Grandma Bob’s Pizza

2135 Michigan Ave, Detroit
(313) 315-3177

Recent Reviews

Judy Westbrook Elias

This is the best pizza, regular or vegan, and the staff is great!!

Shannon B.

Drove 45 minutes to try this pizza and we were not disappointed! BEST deep dish pizza I have ever had. Daughter said the vegan pizza was amazing. We will definitely be back!! Excellent service too during quarantine. Employee did payment over the phone and safely set our order on a cart outside. No human interaction needed!

Emilee Lopez

Grandma Bob’s is so amazing!! All the vegan options are so worth it. The Caesar salad is delicious & the best one I’ve had in Detroit. As a vegan, I’ve gone without deep dish pizza and I was shocked to find out I could have it at Grandma Bob’s! Great drinks and service is always great.

Tim Aulph

This is not a pizza joint you take your kids to because the flavors would be to overwhelming for most! lol... But definitely a great place to go for delicious and savory Pizzas and cheese breads.

Zima S.

I came here when it first opened, and have been back a few times since then. Everything is delicious; probably some of the best pizza I've had. They have now added Detroit style pizza to the menu. It is a bit heavy on the sauce, which I LOVE, but might not be some peoples' taste. The drinks are good, although not very strong, and a bit pricey. It has communal seating, which can be strange if you have to sit directly next to people that you don't know.

Marina Nunez

Grandma Bob's has our vote for best Vegan pizza! The vegan cheese bread is my personal favorite. I didn't think I'd care for the community style seating but that was in my head, outs no issue ever. The service is nice, & efficient. I say it that way because the room layout requires efficiency. It always seems as though the entire staff is waiting on us which is a nice touch as well. Multiple people check on us, bring us food & drink, &everything is right on time. It is our new favorite place in corktown!

W. John R.

Now that I work in Corktown, I've had the pleasure of checking out some of the local spots. Went with a group and we split three pizzas five ways - it was about the right amount of food at a reasonable price. We also got an order of cheese bread, which at the same price as the pizza sounded like a poor value, but it ended up being delicious. I'd definitely order it again at a slightly cheaper price point. The supreme was the best of the bunch, in my opinion - I loved that fennel sausage and the flavor combinations were great. The Hawaiian was good, but there was something off about the flavor that I can't quite pin down. The pepperoni was okay but a bit boring considering the other options on the menu. The bar looked good but alas as it was a work lunch, I wasn't able to sample any of their cocktails. I didn't get a drink as $3 for a Pepsi is a recipe for me drinking water. I'll definitely go back after I try another new-ish pizza place in the neighborhood for comparison!

Nick Costello

This place is the bomb dot com for everything. Drinks salads cheese bread and pies. Everything is great!!

Ali Chehab

Ordered deep dish pizza. The sauce used was good. The crust was good with nicely done crust. The service could have been better. We sat down, and took about 15 mins to get our glasses of water. Seemed understaffed for a Sunday. Overall it was good. Nice place inside.

Julie Marie

Went for a friends birthday . Amazing pizza and amazing service! Definitely would recommend and definitely will go back!

Nicole E.

Finally making it here on this cold, wet and snowy day. Why do I seem to pick such crappy days to eat out and away from home. Ordered their supreme pizza less the sausage and pepperoni and added artichoke and spinach to it and a Hawaiian pizza, oddly with chorizo instead of ham, no chicken in the back kitchen to customize it the way I would like to make it for my husband, he will like it either way. It's a mellow spot for pizza, seems so chilled, I like it. The 9" gf pizza came out. I have to admit it really didn't look as spectacular as I had thought it would be in my head before coming here. The crust is made from cauliflower crust, it's soft and crunchy at least, it doesn't taste bad, but super bland, some honey would give it more love somehow. I had to try a small piece of the Hawaiian to taste their normal crusts. What a world of difference between their gluten and gluten free crusts. It's like night and day; a sunny and stormy day. The gluten crust is so nice and crispy at the same time chewy. Still haven't had a better GF crust than at Renee's, something with the beans makes the GF crust excellent and doesn't make you miss gluten at all. I don't like it when I feel that I'm being punished and penalized for being gluten free when I go out to eat. The gf crust here at least wasn't rock hard like most places but it needs a bit more love and TLC to make the crust tasty to the last bite of the crust for me. Discarded most of it since it just wasn't carb worthy. The Hawaiian pizza wasn't bad overall. The veggie GF pizza was blah and boring and not so special to me. Guess that's why Bob's my uncle instead.

