Scotty Simpson's Fish & Chips

22200 Fenkell Ave, Detroit
(313) 533-0950

Recent Reviews

Tom K.

Scotty Simpson's Fish and Chips is without a doubt the best fish and chips in the Detroit Metro area. Last night we had the fried perch. It was tastefully lightly battered and fried. You actually tasted the perch not the batter. A little bit of the tartar sauce added the right touch.

Adam Lawson

Kind of expensive but it truly is some of the best fish in the Detroit area. Cash only for a cod dinner, low chance of disappointment. Highly recommended!

Bonnie Ray Querro

Been there forever. Best place ever to get fish and chips. Nothing fancy. Great staff.

Sarunas Mingela

Haven't been to Scottys since I retired. Before that I was a regular. Nothing has changed in 10 years. Excellent fish and chips. I'll be a regular again.


Heard this place was one of the best for fish and chips. Unfortunately I must have come on old oil day cause the fish & chips were darker like they would be extra crispy but it was soggy and saturated with oil. I gave 2 stars instead of one cause once I got the soggy batter off the fish was ok.

Dameion Dobson

Dine in and carry out. They have Cod and Perch. The perch has bones in it. It was my first time there so they let me try a piece of cod and it was crispy and good. The perch was good. Would've been better without bones, but still good. Next time I'll try the cod if I'm in the area again.

Kathy Davidson

We had a great meal; we both got the fish and chips ( the fish was sooooo delicious!), which comes with some of the best coleslaw I've ever eaten! I didn't even look at the menu, as my dining companion advised me on what he was sure I'd enjoy. He was so right! (thank you, Honey) Our waitress was amazing and on her A-game the entire time we were in there. If you're ever in the area, go and give yourself a taste treat!

Kenyatta Hillman

Great Food. Our waitress was amazing.

Marilyn Hoosier

I did not like the food. I am giving this place a 1 star b/c as I was leaving out he the owner called me back and told me that he wanted to put up a confederate flag and asked me what did I think about it. He in all fairness said his family thought he should not he said he wanted to be sensitive to blacks or at least understand us. Whatever! Anyway, we had a lengthy conversation about it and I left. It just lets me know that we still have a long way to go.

Randy Hargraves

Yo dont know what you dont know, once you know Scotty Simpson's fish no other will do. You will come back again and again. Fresh Atlantic fish flown in daily. Secret batter and everything is home made.


Once you reconcile the restaurant & food to the neighborhood you have to go to, the rest is easy. Ordered perch, fish and chips, and chowder. Chowder had potatoes that need a bit longer on the stove. Good fish across the board.

Pamela Hansen

Delicious food and excellent staff. Wonderful atmosphere and the prices are affordable. I love their drinks.

Jim S.

This is the best food ever! We go here every chance we get, great pies Saturday, cheese cake and coconut cream, and he does a pretty good grilled cheese says my son. Good job Harry!

Ingramar Miller

This place was chosen to replace an old fried fish establishment of hours that closed many years ago. Initially it did not disappoint, because the fish was great and the server was very, very nice. I took my boss on a subsequent visit, and they had a different person on the fryer. I'm not sure if she was responsible, or if the prep people were, but the fish was extremely salty on that visit. We had a different waitress and she was crabby. I'm planning another visit soon to break the tie.

Ted Mark

We ate at Scotty's on July seventh. Ordered the $10.90 three piece fish dinners. We were served a couple of small pieces of fish with each dinner. I couldn't believe it. I've eaten here before, and never been cheated like this. It's the first time I have left a restaurant hungry. If they try to cheat you, refuse the order. I complained on their Webb site & they don't respond. I will not be returning, especially in that devastated neighborhood.

Samantha B.

First time here and everyone who works here is so great. It was my friend's birthday and they sang to her. The food is AMAZING and the prices are fair. Must try.

Ted M.

We ate at Scotty's on 7/11/19. Ordered the three piece dinners. What we were served was a 2"x2" piece of fish. Underneath it was a nugget of fish. The amount of fish on both plates would equal one good size piece of fish. If they short you on your portion of fish, refuse it. I complained on their Webb site, and they never responded. I guess they plan to get rich by cheating people on their portions. I was amazed because I have eaten here numerous times, and this is the first time I left hungry.

Kayla Cockrel

Best fish and chips, lots of history in the neighborhood when you're here you feel like it's something really special.

