Jimmy John's

23141 Woodward Ave, Ferndale
(248) 543-1464

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Michael Moyer

The worst… I placed my online order it took 2 hours to deliver. Got the notification my order was out for delivery and it wasn’t until 55 minutes after the app update that I received my meal. Ferndale is a 2x2 mile and Jimmy John’s is less than .5 miles from my house. Unacceptable. Don’t order delivery from them, far from freaky fast. More like slow as snails.**edit** The manager personally called me and apologized. He delivered my order and notified me he would issue a full refund for my order. I am moving my review to 2 stars.

Andrew F

I order from this location unfortunately at least twice a week and alway missing items yesterday was 2 bags of chips the other time an entire sandwich the time before that was a Cookie. I understand the short staffing issue but please at least double check an order before it leaves for delivery. Or check items off as they are being bagged. I never call to complain just take the loss. Maybe I should call to complain but I haven't. All I. All at least out 100 dollars worth of food that I've paid for and have not had delivered

Joe Harajly

Workers touching the money and register then making the food after disgusting!!!!! And no napkins for me either in the bag. And sandwich missing items.

Damon Johnson

Please don't order delivery from this location you won't get it and the staff doesn't care if you do or not. I waited 2 hours for food and had to call twice and they said they have no idea where the driver was, this was a Sunday so I figured it wouldn't be that busy. So no food, no apology, no solution. Pleas change the tag line to something else

Brian Karadsheh

This is the worst Jimmy John’s I’ve ever come across. Freaky SLOW delivery is more like it. Terrible customer service and incredibly slow delivery (unless you enjoy it taking so long that you imagine the only possible explanation is them losing your order)

JuniorMommy Dreaa

Great customer service from the entire staff. It was my first time ordering.Everyone was so patient and kind. Store was clean

D Jordan

If you're planning on getting delivery , Do yourself a favor and call ahead to see how many people are working the day that you place an order. You're guaranteed a 2- 3hr wait time for your sandwich if there isn't more than 4 people working. You'll get an automated generic response almost instantly if you're looking for answers from corporate. Go across the street to Jersey Mike's , nothing can be worst than the service you'll get here.

Alex Kish

Ordered a Vito with no lettuce no onion....I get home and there is lettuce and onion and NO MEAT!! what a waste of time. Was already home and not driving all the way back. At least put the dang meat on the sandwich even if you mess up removing items. Such a waste of time, you lost my business.


The sandwiches is a little too expensive I'd rather go too Jersey Mike they taste a lot better


My orders show up after 1-3 hours and I live 10 min away. Last time I made an order, an item was excluded and the sandwich was made extremely poorly. I love Jimmy John’s but will no longer be ordering from this location.

Stacey Jamison

This location is hit or miss. Today I ordered online and had to ask to get my food order started when I came in, as it had been ignored. The bigger problem I saw was the garbage everywhere on the floor in the food prep area. There's trash out unbagged, and 3 more bags of garbage near the door. The employees aren't wearing masks, if that's important to you.

Ethan Trombley

I order from across the street and have ordered delivery 3 times now. Usually they quote about 10-15 minutes at order, but its always nearly an hour or longer. Please stop quoting a time frame that you cannot fulfill. Good thing Jersey Mikes is right her as well. Also, I've called and requested mayo and mustard in every order. So far 1/3 orders have actually had it.

Vencinta “Mz. Vinny” Berry

There were no customers ahead of us. Ordering and filling order was not a long wait at all. Food was good. Would reccomend.

LaShara Montgomery

The sandwich was made perfectly...it was too pretty to eat!

J. min

Couldn't understand what lady was saying while trying to order. Take the stupid masks off. Normally try to frequent Jimmy John's but this place doesn't need my biz. Good bye.

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