Paige A.

Amazing pizza and the best Vegan Caesar salad! Favorite is the Doritos pizza and can't even tell it's vegan

Amy DiCarlo

Travelling to Detroit every few months, I always make time to go to Corktown. Grandma Bobs is a must while in that neighbourhood. We came for supper and started with a pretty basic garden salad that was dressed perfectly and really fresh. After that, we split the pepperoni pizza. When you order you can choose if you want it baked in a rectangular pan. Definitely do that. The corner edges turn out super crispy. Excellent place for a night out.

David Salamas

Grandma Bobs pizza was ok. It was really expensive for what it is. We ate lunch and it ended up being about $50 for two adults. The pizza is ok. Nothing to really write home about. In a city with already established pizza places, breaking into the market has to be hard. Grandma Bobs really did not impress me at all. If I want greasy bar pizza, I will go somewhere else and pay half the price!

Lindsey G.

Such a great atmosphere and so many good vegan options. The staff and food are both amazing.

Danny H.

The space is open and tall with unique lighting and a full bar. They also offer Cold Truth ice cream at certain times (rotation of flavors). This place is not cheap, but the ingredients and finished product are quality. The openness makes it a bit chilly during colder months, but if the place fills up that'll fix itself. Spiced Cider Old Fashioned (9/10): The root beer bitters and cider syrup really shine through here. It's a bit sweeter than a traditional make, but this is one detour I'm ok with taking. Will be a staple next holiday season. Cheese Bread w/Marinara (8.5/10): This is some of the best cheese bread around. What's even better is that marinara. The bread is crispy and soft at the same time. I do wish it was bit less greasy, but my partner loves it so it's fine with me. Heads up, it takes a bit longer to make than pizzas so plan accordingly. Big Mack Pizza (10/10): It smells like a Big Mac as they bring it to the table. Plenty of toppings but nothing is overpowering. It all works so well together, down to the sesame crust. We reluctantly saved some to take home for lunch tomorrow, but this pizza could've been cleared in one sitting.

Shannon H.

Honestly some of the best pizza I've had, vegan or not. Almost everything on their menu can be made vegan or is already vegan -- and there are substitutions, not just eliminating ingredients. They also use Violife cheese, so if you're an "I hate vegan cheese Daiya sucks" type of person, then you're in luck! We came here a few weeks ago and then again last week for my birthday... And I could to again right now. So far we've had the Street Beet Doritos Crunch, Big Mack (x2), vegan Supreme, and vegan deep dish veggie (x2, customized). Obviously have also had the vegan cheese bread and the cashew Caesar, because why would you ever turn those down? The pizzas are generous in toppings and they definitely don't skimp on anything. The cheese bread is almost ~ t o o ~ cheesy but that grease pit in your stomach after is just part of the charm. Speaking of charm, the inside of Grandma Bob's is great, as well. And there's a pizza mural, so... Obviously a winner. Don't forget about their cocktails (the Snap Dragon especially) and Cold Truth ice cream in the corner!

Call Me Queen B

Amazing pizza! Service was great. I can’t wait to bring more family and friends back here to try the food. Everyone was such a pleasure and the food was perfect! Thank you for making my experience great! I got the big mack vegan style pizza with vegan cheese bread!!! Both must try options on the menu!

Stacey Turner

I can't say enough good things about Grandma Bob's! Great Pizza. GREAT staff!

Margie S.

We dropped in for pizza around 9 on a Saturday night. We were seated immediately and ordered two pies, and a chaser salad to share. The salad was fantastic with freshly made croutons that were still warm. Both pies were delicious and the service was top notch. We will definitely return soon.

Alex K.

