Grandma Bob’s Pizza

2135 Michigan Ave, Detroit
(313) 315-3177

Recent Reviews

Natalie Faust

Excellent, unique pizzas. Strong, tasty drinks. Friendly service at the bar, we sat there both times we have been. Excited to explore more of the menu. Definitely would recommend to people interested in trying a spin on a classic pie. They don’t offer many plain or simple pizzas, so if you just want a pepperoni this might not be the place for you.

Noah Bradley

This place has phenomenal pizza. Exceeded my expectations in a major way. Well done all. Detroit Style in particular was amazing.


This is a new restaurant in the area since about March, 2019. Pizza choices are great. Hand tossed and delicious. Served hot and fresh! You can add or remove the toppings listed. The salads are good too. Full bar. Seating is family style so you may share a table with others. Waitstaff is friendly and efficient. We will be back!

Adrian Gutierrez

Awesome small place. Great selection of pizza and craft beers. The soft serve has differentiating flavors keep The Cold Truth on your Instagram feed.

Hanna Selaty

This spot is simply legit! As a non-vegan, I feel their vegan pizza options are totally delicious. They have a full bar as well. The game-changer is that Cold Truth ice cream just set up shop inside, now I can get great pie AND ice cream in one place? And finally, the staff has always been super friendly.

Al h

This place looks nice but, the pizza sucks it is terrible the crust is hard, the pizza too thin, and the sauce that they use is cheap and leaves an after taste in your mouth. But, lucky they have collaborated with the ice cream guy, because his ice cream is excellent and you get a big serving. Homemade vegan ice cream excellent

Michał Radziwon

Very nice place with a good quality pizza. Waiting time was not bad - we got our pizzas 10 to 15 minutes after we ordered. I went for Taco pizza (chorizo, corn, jalapeno, onion and blue corn chips) - highly recommended if you like spicy pizzas (not extremely spicy though) - this is the bottom one. the top one is my Pear+Fig with blue cheese.

Brianna H.

We had a great experience at Grandma Bob's tonight! We had planned on going to a different spot for drinks and ended up here to wait for our table. We decided to let our table go and stay for another round and a slice of vegan pizza. It was amazing! The drinks were some of the best we have had and our bartender was so nice and did a great job on our drinks! We will definitely be back! We had the Branch, the Basil Revised, OF AF and Snap Dragon! Amazing!

Kari R.

Have been meaning to go since they opened and have gotten so many great reviews. Finally went tonight and it totally lived up to everything!! Great service, cocktails were perfect and the pizzas were amazing. The deep dish was great but the Pear and Fig was to die for!! The only thing I was bummed about, is that I didn't have room for ice cream because that looked so good, and people were coming in just for that!! Definitely going back there!

Emily H.

This is honestly the best pizza I've ever had! I'm gluten and dairy free, and they can accommodate all of their pizzas to my dietary needs without compromising the taste. You would never know it was gluten free unless. Would highly recommend and the owner is very friendly.

Jenn C.

Best pizza place in Detroit! Quality ingredients and the dough is amazing. Somehow you can eat multiple slices and not feel that heavy full feeling. My favorite pies are the Coney Pizza (YUM) and the Pepperoni Pizza, which has a nice honey drizzle. I also love a Detroit-style deep dish so I'm excited to see they're working that into the menu. My favorite drink on the menu is the Sneaky Pete. They started serving soft serve ice cream and it's amaaaazing!

Evan S.

We ordered the sausage and pistachio pizza, it was cooked great with a nice crisp and excellent flavor. Immediately one of our top spots in the city for pizza. Vibe in the restaurant was cool and employees were nice. A little more pricy for the size of pizza but it's quality stuff. Cold Truth inside is also very good. Would recommend.

Rob Jager

We were meeting some friends in the area and had some time to kill. We stopped here for a drink but saw the pizzas coming out of the kitchen and thought, “We have to order one of those!” We ordered our drinks and the Pear Fig pizza to split. WOW! That was awesome! Service was ok. They could have been a little friendlier...hence the 4. Great place to bring kids too.

