (Chet something) sketches the Patrons with pencil/ink and fills them in with watercolor. They really are interesting. I go out of my way to go to this particular branch for this reason.

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