The Apartment Lounge

33 Sheldon Ave NE, Grand Rapids
(616) 451-0815

Recent Reviews

Lauren W.

I had never been here before, but was instantly made comfortable by the guy who waited on us. Such an amazing sense of humor. Not only that, but I greatly appreciate when I'm talked to line a person and not a patron. 100% going to come back for Daniel alone. They clearly knew what they were doing and despite how busy it was gave perfect service.and I loved that when I asked for their name I got an amazing note. Made me feel so good after a busy day at work.

Thao Tran

Excellent service and stronf drinks. Michael is very fun!

Amit Patankar

Nice lil hide out kind of place. I often go here during the week for a night cap or just a drink with friends or two. The drinks are cheap and all the bar tenders are exceptionally friendly.

Michele Marie

We went to the Apartment Lounge after a funeral today. Bobby opened it up a little early so we could go in and have a Memorial drink in memory of the family member we lost. His staff is always friendly and on point to make sure your glass is never empty and always have smiles on their faces.

david m.

An awesome and diverse LGBTQ bar! It's got great drinks, fun and nice employees and something for everyone! Highly recommend a visit. Drinks were very reasonable and I loved the music.

brianna schaller

Love how lowkey this spot is! And i love the inclusive-ness. Young ppl , old ppl, i love that all are welcome

Tato M

Busy place compared to other lgbtq places. Staff nd customers were all very friendly. Definitely recommend it!!

Harrison Frede

Me: "This place is nice. The bartender is amazing. The patrons are so sweet. Had a really good chat with one of them. He is still looking at me?"

Daniel Fleeger

I'm straight and I feel very comfortable. The staff is super friendly and not in a creepy way. It's near a lot of bars but if go he over them. Sunday nights Game of Thrones watch party, and free popcorn.


Excellent drink service. Gay enough to make a middle aged straight man feel desired. Guys, take a girlfriend

Emily Lynn

This is a really nice, chill, bar. It is darker than most places I've gone to, but you get used to it after awhile.

madeline curl

Super friendly environment. Cheap drinks and excellent service! Even when busy on a Saturday the service is great!

Logan Underhill

There's no waiting at The Apartment - You're going to wait for great service and nothing less. A safe and good time to be had by all

Daniel Paul

I love it here. A small "Cheers" type og place

Lisa Fish

Always a great place for catching up with friends!

Carissa M

Almost quite literally a hole in the wall bar. If you’re not sure where you’re going you could walk right past the entrance. The staff here is my literal favorite- always friendly and attentive. The drinks are great and there is popcorn to munch on.

Ashley Hales

Wasn't there very long but I liked the atmosphere for if you want to drink in a non crowded bar. It's not quiet but it's not packed to the bring with people. I also really liked the bartender's there. They were very attentive and friendly. They also give you free popcorn 😁

Colby Roanhorse

Great place, gay friendly, good people great prices!

David K.

We're back and Apartment Lounge is still FABULOUS! Went this evening (Friday) and it was PACKED! Had two bourbons, a Ciroc vodka, and two bottles of beer for $21 - all served by FANTASTIC people - superb!

Montana Krukowski

Most welcoming space in GR for drinks. Aside from cheap (strong) drinks and great atmosphere regardless of day or time, the Apartment Lounge is heavily involved in numerous great causes in our community.

Christopher Waters

Loved it here. Super friendly bartenders

Dana Eveland

Came here for a trivia night. The place was PACKED! But the drinks were good, the staff was sassy and fun, and the prices can't be beat. Would definitely recommend!

Big D.

Good time. Good service. Very dim but overall decent. Service was good and speedy. The employee was friendly and answered all questions. I would go back for sure.

Ari W.

Date/Time of Visit: 11/18/2018 8:30pm Manager(s): "Mike" Capacity: Medium/Moderate My husband and I went for drinks and some good vibes. The complimentary popcorn was great! - Wait time = None - First Visit by server: 8:31 - Time between visits = 3-5:00 minutes - Service = Outstanding! All biases aside as the clientele often are of the LGBT community, my community of which I am proud, it doesn't matter who you are, gay, straight, black, white, latino, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, male, female, or somewhere in between, there is a place for you here as this business makes your enjoyment their top priority! I've been coming on and off for the past 18 years and the service at this Cheers-like institution hasn't changed an ounce. Excellence is the name of their game. If you have the option to come earlier, then do so as otherwise it's often standing room only (and for good reason). But, standing is well accommodated for as well too with copious standing counters and room to set your stuff down and make yourself at home. ATM, dart board, and Keno available to all patrons. Service, again, was OUTSTANDING!!! Highly recommended. This was an opportunity ceased upon and well delivered. We would highly recommend this location to others, overwhelmingly!!!

Mary Lamp

Called to ask about food and types of drinks and the customer service was awful on the phone. They answered with an attitude and made me feel uncomfortable. Then when trying to thank them for the information they hung up abruptly when I was mid sentence.

