Bomb Burgers

1117 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 644-8988

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Jason Z.

Great food. They came to out neighborhood and did not disappoint. We had a bomb ass burger and a sterling burger and both were absolutely delicious. The service was spectacular as well. If you see them definitely give them a try

Sue T.

I had a weird experience here. The food is basic American food, nothing special... I even found a hair in my burger. I didn't say anything because I figured.. so what? extra protein. I really wanted to like this place, especially since it's kitschy and woman owned. What you may not know is this business only caters to specific women. I was standing in line with a friend and she was talking to me about work.. she's a stripper. That's when the whole demeanor of the employee changed. We were spoken to in a condescending way and felt judged our whole time there. It was so hostile that we decided to leave since we were THAT uncomfortable. Online, Lena (the owner) does not know how to respect her community. She is a cyber bully and has personally attacked many people, including sex workers. She has called many people whores and is very judgy to people who have alternative ways of making money. I will not be supporting this business any further and want to show Cleveland who the owner actually is, a mean person that is anti-women.

Ashley O.

Betty's recently came out to my neighborhood and man oh man was it amazing. The bacon bombs were AHmazing! My burger was also super tasty. My hubby had the sterling and said it was amazing.

Evan M.

***Update2: lena replied (2mo later) to my new wife's publicly posted google review making false and misleading claims about the course of events, about the impact of COVID19, and that she was contacting an attorney. demanding a refund of our deposit for unfulfilled services is not "demanding money." i will happily share all emails/text messages/DMs/phone call logs with any potential patron who wishes to vet the integrity of lena/betty's. it is super obvious lena stole our money.


While the meals were okay - we had 2 burgers, 2 salads and 2 appetisers, the place is so loud that you just want to eat and get the hell out! Seriously. And nothing ruins a meal more quickly than an environment you can't enjoy because you're constantly having to yell over the un-ending din. Try another place, the food isn't going to rescue this place.


Very nice variety. Both dinner and drinks outstanding. Service exceptional. Made a meal of salad and croquet and hubby loved the meatloafthe meatloaf.

Jessica B.

Food is real good. I had them once. They just left an hour early from our food truck Friday, leaving me lunch-less. Looks like they left some other people abandoned, too. Inconsistency is a killer.


We are never disappointed with the service., food or cocktails here. Wait staff is experienced and into their jobs, thoroughly familiar with the menu and obviously dedicated to guest satisfaction. We have never had a dish that wasn’t completely satisfying, and the drinks- particular their specialty cocktails - are worth every penny of their rather high prices. In nicer weather, don’t miss the lovely and comfortable deck.

Sheena W.

This food truck came to visit my work, and while I had brought my healthy portioned out lunch, I cannot resist temptation. I chatted with whom I am guessing was the business owner and she was pleasant. I was having trouble deciding between the Sterling (basically a double cheese burger with bacon and a fried egg) and the Boeing Fortress (interesting mix of flavors with PB & J plus some other stuff). I played it safe and went with the Sterling $12 and a side of the cheesy tots $4. Overall good and very filling. I think this was the last public event for the year for Betty, but if I ever come across her burgers again I would for sure try another one! Some notes: you get your food as listed on the menu, no special orders. There is a menu the website, but it's more to give you an idea as the actual menu regularly changes. They no longer participate with the Cleveland Flea.


As a visitor we stumbled on this place and were glad we did. The staff members were very pleasant and the service was very good. I had a Caesar Salad and it was really good. In particular I liked the not chicken. Others in my party had different dishes and were content.


Definitely recommend the 'Chickpea Fritter' -- delicious! We had very slow service at 2pm on a Tuesday. Hopefully this is not typical, because the food and atmosphere here are both great.


After a very successful leader retreat we took the team out for dinner. We we in a very cozy meeting room upstairs. Great array of appetizers.. We had “pre fixe “ menu from Salmon to Turkey Meatballs to Capers and Chicken Breast. For dessert we had Pumpkin Cheesecake! Nice meal for our team outing!


My husband and I had the lettuce wraps for lunch. He wanted the Cuban but they were “out” at 12:30 pm on a Friday. I was expecting a more savory item based on description and ingredients. There was so much sugar in the sauce, I couldn’t taste any of the other flavors like the shiitakes, scallions, or water chestnuts. It was so disappointing. I could only eat two bites before putting down my fork as it felt like I was eating nothing but sugar wrapped in lettuce. I had high hopes but this was terrible.


We sat at the bar waiting for our food and began to time food orders. Each order was not picked up for at least 8 minutes - some much more. We ordered a dessert to go and watched the bar staff 'rake' it into a paper box...the dessert was mostly ice and whipped cream. Needless to say, the box was soaked. We will never dine here again.

Mahadr M.

First time trying this food truck...had the brisket sandwich, which is not totally brisket as the name suggested, its a burger with a brisket on top and it was really good. However, the staff were rude and unaccommodating even a request as simple as not putting krauts on the burger. Overall, the experience was overshadowed by the staff behavior.

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