Scotty Simpson's Fish & Chips

22200 Fenkell Ave, Detroit
(313) 533-0950

Recent Reviews

Gerard Golembiewski

Had a pick up order from the famous Scotty Simpson. The absolutely worst fish dinner yet it seem as though someone has taken to slicing the fish thin as Browns was doing to cut cost and we see how that worked out. This order of fish and chips was not only greasy but soggy also the fries we like they weren’t cooked so soggy and nasty unable to eat. Yes that bad. Please don’t reply with we’re sorry about your experience because this is the second time for this to happen the bun was good. That about all that was to eaten. It’s sad because I’ve been told and heard what a great place that is fir a fish dinner. Times change.

Samantha Francis

I got cod & shrimp and it was delicious. Crispy n flavorful!!! The tartar sauce was so good and the coleslaw. Only 4/5 because I thought the fries were so so. I'll definitely be back still!

Michael Vartoogian

Fish and shrimp were excellent. The coleslaw is the Best ever. Very cozy,real good service.


Got a to go, which the little feller working there said we'd rather you eat here, but to go is fine. It was so good, my brain demanded my hand to feed my mouth on the drive home. It was packed so that was also a telltale sign this was the place to be.

Brian Shaffer

By far the best fish and chips around. Fantastic food and service. And Scotty even comes to the table to make sure everything is good. Not too many gems like this around anymore.

Junebug G.

Heard a lot about this place and decuded to make the drive and check them out! Ordered the cod and fries. It was pretty good and came with slaw and fries. Crispy batter and thick! The staff was friendly and the service was great! Its a bit of a dive resturant and has a vintage old nautical charm to it. Would suggest checking them out!

A T.

Delicious fish & chips great atmosphere wonderful pie will be returning.

Steve P.

2 stars for the food but 4 for the people. Honestly, I'm not sure what the fuss is about. To me, the fish and chips were nothing special. The batter was nice and thin and cooked perfectly. However, the size of the fish was deceptive. Cutting into it revealed it was puffed up by trapped air (strange, I know). The problem was the fillet itself was very thin--in fact, hard to find inside. I assumed they use cod, but it just wasn't the fillet I'd expect or hope for. Sides include fries (crispy but not really hot), cole slaw (very greenish but quite tasty) and a sad dinner roll that comes from straight out of a bag. The employees are all very friendly and attentive, as are the people eating there. Lots of parking and a friendly security man nearby.

Audrey M.

Disappointed. After watching a television spot on this restaurant, we were eager to try. The fish, frog legs and shrimp were very, very greasy! The flavor was bland although it looked appetizing. The coleslaw was rather dry and we were glad that we had coleslaw dressing at home. The lemons, however, were good and fresh. Also, during times where most businesses will only accept cards, this establishment does not accept any.

kathy bruggeman

Excellent fish and chips and coleslaw.

Armando Cervantes

I really loved their food and customer service, good location nearby to my house. The staff members are always welcoming. Will come visit again.

Bill Croitori

The fish and chip a very good a clam chowder was good the waitress was very friendly and very helpful it's a quaint place it's more like an old fashioned and I have a security guard out there we had a wonderful time

Ronald Silverberg

I lived around the corner on Rockdale many years ago and looked forward to a fish dinner at least once a week. Never on Friday, I remember the line out the door all the way to the alley, an employee wold go along themail line taking names and to go orders, by the time you got in the door your order would be ready, most of the time. Incredible place.

Sam S.

Went here for the first time to see what the hype was about. The decor was old and run down. The fish tasted good but very little meat and mostly thick greasy batter. Just not what it was hyped up to be. They need to use bigger pieces of fish and lay off the batter, feel like I swallowed a lump of oil. Also, the carryout I ordered were just paper plates stacked on top of each other placed in a paper bag, they don't use proper take out boxes. So if you buy like 4 dinners, expect each dinner to be in paper plate (with another plate on top to cover it) stacked on top of each other in a large paper bag, I thought thats pretty jacked up, like how are you supposed to share a carry out with others if it's all combined like that, they should use proper take out boxes for each dinner, all the food was mashed sitting on top of each other.

J. R.

I've only heard about this place until this weekend. I wouldn't say I'm an expert but I've had many peoples version of fish and chips. This place brought it closer to home for me. I'm originally from Toronto and there isn't a shortage of good English style fish and chips places there. I'll definitely go back again. Biggest drawback was cash and check only.

Ken Waddington

Worth the drive, worth the wait! I've been going here for more than 50 years and this time was as good as the first! Prices are great too!

Mary O.

Tried this place finally after years of knowing about it and all the talk that the fish was the best, they were spot on best fried i have ever had, fish very tasty, my husband loved the onion rings too, they don't charge extra to switch from fries to the onion rings which a nice surprise, I just wish they were located in a better area.

Terry J.

Finally got to try this place. Ordered the clam chowder which was amazing. Then the classic Fish and Chips with shrimp. All I can say is that it lives up to the hype. It's more the crunch style that I like instead of the breaded. The waitress we had was on top of it. Waters, tarter sauce, lemonade... nothing went empty. When I first arrived my impression was of wondering why they have not updated the place. But by the time I left and got to see how the staff interacted with their regular customers, I wouldn't change a thing. If you want fish and chips it is definitely the place to go. Loved it.

