Lil Thai Express

36539 S Gratiot Ave, Clinton
(586) 790-4448

Recent Reviews

Don Cray

Really liked the food. Didn't realize how hot medium+ would be so next time I will Max at medium. Probably one of the two best Thai restaurants around the area. Spring rolls with sauce were really good as well

Diana Leigh

Pretty good food, Great Spring rolls.. Quick service. Decent customer service

Rachel Tumbleston

This place is delicious. We have another Thai place we enjoy on Hall Rd, but this one is much closer to home and could go dish for dish with out other Thai takeout favorite. We try to get something different every time we go, but we really love the Gang Garee. Friendly, fast, sizable portions for price.

candace w.

Good Thai good and close to home too. Staff is so friendly. Pad Thai, Drunken Noodles and Pad Se Ew are my favorites there.

Rob G

Best Thai food I’ve had in awhile. This place is fire!!!

lauren boyce

Love this place! I have tired so many dishes. Never disappointed. Everyone is always so nice. Very clean. Great portions!


The food is good, the service is great, super fast as well.

Patti Bauer

Web page is outdated on prices and lady on phone wanted a number of what you were ordering. Web page menu does not have a number, just the name of enteee

Jessica Woodruff

This is my favorite place to get pa nang curry, hands down. The flavors are spot on for me, perfectly sweet and spicy. My boyfriend loves the drunken noodles. The only downside is they don’t come with broccoli and it’s a dollar upcharge to get it added. Definitely recommend!

Ash A

This place is my favorite Thai place in town .

Uwe Bowle

Best Thai spot in Michigan on point Everytime huge portions and affordable pricing probably one of the top spots in that area of Clinton township so damn good I don't even mess with the Chinese food anymore it's Thai or bust baby!!!

Jazzy S.

Hole in the way Thai place, small, family owned. But authentic Thai food. My fiancé used to come here weekly when he lived in Detroit, and it did not disappoint. Due to COVID, you just order at the counter. The quality is still great. - Pad se ew (4/5): noddles had a rich taste that hit the spot. Cooked and seasoned well. Medium was the perfect spice level for me - Seafood curry (4/5): we ordered hot, and it was a bit spicy for me but my fiancé loved it. We also got shrimp chips which were pretty good but not as fresh as I like them. Overall a great little restaurant!


Exce.llent food

Kyle LaPorte

One or my favorites in the area. Everything is a bit on the sweeter side so know that ahead of time.

Morgan Nicholson

This is my favorite local business.It’s the place you miss when you move away and don’t realize what a gem you have in your back yard. Food is delicious and always consistent weather it’s iconic favorites like a Pad Thai or Bangkok Chicken or if you want to try something new. We’ve never waited more than 15-20 min for a pick-up order and really value that they’ve followed covid protocol with pick up windows at the door so there is no inside foot traffic.Thank you for being incredible Little Thai Express.

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