Rosy's Diner

1313 Ludington St, Escanaba
(906) 786-1983

Recent Reviews

Paris Henighan

The food was amazing. Everyone loved what they got!!! And I absolutely love Rosy!!!! Small town diner with really good food. It is cash only though!

Matthew Diment

I don't live in Escanaba but when I do visit it is a must go for me, friends and family! Rosy of course is always fun and insulting in the best of ways. I asked for my toast cut in half and she said as only Rosy can, "You get em how I serve them and like it!". Everyone had a good laugh! Foods and cozy restaurant are great but Rosy is the best! BTW, my toast was cut!

Lucas L

Voted the best diner in all of Michigan for a reason! It’s loud and reminds of my grandmas kitchen! Plenty of yelling and choice words which is just the way I like it ! If you’re looking for a quiet boring sit down meal this isn’t it. Large portions. Amazing hash. Great atmosphere. I come here every time we go to Camp!

Jj Zem

When we go to Escanaba we like to have breakfast/ Lunch at Rosy's The portions are large. Rosy & daughter daughter are pretty funny and serve great food. We had a 3 egg omelet with biscuits & gravy Mine was a Grilled turkey & cheese with added tomato also.

Tara Watson

Food is great,love rosy.. Favorite place to go eat.. Always got to get doggy bag for exta food..

John Rivord

We stopped there on Friday morning first thing Rosie gave me some sass (my type of place) she was very entertaining and her daughter was fun. They kept us on our toes. I will be going back again it was refreshing to go into a restaurant and be entertained while you ate breakfast.

Bryan A.

Pros: The best and most entertaining service in town... outstanding and abundant stick-to-your-ribs food... and easy parking. Cons: They don't accept credit cards (but I'll make an exception for this place) and this joint is so small and popular you might have to wait a few extra minutes for your food (it's well worth the wait). The Hot Blond Wife and I stopped in for breakfast the morning of Aug. 22, 2021 after walking out of the Swedish Pantry (don't waste your time). The hard-working, funny and truly authentic people toiling at Rosy's will make you want to leave them a 50% tip after your meal. Their food will make you want to up that amount to 75% of your bill. A true gem on Ludington.


5 out 5 The food and service were great. I highly recommend the homemade sausage it is wonderful. Don’t forget to get a shirt!

Rachel Sieja

Liked the owner quite a character. Seems like it's homemade everything. Definitely verging on 5 stars. Small interior, road parking.


Great omelettes and Rosy service! Super delicious food, hot coffee. Loved the local small town old diner feel!

Dana R

Rosy’s Diner is all Rosy!! Great homemade breakfast cooked and served by Rosy. We had the biscuits and gravy and cornbeef hash which were wonderful. Good coffee and good humor. Rosy is one hardworking woman with no time for nonsense so put your cell phone down….


Rosy works hard and doesn’t have time to wait around for you to have your face in your phone. Put it away until she’s got your order. LOL. The food was great and so was the service. You can expect a few teasing remarks when Rosy has a minute. She was cooking, waitressing, and bussing the entire place. Good job on the biscuits and gravy and the corned beef hash Rosy! I’ll be back next time I’m in Escanaba.

Rebecca Bader

We try to visit Rosy's on our way home from our canoe trip every year on the Au Train river. We ordered the make your own omelet with hashbrowns and toast and the homemade hash with two eggs and toast. It was delicious. We had a meal to take home. We love coming here for the great food and wonderful hospitality. Rosy and her daughter are awesome, tell you how it is, and down to earth. Keep up the great work. We'll be coming back!!!

Lonni Gilmore

Absolutely one of the best little diners I have been to! My girlfriend and I went to Escanaba, Michigan for a trip heading to Marquette, Michigan. Stopped by here because she wanted to come back again and have me visit the diner. Everyone was so friendly!! They used the old classic malt machines and also had the nostalgic vibes to the diner! We saw the seat where actor Jeff Daniels sat in the movie Escanaba Moonlight. Amazing food, malts, and conversations here! Definitely would go back and recommend to all!

Jo Li

I've never been to a diner, before, so I was kind of intimidated. It was exactly what you'd expect: quaint, lots of people, and lots of NOISE. I thought about leaving, but the moment I sat down, the waitress asked if I wanted something to drink, so I went with Coke and stayed.After about five minutes, she came back and asked if I was ready to order. I didn't know what to order – I'd never been there, before, as I said – so she offered me a menu. Not long after, I ordered her recommendation: biscuits and gravy, and another four minutes later, I had my food.Now, for six dollars, I was expecting a fairly small portion. You know… two biscuits and lots of gravy with some meat. No no. What I got was a biscuit the size of a DINNER PLATE, which was covered in thick, meaty, AWESOME looking sausage gravy. I was genuinely surprised! After seeing that, I kind of wish I hadn't ordered a side of eggs to go with it! But, the biscuits and gravy were AMAZING. Genuinely the best biscuits and gravy I've EVER had. The eggs were great, too! That's not even the best part, though.Rosy's Diner can be summed up in one word: COZY. Once I got my food, I started to relax and take in the atmosphere, and I was all smiles! Rosy is such a CARD, having fun with her regular customers, and the waitress was really friendly and just as fun, too! I even chatted with a nearby customer about the diner and the food, and things. For someone like me, who usually doesn't like being approached, that was pretty new, but it was great to step out my comfort zone and cut loose, for a change!Honestly, I don't think I've ever had so much fun while eating. It's kind of like the "Cheers" of diners -- everybody's glad you came! If you're in Escanaba, whether you're passing through or live there, definitely stop by Rosy's Diner on Ludington Street. The food is fantastic, and the people are, too!

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