Richard Nadolski

Really good pizza. Thin crust. All fresh ingredients. A lot of love put into the food here.

Beth Sokolowski-Smith

Great pizza.. great atmosphere.

Janessa Manning

New place that might need a few tweaks before it sings. The pizza toppings were good but the crust lacked salt. The chairs were more appropriate for outside furniture; they were quite uncomfortable for sitting and dining. Nice liquor selection, fast service, friendly staff.

Bob Patzelt

Excellent selection of beer and great pizza. Love the crust.

Jamie L.

Good pizza, decent beer selection. Their crust has good flavor and it isn't soggy in the middle. It was crunchy and held up to the toppings. My favorite part of the pizza here. We got the pepperoni pizza and really liked it. We got a side salad and it was simple but it went well with the pizza. I think this place has potential to be a good place to grab a drink too. Their liquor selection is great but there's only a few cocktails listed on their menu. Their wine choices were thoughtful but limited. They have some family seating and the bar. We had a great time sitting at the bar.

Allen Wierzbicki

Awesome pepperoni pizza. And who would think a drizzle of honey would work, but it did. And just like The Free Press review said, great crunchy, yet chewy, thin crust. Best I ever had. Needs nothing else on it.

Joshua Kaminski

Great friendly staff. Pretty good pizza. No draft beer. Mixed drink options. Not very busy. Good open seating.

kendra komp

Delicious new pizza place in Corktown! Very talented chefs and bartenders. Fresh ingredients, nice menu, full bar, friendly vibe. They don't have their sign up yet, but it's on Michigan Ave. directly across from Slows and Sugar House. Come check it out!

Keith Reed

Amazing pizza, friendly staff. Quite possibly the best crust I've ever had anywhere. Stopped after a Tiger game The pear and fig pizza was recommended by the people sitting next to us and I recommend as well. It's unique and savory.

Bruce S.

One of the best? You betcha. Pepperoni and Taco pizzas for our premier visit were excellent. No kidding. Will be back for more. Coney pizza next time.

Joe S.

Went here on a Friday night and had a lovely time, I'll never say no to a new pizza joint in Detroit!! To start, the restaurant is super accessible and has plenty of parking and is just steps from FAST Michigan Avenue route bus stop so it's easy to get to! Although the restaurant doesn't have a sign, the facade is painted with a bright 3D mosaic mural that is really eye catching and easy to find. The vibe is very modern/clean. There isn't much on the walls, but the space is very cool and open. There is are about 5 or 6 tables with 8 or so seats that are seat yourself and a 12 or so seat bar. Our waiter was very attentive and we were greeted with waters and menus right when we sat down. To drink we all had beers, their list is fun and has a good mix of Michigan and national microbrews, but no draft beer which was kind of a bummer. We ordered 3 pizzas for a group of 4 (all pizzas are 12 inches), the pepperoni, the sausage+pistachio, and the spinach+artichoke. The pizzas we had were all delicious and had great unique flavor and OUTSTANDING crust/texture. The pepperoni stood out because the delicious zingy pepperoni were beautifully balanced with a sweet honey drizzle. The spinach artichoke pie was super light and very garlicky, yum! I especially enjoyed the complexity with lemon, garlic, and artichokes. My absolute favorite was the sausage+pistachio! The sausage had such great flavor it burst with fennel and other spices. I never thought I'd want pistachios on pizza but it worked nicely with the onions and other ingredients. If you're craving some thin crust pizza and looking to get away from Detroit style I'd definitely recommend giving Grandma Bob's a shot!

Chase R.

Absolutely phenomenal pizza. Tried the cheese, the pepperoni, the taco, and the coney island. We loved them all.

Andrew N.

The space is cool with lots of natural light and plenty of seating. Because there is no sign you might not know what it is but if you've been to Corktown recently it's the building with all the color next to Mercury. Toppings with a twist that make a surprisingly good pizza that is funky but not to crazy. 12" Thin crust great for a hungry single night out or a light date night to split.