Disguy Iknow

The established neighborhood eatery with a loyal following. Good fish and chips and shrimp. If you're serious about your ish and chips it's worth a visit. Bring back as NO credit cards are accepted. I usu. Spend $13-$15 per person n when I grab carryout. Warm staff and family operated.

Earl Aguinaldo

Surely a place worth stopping by, the food is excellent and well prepared, the pricing is reasonable and it is always clean here. Kudos.

margaret smith

Best fish & chips anywhere! Flown in fresh daily. Siblings gather from the old neighborhood.

JustNet Junior

I've been eating here since I was in the womb! I love this place! Best comfort food in Brightmoor- I'll eat here until I'm dead... it's still the same, incredibly delicious every single time!


You can find better fish, better people or a more satisfying place to eat. It feels like you step back in time when eating there and it’s a good time! Please never change!!

Jeff Anderson Sr.

great fish same as back in the 60's and 70's

Joanna C.

BEST FISH FRY EVERRRRR Nicest people! Rachel was wonderful! Homemade pies were delicious! Left with a container of fudge for $4 that's homemade in house!!! They close at 8pm, so we were there at 6:30pm for a quick dinner. There was a table occupied when we walked in, and 3 more families walked in during our dinner. The fish is seasoned, battered, and fried PERFECTLY. It was a perfect amount of food (I thought about ordering another order of fish, but am glad I didn't as I would've been too full after)! Definitely worth the trip!

Martin Torres

Okay hands down best fish & chips I have ever had. I have had them everywhere and this place tops it all. The atmosphere and decor is perfect and the wait staff is too. Our waitress Jayn was excellent and so friendly. Go there. You wont be sorry.

Robert Zulu

Historical place to eat. Great fish and chips, excellent home made coleslaw your sure to love. A must place to visit.

Eldwin L.

This place is a gem amongst a Dying Breed. Any place that still has their bathroom in the kitchen and is still clean enough to be in business is just doing something right for the decades this place has been around LOL. The owner still has so much pride in his restaurant he works it everyday with his family . Hands down 100% you come here for the batter and the freshness of this fish that is flown in and never Frozen it is by far the best fish in the entire city of Detroit the shrimp is probably second-best and I'm not going to lie pan-seared seared garlic butter Cod isn't half-bad either. And I will have to say if you're trying to come here during lent without getting here early then you are probably going to have better luck getting a seat at the Last Supper then you are getting a seat in this packed establishment!!!! . It has a way of making you feel like home. The Ambiance is flat-out genuine and should never be changed. The place has so much class they still have a Hitching Post Outback for the police mounted horses to come have lunch!! . Whether you're getting here on two legs or four legs it's worth the effort.

Keith Forsythe

Soooo dam good! It has tasted EXACTLY THE SAME for the many many years I have been going here. Highly recommend you trying it if you have never been here. Bring cash.

Sherry Lehrke

Grandparents from Scotland took me here as a kid. Still same authentic taste... gotta add the vinegar and salt and wash it down with a ginger beer

Terri McRight

I can't believe they are still there. Great food and friendly service. I used to walk there with my parent's every Friday night for fish dinner.

Dean Raudabaugh

The fish smelled very off. The food was decent, but I watched the server pick up multiple pieces with bare hands. I won't be back. Also, they only take cash (not a complaint, just an observation).

Dana Kelly

This was probably the best fish and chips I’ve ever had in my entire life I would recommend it every single person I’ve ever met

Detroit Al

I'm ashame to say that I've lived within miles of this place and driven by here for years and never stopped and tried the food; I truly apologize. Simply put the food was DELICIOUS. I ordered shrimp only, fish & chips and the clam chowder and it surpassed everything you would believe about a fish & chip joint in Brightmoore. I'm telling you now, if you're ever in the area you gotta stop in and see how they get down at Scotty's. I'll definitely be back for more!

Trajan Centers

This place is AMAZING! Family owned for decades and it SHOWS! The fish is phenomenal, the hospitality is top notch, and there is a guard outside to watch your car while you eat and walk you to your vehicle if you like. Highly recommend you travel to give this place your business, lots of people do so. It's worth it.

Crystal Harrison

100% amazing. Every single thing about this place makes me happy and i love coming here. Check them out. You will NOT be disappointed.

priya iyer

A small local place that is now owned by someone who started there as a busboy . Menu is simple and not fancy but food is alright. Friendly service and I was happy to see a constant stream of local traffic

Mitzi Lawrence

If you're looking for authentic fish and chips THIS is the place! Scotty's used to be an every Friday dinner event when I was growing up two blocks away. Don't let the neighborhood scare you off - best fish and chips this side of the pond. It should be noted that the owner has been with the restaurant for the last 50 years! Food cannot be beat.

P Macfarlane

I eat very little fried food anymore, but on those occasions I'm craving fish and chips, there's only one place I go, Scotty's. Great neighborhood joint. Quality ingredients, great fish, charming staff.

Sean McCartney

Heather. Made our visit perfect. Fish and shrimp combo was terrific. Lived in the D for 20 years and had somehow never been here before. Will be back each and every visit back to the city.