Ludington Grill

1110 Ludington St, Escanaba
(906) 553-7778

Recent Reviews

Alexandria Willis

Food was amazing...staff was also anazing..

Cindy Lieburn Dovnik

awesome waitress and excellent food

Joe Fain

I had spicy Italian sandwich that was the bomb very good the service was good good mixed drinks also

Judy Webb

Small town jewel! Whitefish for lunch was perfect. Moist and hot. Fries were white hot. Wonderful salad included. Restaurant was spotless and great ac. Service was perfect.

Yakov Rozenberg

Delicious food with very good service.

Andy P.

Food was good, service was not a very pleasant experience. The Turkey Sandwich I ordered with Bourbon Glaze and cheese was very tasty and presented well from the kitchen. Food and kitchen staff get 5 stars. As for service, I sat at the bar and the bartender was very sterile and not very personable. No greeting, didn't check on how I liked the food, and I and the couple in their 50's at the table behind the bar could have done without the bartender asking a server "Did you puke last night?" with a response of "Yep all over his shoes". Doesn't exactly bode well for a pleasant dining experience. Maybe this place is good for carry out as I've had better service at fast food drive thru's. While she did recommend a great sandwich and beer I would not come back to dine in.

Paul Albrant

Good food, good service! Nice atmosphere!

Brooke Squair

I understand they were short staffed like everywhere but the cheese potato soup was cold, didn't seem heated at all. My dinner, salmon & rice, was good but cold as well.

Eric Diels

Great place very open and comfortable didnt feel were packed in the menu items were decent and the staff was very sweet our waitress had to have been very busy we waited on her a little, but another waitress jumped in and sropped off kids coloring book and crayons and even gave my little Nephew 50ç to buy a toy from a toy dispenser just to keep him occupied lol. I really wish I caught her name she was so generous and even had her own customers, but took time when she could to help us out!!

Barbara Herzog

Excellent restaurant! The owner is a amazing person. We were in Escanaba for a wedding and found this place and would highly recommend. Excellent service, food and very clean. We love Karey!!! Our waitress was excellent!!

Lisa B.

Find somewhere else to spend your money...the food was ok at best and the service was terrible. We waited an hour before the waitress /bar tender took our order and they weren't even busy. What really sealed the deal for a bad review was two other tables that came after us ordered and finished their meals before we even were given the chance to order..... and the draft beer was flat.

Laura L.

Very slow food delivery Yummy chicken cashew strawberry salad and boursin Turkey sandwich on ciabatta bun. The waitress is kind but the delivery takes way too long, not just for us but other tables near us were complaining too. Fair price, kid friendly, when you walk in you're in the bar, then seat yourself in the dinning area


Great food and best bang for your buck! Quick service. Really nice atmosphere. Ordered the chicken Ceasar wrap and was very satisfied. The chicken tenders for kids were perfect for the kids.


Decent place that needs some more staff it seems. We went on a Wednesday night and it wasn't extremely busy so there was only one waitress. I had a white fish sandwich and it was actually pretty delicious. The food came in a reasonable amount of time and I was satisfied with the service. The dining room has really high ceilings and the restaurant is a bit dim. Walking in from a bright and sunny day it can be a bit difficult to red the menu. Overall, this would probably be a second choice for me. Decent food and service however, I just have places I would prefer.

Kim Pollard

The roman artichoke hearts were great. The cheeseburger soup was okay. A little on the luke warm side after we reminded them they forgot to bring it out. The a-1 mushroom and bloom burger was good. The baked potato with my steak was great, but the 8 oz. Ribeye I ordered came out well done and not med. Rare like I asked for. To their defense they got less than 1/8 of the steak at med. Rare. I didn't send it back because it would take too long.

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