Egads, this place is rich. The pizza, the ice cream from Cold Truth, the aesthetic.. what an addition to Cork Town. My girlfriend and I were here a couple months ago for Street Beet's Lil Babies pop-up, but we and her parents came in a couple days ago to try out their full menu. Before I keep going.. this was probably the best "that person" pizza I've ever had. If not, it's damn close. We each got a vegan caesar, and split a vegan supreme, vegan big mack, and a vegan veggie deep dish pizza. The caesar was nuts. I can promise you no one could tell that boii was vegan -- that violife parmesan is no joke. It's also a pretty nice size for $4. The pizzas were outstanding. Not sure what else to say. The crust is money. I wasn't even aware deep dish was an option here, and I almost wish I hadn't known. It's absolutely worth the longer wait.. but I really don't know which I prefer. But, know it's Detroit-style ... not Chicago-style deep dish. Think Buddy's or Jet's. Don't sleep on Cold Truth in the back corner slinging out some bomb ass ice cream, either. Vegan or not, good luck being able to tell the difference. Anywho -- 12/10. Grandma Bob's is the shit. The prices are borderline cringey, but I've paid more for much less. You will not be disappointed with your meal here.

Kobi Lazenby

Delicious pizza! Great crust and interesting combinations. Will definitely be back!

Mike Juras

Delicious pizza!! We had a great time here. A little small, but it wasnt busy when we went, so we got a table right away. Service was ok. Could have been a little more personable. But this is now our favorite (non-Detroit style) pizza. They have a deep dish available. We'll try it next time. Mmmmm.

Khalid Abdo

Pretty cool place, good pizza. The red sauce tasted a little like ketchup, but the dough was pretty good.

Christine H.

The pizza dough tasted so good! The server ssidnits because it's fermented for 3 days instead of 1. I tried just a slice of the pepperoni, but I'll definitely be back to try it again. $4 shots are also highly appealing!

Sunil A.

Ah pizza. So simple, so complicated. Why is it you can eat one pie and it tastes like taking a small bite out of heaven and then you sit down to another one and it tastes like - what I would imagine - suckling on Satan's toes is like. Luckily in the case of Grandma Bob's it's one thousand percent the former and not the latter. For me there are two main parts to a great pizza: 1. The dough 2. The sauce While toppings always can make a difference, they are far too variable to include as a true benchmark of a good pizza. Pick high quality toppings that you like, and that part of the dish is done. So what's left? Dough and sauce. In the case of the GB's, they do a great job on both. The sauce is flavorful, with a touch of sweetness and touch of tangy. What I really enjoyed was the dough though, in particular the crust. It was sweet, full of flavor and the right combination of chewy and crisp. I can't wait to come back and try some other flavor combinations. I did mark it down one star though, and that was for their salad. Granted it was just a house salad and nothing of great should be expected of a house salad, but still, very underwhelming. Really it would be just a quarter star deduction, but Yelp! doesn't allow for that. So don't worry about that too much. Anyway, as far as pepperoni and cheese pizzas go, I would definitely recommend it. *also added a pic for Cold Truth, who has moved in to share the location. Had vegan ice cream and it was fantastic. Creamy, smooth and flavorful. Would never guess it wasn't real dairy.

Mallory Goguen

My boyfriend is an avid meat lover and devoured the vegetarian big mac pizza. Great crust, tomato sauce, and cheese overall. A ton of vegan and vegetarian options, which is always great to see.

Claudia K.

Hipster AF in the best way. Tasty pizza (chewy, bubbly crust). Interesting food options, hip decor, not too stuffy. I had the Street Beet vegan Dorito Crunch pizza (with a couple substitutions because I'm high maintenance like that) and it was SO GOOD. I had a bottle of tasty amber beer while I waited, as grabbed some Cold Truth vegan ice cream for the road. I'll def be back here for date night. There's one (small-ish) dining room with communal tables and a long bar rail. Overall, the restaurant was nicer than I thought it would be. I half expected a hole in the wall and was pleasantly surprised by the hip, peaceful vibes. There were a handful of couples sharing a za, and a few people at the bar with a glass of wine and a book. I def think Sunday night was a great time to miss the crowds, because with limited seating, I bet it goes on a wait pretty quickly. Highly recommend. My ONLY ask is that they consider getting draft beer at some point, only because draft beer and pizza are soooo good together, but that's it. I'm so pumped to go back.

Stone Z.

Went here originally to check out Cold Truth, a pop up that features vegan soft serve. Surprised to find out they have vegan pizza at this location too. It's definitely high end gourmet stuff. I've gotten a $4 veggie Parm slice before and an $18ish big moc personal pizza. I'm really into gourmet pizzas so I splurge. They were both pretty good! Definitely pricey though, I don't think I'll order again unless they come up with a new flavor to try. Pretty noisy place, very busy which is good. There are a couple picnic tables out back.

