Taco Bell

2260 Coolidge Hwy, Berkley
(248) 545-5534

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Kris Rieske

Ordered Doordash from here last night. They first told my dasher that they didn't have my order number despite him having my confirmation number in hand, and made him wait for another 20 minutes before then saying they gave my food away to someone else and refused to remake it to correct their mistake. A woman working there then proceeded to scream at my dasher and I (I was on the phone with my dasher recording the entire incident), verbally abusing him with racist remarks because he was trying to ask them to answer their phone as I had contacted DD support, who were trying to call the store to correct the situation. She then closed the window on my dasher and refused to speak to him or DD support. DD finally had to refund my money after an hour 1/2 of this back and forth.DD support has already escalated this to their upper management with the audio I recorded. If that woman reads this, it is NOT acceptable at all to scream at someone and be a raging racist because you gave the wrong order away. Do not support any place that allow their workers to be racist and treat customers like garbage when they messed up in the first place.

mike dennis

went to grab a doordash order 4/10/22 got to speaker after waiting for 20 minutes in line the woman asked what i would like and i told her i had a doordash order and she said we only 1 order and it was not the one i had. i said ok well i waited so long in line can u refresh your screen. next thing you know another woman came on yelling and complaining how they have to make all these orders i could not get in a word edgewise. she kept going all i wanted them to do is to answer the phone when doorsash support contacts them and she yelled no! i tried to get a word in and of course i could not. she threatened to call the police on me! wow! whatever. she needs to find a different job. i asked her name. she said i dont have to give you my name. i asked for the manager she told me to leave. i did because there is nothing else to sayb or do. just wow tho. how do these kind of workers keep their jobs.

Gabe Endres

Just tryin to do Doordash and they want me to wait in the drive through line that’s legit spilling out on to the street… Tried calling and they just sent me to voicemail 3 times in a row, knocked on the door and the dude just said I gotta wait in line… Just waisting gas along with all the other dashers stuck in this ridiculously long line and as everyone knows gas isn’t cheap, and sitting here idling isn’t helping the environment one bit, just like all the Taco Bell branded trash that’s floating around in the ocean as I’m writing this… There’s gotta be a better way for this to be done, Taco Bell is a multi million dollar company and they can’t think of a solution to this issue? Come on, really? Do better future generations will thank you…


Half an hour in the drive through, 10 minutes sitting at the window after paying waiting for 5 items, watching 3 employees literally play patty-cake with each other... and they still got the order wrong.

Phil Lavere

This Taco Bell was awesome. It was lunch time and the dining room was closed. It was very busy but the girl taking my order at the drive-thru was still friendly and polite and thorough. It seems like she was doing everything by herself. I'm not sure how many people were working there but they moved through the line very quickly I was impressed.


Does not serve food. Do not go to. “System”will be down. Have not been able to get food last 10 or so times I have visited this location

Dolomite Arterius

Remarkably OK when it is open. System seems to conveniently crash at night when there is long lines. Tried to upsell me for cheese one time when they ran out. Another time the burrito tasted like plastic. Lucky for me I love plastic because it refills my silicon implants for free.

Mariana contos

I moved here close within 5 minutes haven’t gotten my order right once. Terrible service management and honestly what point do I ask for my money back? Don’t come here. Simple.

billy ocean

Should of went to pet smart and got a can of dog food instead might of been better.

David Bronson

Drive thru out to the street, all over building it says open daily dine in, come on in. And it is not open doors locked.

Jennifer Hellebuyck

I generally do like going to this Taco Bell. Rarely do I have issues. Today, I went there for them to tell me they’re doing online orders only. Since I drove all the way to this one and they wouldn’t take my order through the drive thru I placed it online like they asked. Multiple times they seemed irritated that I wouldn’t move. Obviously I was placing my order online since apparently they weren’t taking orders at the actual place which took me longer for obvious reasons. I understand you’re short staffed. But, you should probably not take online orders and only take orders at the establishment considering people are coming there for a reason. Not because we think you’re closed but because you’re open. Frustrating.

Daniel Katzman

Honestly the best taco bell in the area. Order is always correct and well made. Also probably the nicest employees of any taco bell I've been to. We pass 2 closer taco bells to go to this location when we want to get our fat kid on.

Chris Fry

The best taco bell in the area. Staff has been awesome, food hot, food good... All that jazz

Brian Conklin

Went to this location today to pick up an online order. I said what my order was under, and the location questioned my name 3 times. 3 times I told them it was not me, and they demanded I prove what location I ordered from. I quoted from the order the exact location address. They then told me I was wrong and couldn’t be right. In an effort to get food to feed 3 hungry kids I said I’d order and deal with a refund later. I started ordering and the location told me that’s not how this works. I said I want to order and they told me to leave. Horrible experience after waiting 15 minutes for the 2 cars in front of me to finish…

Rachel Särkkä

It said drive-through open, and I picked up an order for delivery and it was made rather quickly. Came back 10 minutes later and it was still open, but they said they weren't taking any more delivery orders. However they continue to take orders until after 3 a.m. when they closed. The two orders left hanging weren't even large. If they don't want to deliver after 2, they should adjust their hours. It's not fair to the customers.

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