The Scoop of Frankfort

321 Main St, Frankfort
(231) 399-0422

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Best ice cream shop ever! Specialty waffle cones, delicious ice cream, and most importantly fabulous and friendly service!

Amy T.

Ice cream is good and the help is great. Always willing to suggest something or make you your own personal ice cream favorites.

Julie Nowland

Fantastic place serves Monomers ice cream which is delicious. Portions are HUGE and they have crazy custom waffle cones. Staff was very friendly and the menu is HUGE so if your kiddos are like mine and have trouble deciding you can view the menu on their website in advance! Made the process go much quicker.

T H.

Yummy! Big Scoops! A very nice treat and delicious waffle cones made our ice cream even better!

Sandi P.

They may have good ice cream, but don't bother ordering a shake, because they appear to not know what a milkshake is. No milk, no blender, just a cup of ice cream that you have to eat with a spoon. I mean why do they even give you a straw? Total disappointment.

J. M. S. S.

Long line, only one window so had to wait a while. Seating inside wasn't allowed/closed off. Ice cream was great, good sizes. The names of everything were cute, all related to "Moo" somehow. I'd eat from here again, but won't wait in a long line. I was surprised how busy it was on a Monday at 1pm.

Christopher Hessler

Utterly delightful ice cream stand in Frankfort. Nice variety of ice cream, shakes and slushes with generous portions. The handdipped waffle cones are worth every cent. No indoor seating when we were there but the kids and I loved it.

Corrie Ferr

Awesome ice cream place. Best ice cream ever, and super cool idea with the fancy cones!

Curt Kelley

Lots of great flavors and cones to choose from.

K Buch

Delicious ice cream, and despite being really busy with holiday traffic, they were efficient and yet made a point to talk with everyone and were incredibly pleasant. Will definitely be back the next time we're in Frankfort.

brandi dobbs

Visited on vacation, we loved it, great original names for unique ice cream flavors!

Zach Kragel

Great Ice Cream! Totally fresh from cows!

Patti McElligott

Great place. Good ice cream. Nice people.

LeAnne Stevens

Fast service, big cones, fancy dipped sugar cones. Make this place part of your up north tradition.

Sam Simons

Fancy dipped cones, good variety of flavors, excellent ice cream. I had the oreo cheesecake.

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