Bekah Rozek

Super friendly, relaxing atmosphere. Husband and I went for one drink and ended up staying over two hours. The bartenders were amazing. Definitely will be back!

Angie A.

A lot of smoke smell from people smoking outside and inside it's not much better because it all smells like popcorn. Most of the beers are bottled rather than being in tab, but the prices aren't too bad. On a Saturday night, it's half empty. I personally did not find it very fun, ended up leaving without even finishing my drink.

Amy Magoon

Great Bartenders!

Iztla C.

Awesome little gem of a bar. It was cozy and the staff were super friendly. My friends and I were visiting from San Diego. It was a Thursday and we discovered their drinks were 50% off! Our total bill would have been the same for one person back home. We even talked about moving to Grand Rapids for that one bar! If we're ever in town again we will definitely come for a few visits lol!

Chase Babb

They don't serve any sort of food here other than popcorn. If they had a even a small selection of food to eat, that would be great. When it gets busy, it's cramped and because of that it gets insanely loud. The owner definitely needs to find a larger space. Staff here are funny. The music is the best part. I've always found something new to listen to.

Nicole Scharphorn

I had the best time there! It was pretty busy for a Thursday but the drinks were strong and the company was lovely!

Eric Hanson

Great place to hang out and have a few cocktails for Grand Rapids' gay community. This is Michigan's oldest continually operating gay bar with a mostly friendly, attentive staff. They have daily drink specials amid a very nice wood paneled environment. Cleanliness could be improved as the bar is usually sticky in spots. Unfortunately there are instances when staff members serve attitude along with cocktails. Beware of the daily drunks who try to project their bitterness on others.

Naomi Perkins

Great gay bar for a date or small group hang out. It's very small and fills up fast, but the drinks are feisty and the crowd is friendly.

Amanda L.

Low key, chill, tucked away gem in downtown Grand Rapids. Located next to the Children's Museum, if you blink you will miss the front door. Walking in, you will loose all sense of time and responsibility while you enjoy strong drinks at a reasonable price. Dark wood, low lights, and deep booths line the walls of this cozy spot. Great music sets the tone for your visit, and regulars are talkative with each other and new comers. LGBTQ friendly, but this is a come as you are type of place, all are welcome if you have a good attitude.

Brad Golden

The atmosphere is great, love the elegant look of the bar and the homeyness of the booths. The lighting is very atmospheric and the it's never too loud here, plus they have power outlets at every booth or at most booths, so you can charge your phone or plug in a laptop if you're just hanging out having a drink by yourself. However, this is not my favorite place to grab a beer downtown, and not because this a popular gay bar/lgbtq friendly establishment in town, but because they don't have craft beer on tap. They only offer craft beer in bottles, but they do seem to keep a moderately nice selection on hand.

Amber H.

Just arrived in the GR and stopped to get a drink and loved the place. It just so happened to be a gay bar which worked out even better for me. I love the inside decor being dark, leather and old fashioned. Serves free popcorn on request (because I definitely was not given any). Affordable drinks with a great neighborhood vibe with the locals. If I am ever back in the GR, I will definitely stop back in :)

Lisa V.

I love this bar! I always take my friends from out of town, or in town for that matter. Friendly and attentive bar tenders, great neighborhood bar atmosphere, and always clean. Did I mention the drinks? Great pours, wide selection of liquor and try the Terryland, named after a local celebrity. You only need one. Obvi for the LGBTQ community but all are welcome.

Amy N.

The sangria is my go to drink here! Good portions of red wines and other liquids but not too much bitter wine tastes! Perfect for a sweet drink lover. Drinks are cheap, staff is amazing, and always seems to be top notch clean. This place is a must!!!!

Jazz M.

Ahhh, the Apartment lounge.. I truly hold this place dear to my heart and it will forever be my go-to for sangria! First, the sangria that I rave about is strong yet deceivingly sweet. It tastes fruity with a hint of a bite but I have definitely learned to stop at 1 despite the coy flavor. I usually go for the red pitcher of sangria but I switch it up now and again and enjoy the white which is just as good. The atmosphere is vibrant, welcoming and lively. They have popcorn to munch on while you enjoy the festivities which I always ask for 2 baskets of. lol The LGBT+ community is definitely celebrated in this establishment and anyone else for that matter, truly. J'adore the sense of camaraderie here! I would recommend for sangria lovers and anyone whom enjoys an animated, friendly, inclusive environment!

Amy M.

Love this place!! Definitely always feel welcome when I am here & the bartenders/servers are all awesome! They have different drink specials each day & even free pizza with your drinks after 10pm on Monday night. Sunday's have a Bloody Mary bar from 2-6 and every other Sunday (1st & 3rd usually) they have a DJ. They also have a lot of fundraisers for local organizations, gift collection for kids at Christmas, & they care about the community here! Definitely one of my favorite places. You should go!