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474 Peterboro St, Detroit

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We ordered fries chat and momos. Chicken momos was served with green and white chutney. Momos was good in taste but chutney was not to the expectations. Veggie momos was also not so good. We also ordered panned and fried momos but stemmed one was best. And I forgot to mention, fries chat was something different and tasty. Don’t expect the regular red hot chutney we get with momos at other restaurants .The place was crowded and the blowers keep blowing air over the head which was little uncomfortable.

Ma H

Good dumplings. The chicken they use in the curry is consistently a mess. A chewy quartered chickenbreast. Their foods otherwise are good, but the cooks must be vegetarians

S D.

Amazing veggie momos. The paneer makhani was also very good . My kid loved it . We will be back to try rest of the menu

Jacob B.

My first experience with nepalese food, so I could be a little off-base, but... Veggie dumpling stuffing is mediocre. The green chutney tastes storebought or a little worse. ‍

Ma J

Good dumplings. The chicken they use in the curry is consistently a mess. A chewy quartered chickenbreast. Their foods otherwise are good, but the cooks must be vegetarians

Adrianne B.

The highlight of my trip to Detroit Shipping Company! I ordered the 4 pc of each type of momo/dumpling: vegetarian, pork, and chicken. I picked a different prep style for each, and got the mint cilantro, tamarind, and tomato dipping sauces. Easy ordering interface online, you get a text when your order is fulfilled and ready for pickup. Of the three styles, I wasn't in love with the deep fried. It was just too much crunch and competed with the flavor of the filling. The pan fried and steamed iterations were the best- excellent texture, highlighted the dough and the filling. Ranked, chicken was the best, then pork, then the veggie a close third. Of the sauces, the mint cilantro was supreme. I want to drink it and bathe in it. 12 large dumplings total for under $20 with tax and tip, definitely a decent deal. I'll definitely come back to try the rest of the menu!

Alex T.

Upon my first visit to Detroit Shipping Co. I was expecting your typical variety from a food hall based on places I have been to in other cities. I was pleasantly surprised to see Nepalese food. Having never had Nepalese food before, I figured I'd give Momo Cha a try. A variety of fillings, combined with a variety of preparation styles makes it easy to try more than one. I went with steamed and pan fried dumplings of chicken and port. For dipping sauces, I went with a spicy sauce (which I believe has since been taken off the menu). It was HOT, but awesome. It was a slow ramp-up from moderate heat to lava (which for me is something like Bdubs Wild Sauce). Excellent and I will definitely get them again the next time I'm there.

Joe Z

excellent veggie samosa. the veggie dumplings were OK. probably should try them deep fried. the red and green chutney were also satisfying

J Garcia

The momo was average. The butter chicken was delicious. The spot reminds me of a market place. It has indoor/outdoor patio bar.-seating as well. Parking is ten dollars. I got lucky and found a loading spot and parked for 20min.

Tess S.

Their dumplings were the highlight of my smorgasbord lunch at Detroit Shipping Company. I also had the samosas, which were very good. I liked 2 out of 3 sauces (the green and the brown). Worth a visit, the line was short and I could see staff prepping dumplings in the open kitchen! Very cool.

Kashyap Sigdel

Review from a Nepali here - I can confirm they do a good job with their momos.

Ryan Pakula

We really wanted it to be better but..... nope. We got dumplings and they were fine, but that's it. The space it's in is super cool so there's that.

Steve L.

Let me just say, I'm blown away by this place. Besides their food being some of the best that I have ever had, their customer service is unmatched, especially when it comes to online ordering. One time their samosas weren't available on the website, and I called asking if they still had them. "Oh sorry about that, it'll be back up shortly", and 5 minutes later it was. They close at 9pm and turn off their website ordering at 8:30. I've (very rarely) called at 8:45 asking if they could squeeze in one more quick order, and you know what? They did. This place has earned a lifelong customer from me.

Sara G.

Dissapointed ..Personally I feel the flavor needs to b kicked up a few notches..esp in the veg momo..more ginger maybe. The wrapper was on point..and what is a momo place without an amazing momo chutney..sauces r a lil weak..wanted to really love this place. Taipei frozen potstickers r more flavorful..have had the opportunity to have momos in Tibet, Nepal n India..its the chutney n filling that makes the momo lipsmacking..maybe for our western palate its subdued..not happy posting this review. PS..did not try the hot sauce...maybe that's what I was missing!

Timothy C.

I love this place! Very flavorful and delicious food. The pan fried pork momo were off the chain! I had a side of hot sauce and boy, they were extremely hot. Not many people would like that but I love extreme level of heat. Might even ask if they sell a bottle of it? We devoured all 10 in seconds, next time I will order 20 instead! I also order Makhani aka butter chicken. I've eaten tons of butter chicken and this is one of the best Makhani I ever tasted. Very unique, perfect amount of spice and sweetness. I love the cashew flavor. Big chunky chicken too, a bit on the dry side but very delicious nonetheless. Will definitely be going here again for more pork momos!

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