Lafayette Coney Island

118 W Lafayette Blvd, Detroit
(313) 964-8198

Recent Reviews

Jose Baldonado

Seriously don't understand the draw here. But people love it so had to try it. For what it's worth I do prefer this one over the competition. Hot dog is better and more flavorful. But again, to me it's just ok.

Kirk Jopowicz

One star deduction as the place hasn’t been cleaned in 30+ years and the bathroom needs some DDT to get those mosquitoes out.If you want something good that doesn’t change, this place is it! It hasn’t been renovated or painted in 30+years either.Hot dogs with a snap, chili that fills the mouth topped with zesty mustard and chopped onions. You have to add their hot sauce for a perfect coney. Get a loose meat coney too and skip the fries as that just takes up room that could go to the above.Topping it off is having your order screamed across the room in a Turkish accent and seeing the verbal fight that invariably follows.Pure bliss.

Dan Toffolo

This place will always be a quality standard for me. I love it.

Donny Parker

This was our first time in Detroit and we were told that we had to try Lafayette Coney.They did not disappoint. The food came out very fast and hot. Definitely a great experience

B. Smith

This is the center of the universe for Coney Islands in Detroit. A must do if you are from out of town, or just in the area. I've been here a hundred times or more and never disappointed. Whether it's the clientele, or the excellent service and good Coney food. This is a place to keep going back


This institution was just down the street from my hotel. If you want a good hot dog this is your place, if you want an experience, this is also your place. Service is minimal but good.

Kashmira Mehta

Good dogs and fries. Line was a bit long but it was a Friday night! Place was a little unclean but loved the fact that it had not been modernized, including the cash register!

Emmett T.

I haven't been to this downtown Detroit institution in several years. They used to be a 24/7 operation, but the hours have been cut back because of the pandemic and the subsequent worker shortage. The prices have also naturally increased from what I had remembered (i.e. a coney for $2). The seating and atmosphere were more of an old school diner than their next door rival. I placed my order at the service counter and then sat on a stool at the adjacent countertop. The two coney islands with chili, mustard, and diced onions were brought to me within a minute as the staff has an extremely fast process to assemble these hot dogs. The frankfurter had a really good snap to it with the natural casing. The chili was savory but not too salty. I think it tastes better than that of the neighboring competitor which is why Lafayette gets four stars from me.

Nova wright

Seems like a place that been in town a long time. They have plenty of awards on the wall for best food in town. It's two older men inside operating the restaurant, one making the food and one serving and taking orders. It's small inside so maybe difficult to get a large party in to eat. The coney was ok, I would prefer more chili and cheese. They skimp on the toppings. I also had the chili cheese fries. The chili taste like "Castleberry hotdogs chili" .... the hotdogs has a sausage and hotdogs flavor. ??


Living in Brooklyn, NY and never having heard of a coney dog, we were intrigued to try the Coney dog from Lafayette Coney Island as well as the place next door. We both agreed that Lafayette had the better dog. The chili had more flavor, the mustard was not overpowering and the bun was not too soft. Definitely the winner for best coney dog!

Sean M.

Great service. Cool old timey atmosphere. Dudes shouting coney orders across the restaurant. Also, this is the better of the two big coney spots.

Douglas H.

A Detroit staple! Ordered two coneys and an order of chili fries. Absolutely decadent and delicious. So glad I got to experience Lafayette Coney Island. From the food to the servers carrying a full arms length of coneys to the eclectic mix of loyal patrons, I enjoyed every second of my experience. A must do if you are in Detroit!

Duane Roseborough

Lafayette Coney is the best Chili Dog I have ever had. The snap on the dog is excellent, it is bursting with flavor. The chili is smooth it goes well with the dog, not over powering, and the mustard adds a tarty taste that melds well.I tried American and it just don’t compare and American is tasty, but Lafayette is Excellent!!!Every time I am in Detroit this is a must Stop.If you like chili dogs then you got to go to Lafayette, The best Period!!

Mitch P.

I grew up in Detroit but moved away about 40 years ago and was back over Memorial Day weekend with 7 friends from Los Angeles, telling them that we had to have a hot dog at Lafayette Coney Island. So, we finally went one afternoon and everything was pretty much how I remembered it, with the server, who said he was there for 40 years, coming to the table, taking the orders (we all had a Coney Dog except one was "without" and drinks and one order of fries for the table. As I remembered, and they had never experienced at any restaurant before, the server yelled out our order and was back in less than a few minutes with all the food, which everyone said they enjoyed. The main difference from what I had remembered was that they take credit cards now and didn't back in the day, but everything else was very much the same and it was fun reliving the past good times and turning people on to an iconic Detroit restaurant that they enjoyed.

Mike D.

Still my favorite Coney spot in the city. Was down there to do the official taste vs the guys next door. It was a Wednesday at 3:12pm and the other guys closed at 3?!?! So Lafayette is still the undisputed champion. Best chili, great dogs and still use the shredded cheese on the chili cheese fries.

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