Little Caesars Pizza

2051 Coolidge Hwy, Berkley
(248) 541-0444

Recent Reviews

Chris Narine

Love the drive through! Great customer service...sometimes the line be mad long so expect to wait 5-10 mins in your car during there busy hours.

britt b

i don’t normally write reviews but i had to write one for this store. the consistency and professionalism is something i appreciate. you would think all little caesars locations would be standard across the board, but this store hits the mark every single time. i will gladly always drive the extra few minutes to come to this location! whoever is training this staff is doing an amazing job, keep it up!

Randle T-shirt Co

Absolutely PROFESSIONAL, courteous, and fast service! I will never go to the one on Coolidge and 696 in Oak Park. They have poor customer service.I would suggest folks to come to the Little Caesars on Coolidge and Harvard Rd in Berkeley.

Theresa V

always love the breadsticks! The pizza is hit or miss. There has been a few times where its been undercooked/soggy, but for $5 I can’t complain??

Lady Victoria

They don't close at posted times. Sometimes you sit in a long drive thru line only to be told at the window that they're closed. The sign says 9pm but they're closed before 8:30pm.?


Love the Little Caesars Berkley location. Only location around for miles that has the drive thru. As a result, the inside is closed and use of the pizza portal is.....well..... you know.You always got fresh and hot pizzas here pre-pandemic but now, not so much. They do their best being understaffed and extremely busy from open to close.The wait in the drive thru can be sometimes up to 45 min long though it's normally like 20 minutes or so. Key to getting a hot and fresh pizza is to wait until you get there and then call in your order while you're in line. By the time you get to the window, it will be hot.In spite of everything that's going on, I'm giving them 5 stars due to what they used to be like for years pre-pandemic and the fact that I've never had a problem with this location for over 12 years.

Ed Pasinski

Imo if they only have drive thru they shouldn't let people order custom pizzas while waiting. I sat in drive thru for 25 minutes while my pizza was just sitting there that I ordered 30 minutes prior. Poor management. Atleast open the door for internet orders. Goodluck

Brittany Paymond

I have been coming to this restaurant every Wednesday with my daughter( our pizza day). I always get the slice stix fresh with extra sauce and cheese. Today the so called manger said he can’t do it. He can’t it want charge me for the sauce and cheese.If that’s the case How come when you get a custom pizza they charge you for extra cheese and sauce. He just lied. I always get this custom pizza since it been advertise.

Eileen Fields

Yummy food and excellent service! As I waited in the drive-thru, I had my daughter call in our order. Cut our wait time in 1/2!

Kathy Thousand

Awesome food wish they could get employees to open lobby back up usually there about 20 min.

Terri Downs

I made an online order, the drive thru is convenient, but the line was long. By the time we got our pizza, it was not as hot as we'd like. Kind of bummed they can't take tips though. These employees were working their butts off!!

DetroitBlood RunsInMe

You guys have a guy named will that is very nasty working the drive thru, he told me your close at 7 when it says 10 online after I waited 30Minutes in line he was laughing at me and how I can’t order any food, I’ll contact Coorperate soon also but make sure nobody goes to eat here, this place has trash employees and I only hope the managers do what’s right. You don’t need an employee laughing at somebody’s hunger after being frustrated for 30Minutes in a line. I can go down the street and get food anywhere but his attitude was trash and I hope you recognize it.

Winter Pink

Good Pizza. Very busy but worth it. I call 1st then pick up at drive thru.

Matthew Plein

This place is terrible. “Holiday” holloween so we are only make hot and ready? Lobby closed for a year for zero reason? This place will do anything to not work. Awful.


I've tried... I really have... I mean, why shouldn't this be as good as other Little Caesars locations? Right up front, be aware, the lobby is CLOSED which means if you call in an order, you have to wait in line at the drive thru for pickup. Not convenient when the drive thru is taking upwards of 20 minutes to get thru. The pizza, which used to be a stable, staple, convenient pie is now anything but. Hot and Ready means nothing here. If it is ready it's not hot, if it's not ready it will be hot, but you'll have to wait and hopefully not forgotten about. For $5 it's good for little Timmy's T Ball team's pizza party, and more food than a burger. But if you're looking for quality over quantity, go elsewhere.

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