Nadia M.

Fun and cute. Great service. The pizza was okay, and the menu didn't have any side offerings besides salad. It's very specific and won't cater to everyone.

Kent Butler

I will say that I was skeptical of the pizza could live up to the hype, and I gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised how fricken tasty they can make a cheese pizza and a pepperoni pizza! I was in a group of five and we all ordered something different and we all left delighted by the experience. The quality of the pizza shines through with every bite, the service was absolutely solid through and through, and I know it's a separate entity but I need to mention how delicious the I've cream is! I visited on a windy cold October day and people were specifically coming in just for ice cream!

Emmanuel Callahan

The pizza was delicious. Truly a more high end pizza. We had the sausage and pistachio pizza.. Amazing! They also have vegan options to!

Rachel Banados

Pretty good pizza, quick and nice service. Vegan options. Separate ice cream shop inside restaurant (vegan options as well).

Mara W.

Amazing!!! We ordered the Hawaiian pizza and loved it!! I have never liked Hawaiian pizza something with warm fruit. Lolol however this pizza was amazing!! The flavor, the ingredients, the sauce, the crust all so delicious! They all come 12inches, 6 slices. I wasn't full when we left but satisfied. I ordered a drink, Artifactry Sour, pretty tasty!! We can't wait to go back and try another pizza!! The design of the building is cool too. Love the ceiling, lightening, chairs and table. Dope style!

Joy J.

Terrible is all I can was burnt, crust was hard, bottom was flat and like cardboard, left burnt taste in you mouth. When it was served I said to the server that it looked burnt, he said if it's not to you liking we can remake it... then he never came back! We ate it because we were really hungry and didn't have more time. I was so looking forward to going here, gotta say very disappointing.

Becki K.

Pizza was very good. Bourbon was cheap and tasty. Wine was fine. I guess I didn't realize it was also a carryout place so it was kind of meh having pizza boxes all over the bar. and the music was straight out of the late 70's which wasn't great either

Stacey H.

Good pizza. Love they have vegan options. Tables are community style. Small sitting area. Ice cream for sale in the area in the back. Food came fairly quickly and service was great! We lucked up with parking in front but all parking is paid parking.

Jason B.

I've been really wanting to try this place since I saw it got a lot of rave and a lot of good press. I had a friend visiting from Canada and originally I was going to take them to Green Dot but instead I said hey are you up for pizza instead? She said should was. So I turned around to head towards Grandma Bob's. So we walked in and they pretty much said we can sit anywhere which in reality it was more like a community table kind of setting for you to sit down. Not typically my style of sitting since I'm more like being alone with the person I'm hanging out with and have a conversation but I said sure. A waiter handed us a menu and my friend and I start looking it over and not much of a menu yet. They only have a few different pizzas that you can choose from and you can't create your own. There was only a couple pizzas that to me were even triable as a standard of pizza. They have a pizza that has figs on it and that did not sound appealing to me at all and even one with pistachio and to a point when are you leaving the realm of actual pizza and turning into some weirdness. We went with just the pepperoni one which was still a little odd because they put honey on it. But I will say it was still actually really good pizza and I really enjoyed it. I really wish they had like sides that we could've got or appetizers but it's OK it seems like they are still trying to figure out what kind of place they are. You could get ice cream while here but that's more of a dessert than anything. Personally for myself I don't think I will come back here anytime soon just because I feel like they need some time to figure out what they will do with their menu on maybe trying to get more traditional pizza or even have a create your own pizza for someone who doesn't want to try a lot of what they had on pizza since in my opinion it doesn't become pizza anymore when you're getting into the realm of putting figs and pistachios on pizza. But I will say the building was very clean and the staff was very polite. The concept might work for some people enjoying this but for me I will stick with the other pizza places I enjoy in the city.

Natalie Faust

Excellent, unique pizzas. Strong, tasty drinks. Friendly service at the bar, we sat there both times we have been. Excited to explore more of the menu. Definitely would recommend to people interested in trying a spin on a classic pie. They don’t offer many plain or simple pizzas, so if you just want a pepperoni this might not be the place for you.

Noah Bradley

This place has phenomenal pizza. Exceeded my expectations in a major way. Well done all. Detroit Style in particular was amazing.