Burger King

3656 Twelve Mile Rd, Berkley
(248) 541-5472

Recent Reviews

Chris Harris

Collin Harris was ok I guess at service would like to see him apply himself more in the future, manager with the glasses tho was very attractive.

Morgan Benedict

Despite being understaffed the current BK Team truly does an incredible job of providing fast and friendly service. Sometimes they may be short of toys or crowns but they make up for it with their kindness.Food: 4/5

Andre Patton

I went to this location today through drive thru and ordered 2 impossible whopper kings with extremely heavy pickle and onion as well as a cup of water, Donna was the person that took my order , she was extremely polite and professional and pleasantMy order came up I said thank you and I drove off , I opened one of my impossible whoppers to eat and realized the preparer only put 2 pickles on them so I returned and went inside and complained about my order because I specifically heard Donna tell the cook extremely heavy pickles and onions on both , Donna realized why I came back and made sure they were prepared as I originally requested, Donna truly exhibits great customer service as well as comprehends the slogan HAVE IT YOUR WAY AT BURGER KING, THANK YOU SO MUCH DONNA FOR CORRECTING MY ORDER AS WELL AS FOR YOUR KINDNESS!?

James Philli

Best burger king uv been to in some time fast and good


Best BK ive been to, I'm here for lunch every other day ?. Food is fresh and the store manager and staff are awesome

Chelsea Rose

The food is hot and fresh, crispy fries ? great service as well

Nikki J

Always consistent. Hot, fresh and tasty. The staff are all warm, friendly and welcoming.

Renay harper

This is one of my favorite Burger King to visit . good customer service, food is good .return back here every chance I get .?

Mr good

uncooked ? I have food poising 3 days I iam ?

Maher A.

I have food poisoning three days I am sick they are so bad so bad new clean dirty uncooked food expire food a lot of bacteria

Pat Ball

It was great. The employees were super friendly and helpful. The food was delicious and came out very fast. The restaurant was very clean. They even gave me refills with my frozen coke lol.

Elizabeth Sanders

Staff is friendly, quick, and quality service. Nice selection on the menu as well. Is clean and comfortable.

karen j. barnes

Took too long in the drive through and over a hundred degree weather. 8 Mile location horrible in Royal Oak Michigan

Cherie H.

First I barley got any bacon on my sandwich and I let that slide but then I go to my other sandwich and it's a long ass piece of hair in my food and it's the same color hair as the big fat White lady hair in the window with her rude funny looking ass and when I took the sandwich back she like that isn't possible like how it's not possible when nobody back there has a hair net on then she gives me another sandwich with some cold cheese and she says it can't be melted but on the first sandwiches I got it was melted she processed to call me an asshole and I told her to do her fucking job like it the crack of dawn and your mad n upset because your life is miserable lol like who wakes up mad I was just trying to get breakfast with my boyfriend before I went to work but I had to put with this miserable b**ch

Mr Googler

Oh yeah ?! New fast food restaurant ?. 2 for $ 5 Big King Burger ? ?. I decided stop✋️by here after buying coffees ☕️ ☕️from Biggbys. My stomach ? started growling after the smell of Burger King ? ? ? came lingering threw the window . Beautiful day today so I had the window down taking in the fresh air ?. First time ⏲️ trying the BK sandwich ?. It kind of tasted like a Big Mac. Googlers I have more pics ? 2.

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