Kelly C.

Superb pizza and drinks, along with a great location made for an enjoyable evening for me. We ordered the Sausage + Pistachio and Taco Pizzas for dinner. The Taco Pizza really knocked it out of the park for me as it was something totally different, but the flavors worked. Both pizzas had plenty of toppings, meat and a beautifully cooked crust. So why only the four stars? For two people, one pizza is almost enough, but not quite. I was bummed they didn't have any salad or breadstick options that would have enabled us to do one pizza & an appetizer. Also, if you request a plate it comes on a really slippery pizza tray that makes it difficult to eat off. Finally the ranch (& this girl loves her ranch) was pretty expensive, and just OK. I would certainly return as the pizza was awesome, but I hope to see some of these minor kinks worked out.

Maureen C.

The staff was super nice and helpful, that was the best part! The pizza was really good as well. A few vegetarian options, but you can't swap toppings. Pizzas are big enough to share or eat on your own. The food and drinks are a little bit overpriced in my opinion though. Will be returning!

iKlektik House

This is our new favorite neighborhood joint! Pizza is amazing! It’s on our top three best pizza joints in Detroit!

Brian Card

The Pizza is Fire and the Soundtrack was great. Definitely Recommend!

Teria Thames Hamilton

Very good vegan pizza, I was pleasantly surprised

Chelsea Burkett

Really fresh and hip pizza spot to come to Corktown. Super updated, beautiful decor and furnishings. My girlfriend and I sat at the bar and the staff are incredibly friendly. Oh and hella informative! We ordered the Potato + Pepper pizza and added fennel sausage for additional flavor. The dough is out of the world, you can tell they choose the best ingredients to build their food. Can not wait to go back and try more.

Royce Mathew

Great drinks great pizza good space solid staff and operation. At least for the soft open, love it!!!

Marcus Johnson


Anoop Sinha

Excellent pizza, probably one of the best in the city, and I've lived here since 1993. There are a couple of vegetarian options. Cocktails are good and the bartenders are friendly. The vibe is relaxed and uncrowded. Prices are decent.

Michael T.

Rolled in on a Thursday.. after open 1 month..... Wide open tables. Garage doors will be nice if it ever warms up. Sugar House owners have brought a cool pizza place to the neighborhood! Great liquor selection. The veggie pizza ( pear/fig) is a good choice. Parking is ok... may have to walk but it's Corktown.... walkable neighborhood. Definitely one of my pizza summer places. Drop by for pizza and spirit's!

Sean Carroll

Grandma Bob’s is fresh, new, and exciting. The pizza selections are amazing and very tastefully done. We had the sausage and fennel pizza, and others in our group ordered the pear and fig, and taco pizzas. Each was perfectly done, fit well within our expectations of great pizza, and wonderfully tasty.

Kyle M.

Top notch pizza, drinks & vibe. Big fan and will definitely be back. Great attention to detail on the pizza. Had a chat with the pizza master and you can tell he cares about the food he puts out.

Steve T.

Nice staff, OK pizza, overpriced. We went to Grandma Bob's on its third day so they may have a few kinks to work out yet. The interior is nice but fairly plain. The staff were all very friendly so an added plus in that regard. The pizza itself is nothing special. We had a sausage & pistachio specialty pizza which had great potential but there was almost no sausage. It was mainly just red onion with a slight dusting of crushed pistachios and a few small pieces of sausage. It was also $16 which isn't cheap for a pizza that feeds two-six pieces in total. The crust didn't have any "chew" to it-too crispy for me but everyone has different tastes in pizza. Mootz is the other new pizza place in town and we thought they had the better pizza. Overall we'll probably stick with Supinos or Pie-Sci.

Omar Abdallah

These guys know how to make a pizza- makes me think they have a pizza magician in the kitchen, 5 stars either way.