Ken Mosier

best fish and chips around. great staff and very friendly atmosphere

Tabitha Johnson

Have been here a hand full of times with my husband who grew up with this place. Always a friendly staff and excellent food.

Chris Moore

Great portions hot and the conversation to talk to someone who has done anything for 50 years is a blessing, still taste the same

Edgar Miranda

Seafood and the atmosphere here is great. Super delicious. Food and atmosphere reminds me of Atlanta.

Jan Wood

Fish awesome chips bad. Worst service we have ever received in over 50 years of family going there. Waitress was not polite when asked for refill n disappeared. After waiting 20 minutes for bill she said she put on table. N did not got very rude about that

Bethany Cooper

Really lovely fish and chips. Staff are very friendly and very welcoming. Place is very clean and staff very attentive, with a smile. Thank you for making our holiday that bit special

Al Twochecks

excellent fish and fries!!

Nicole Graca

Good fish place. The owner has a great personality. Friendly staff. We go as a large group once a year and are always well taken care of.

Marianne Trombley

Small independent fish and chips place in a declining Detroit neighborhood. Great food. Been in business 69 years. Always busy especially Fridays during Lent.

Dawn Wenderski

Great food, fast service, and good price. Ordered carry-out and it was ready in no time. Big meals.

Ron W

Heard of Scotty Simpsons Fish and Chips on a Michigan travel show on PBS. Accolades and superlatives, all well deserved, on the show so it became 'must do' when we were in Detroit.You have seen all the rave reviews other have written about this place so I won't attempt to best them but believe all as my experience supports them all. The food is wonderful !Yes the neighborhood isn't the 'Upper East Side in the Big Apple' but don't let that keep you away.The Fry Master has been there since he was 19 and he is 60 something now. Not quite so long for the other staff but many are long there too.Go early, we were there at 4:45 and beat the rush, were seated right away but the place was full even at that early dinner hour.

Michael S

My new favorite fish place when in the Detroit area. Fish was fresh and cooked to perfection. Homemade onion rings were just as good. Staff was friendly and attentive. Prices are down to earth.

Greer Darst

Northwest Detroit legend; huge following. Great staff! People return to the neighborhood from far and wide for the best fish and chips; heavenly onion rings. The coleslaw is perfection! Stepping through the door is like stepping into the 1960's when it originally opened. Wonderful to see a restaurant still committed to the city of Detroit while many have left. A small business that deserves support; when we crave fish & chips this is our go to place!

Debbie Dishon

We finally checked another restaurant off our list. We met some friends there today for lunch. The service was great , our waitress was very pleasant. We all tried different combos and the food was fabulous.

Victoria Langenstein

Cash only!

Andrew P.

If you are looking for your classic fish and chips this is your place. The cod is fresh, hand battered, delicious and flaky. The fries are cooked perfectly in a different fryer so it does not taste like fish. Just remember cash only!

Linda V

First visit to Scotty Simpson's but it won't be our last! Food was fantastic, Rachel the waitress was wonderful (and she makes homemade cream pies on Fridays), and Scotty was welcoming: what a special little place this is!


I am not sure why there are high reviews for this place. As soon as you walk in the smell of fish hits you in the face. We had their best seller fish and chips for $10.95. All I can say is GREASE!The cold slaw was bland and the French fries were also greasy with no seasoning. I can understand you want to keep the nostalgia but the ceiling tiles were black from years of smokers. Not at all appealing.This can't be the best place in Detroit for fish and chips!

Kathie W.

If your looking for really tasty fish & chips then this is the place to go. Prices are reasonable and the service is fast and friendly.

Ari L.

Great family owned fish and chips spot try the Shrimp!! Its great too!! In and out cash only .. great food good service Friday they have home made pies !! Yumm

Amariah Ezra Ben Israel

It's awesome if you like fish in batter. Their fish and chips is what they're famous for. I've heard they use cornmeal on their perch. I don't remember seeing a huge selection of fish..they also serve shrimp I don't eat shrimp so can't share that experience..

Fred B.

Scotty Simpson's Fish & Chips what can I say this place has the best fish and chips dessert and tiny little glasses of ice water and lemonade that I have ever had. The fried shrimp is delicious the wait staff is lovely..... the owner is just plain cool thank you Scotty Simpson's serving the great city of Detroit for as long as you have!