Brick Road Pizza Co

1017 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 719-2409

Recent Reviews

Janine D.

I absolutely love this place!! My family has carnivores and a die hard vegan. Everyone leaves happy here. I'm not vegan but I absolutely love their vegan pizza, especially The Tempest!!!! Yummmmm!!! Anyone who posts a negative review here is likely a grumpy person and nothing pleases them.

Bekah S.

Today was the first time I had eaten here, I had the BBQ Tofu Pizza 7" and my brother got the Fettucini Alfredo Traditional. We both loved our meals! I'm a new vegan so I'm not exactly sure on where to go to grab food now, and it seems like a lot of places that have Vegan options only have like 2 or 3 options. This place actually gave me real options! The pizza was so good, you really never would have know it was tofu on there. I will for sure be back to eat.

Michael Monje

Awesome family owned local businesses in these stressful times!

Jessica Schmidt

My absolute favorite place to go out to eat! They have the most incredible, satisfying vegan comfort food! I have a hard time ever trying anywhere else because I ALWAYS want to come back to Brick Road Pizza!

Kayleigh Rogers

So many vegan options!! I got a pizza and it was pretty good. Basically everything they have non vegan, they have vegan as well. Which I've never seen in Grand rapids. Props! We will def go back. Before this place we only ever went to the taco place on Grand rapids downtown market. This place has way more options though!

Debbi Stringer

On another day, things might have been better. Our greeter had to leave us at the front to see which waitperson had an available table. Then came back explaining that "we take turns"? Showed us to a table, told us our waitperson would be X, and left, came back a few minutes later and said, no, it would, in fact, be this person after all. Came back to take our order, oh, can't actually have that item because we don't have any ham. Went on to explain that several people are on vacation and it was probably missed in the ordering by someone not used to ordering...Just not really impressed with the whole experience. And, I'm sorry to say, the pizza wasn't that good either...just a thin crust pizza with pepperoni. The breadsticks were VERY ? GOOD.

Chase Haylett

My wife and I love this place! We drive from 2 hours away just to eat here on date nights. Curtis is the man! We ask for him every time we come in. His customer service is second to none! The food is amazing! Highly recommend Brick Road Pizza Co.

Brent Coppinger

Would make an entire road trip just to visit this location again it was that good. We even altered our vacation plans to return on our drive home because we were simply that impressed with the food quality. The service was also unmatched.

Tegan Fletcher

We had a party of 4 adults and 5 kids. All of the wait staff was super friendly and patient with the kids, it was great. Their menu was super balanced with vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and options for meat eating gluten lovers. We had a ton of fun and the pizza was DELICIOUS and affordable! Will definitely have to go back.

Jim Wood

great food, excellent service, nice atmosphere. interesting menu choices.

Naomi Mostyn

Great food, Great Service. Loved it!

danielle budwick

Soooooo many vegan options. My favorite GR restaurant hands down. Never had a bad meal.

Darrell Rohl

Our new favorite pizza joint! We first tried Brick Road Pizza when going vegan for January and we were super impressed with the extensive range of vegan and vegetarian options. Some family members remain vegan, while I'm more flexitarian, so this place is amazing. Meat is back in my diet but the Vegan Deluxe pizza is still by far my favorite pie in town!

Bob B.

Had the Greek pizza. Terrible! The sauce was put on so thick. Way to rich. Ate one piece and couldn't finish it

Viniece Richards

The Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo was AMAZING! The best I've had in a while. They also have great vegan options. Parking is kinda limited, but thats common for the area. Overall good place!

Amanda Frick

This is one of my favorite foodie placeses. I like atmosphere and love the food. If you go there, I recommend sitting at the bar in the back! Ask for Sam, she's amazing!

Ashley L.

I've lived in Grand Rapids for about 5 years now, and Brick Road is my absolute favorite pizza shop (tied for first with Martha's Pizza, of course). Brick Road has a lot of special dietary options (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, etc), and the topping variety is on point! The service is always incredibly customer focused and genuinely kind and courteous. On my last visit, the waiter mentioned to me that one of the cooks accidentally dropped a single slice of our pizza on the floor and threw it away. He was incredibly apologetic. I told him it wasn't a big deal at all, and that we would still take the rest of the pizza. He wouldn't allow it- instead he made us an entirely new pizza AND let us take the pizza with a missing piece home for no charge. It was incredibly good customer service even when I told him he didn't need to do anything special for us. That's when you know a business truly cares about the customer's experience- when they go above and beyond even when they know they don't "have" to. Brick Road is such a great local pizza joint! If you're in town, it's a must go-to!

Jim B.

Decided to go here for a work friends celebration lunch. One of the ladies in our party was gluten free and this restaurant offers lots of gluten free options and can accommodate other specific dietary needs. My friend ordered the gluten free Mac and Cheese and she loved it as she had had it before. The "dudes" in our party ordered the lunch buffet, complete with soup salads a dish of the day and the chefs kept refilling the pizzas with all different types. What I like about this place is their sauce and crust taste authentic and are well made. Not too thick, not too thin, on the crust. Not too sweet on the sauce not too salty, and just the right amount. Some say toppings are key well yes...but these key base elements are crucial. Everyone ate very well! The wait staff was fun and quirky just like the ambiance of the restaurant with some witty jokes and playful banter. I will say anyone who works in food service should consider a clean shaved look or a well manicured beard in my humble opinion for obvious reasons. Perhaps I am just behind the times.

J Bone

Good service. Happy to service to food restrictions. Good food! Everything is a bit cramped for my liking but overall a nice place to dine.

Ashley Deyo

Excellent food! Huge selection of great vegan options. Everything has been delicious each time we visit. The only complaint I would have is that the wait times are a bit long most days.

Haley Berg

best pizza i have ever had in my life. super friendly service. great energy in the restaurant.

Wendy Wilt

Amazing food & amazing staff!!

Prince of peace TV

Never left me disappointed. This is my go to in my home town. Amazing food and good service. The best vegan place in Grand Rapids. Great vegan cookies and desserts!

Eric Gale

Nice place, good food and atmosphere!

Jentry Patulski

Fantastical atmosphere with a wonderful staff. Drinks are amazing and so is the pizza. Actually you can't make an mistake when ordering. Bugars, sandwiches, salads, soups and pasta are superb. It's a must stop if you havent before.


I'm giving one star for the customer service. The food is great and I appreciate them having so many vegan options. However, while visiting from Nashville this past weekend, the rotund lady at the cash register was very rude to me. While paying for my order, I inquired about the ingredients in their vegan cookies and was met with a very nasty tone and then she proceeded to tell the young lady standing next to her to tell me because apparently she didn't feel the need to. Not sure if it was because I was black or what but I didn't deserve nor appreciate being disregarded and will definitely impact my decision of going back here if ever I visit GR again.

Lauren Ellison

Highly recommend this place for their vegan pizza! I am dairy free and have been missing pizza. I had the tempest and it was AMAZING. I will definitely be going back whenever I need a good slice.

Jennie Wentzel

I can't say enough good things about Brick Road! This is my favorite restaurant in Grand Rapids because of the vast amount of vegan options on their menu, great service, and delicious dishes! Get the Zed's Dead burger! It will change your life!

Annie M.

After being recommended to check out Brick Road Pizza by multiple friends, my family decided to dine here on Saturday evening. The reason that we decided to go here is because finding a restaurant to work for my family is difficult. We have a few in our family who are gluten and dairy free, I am pescetarian, my sister can mostly only eat veggies and meat, my parents stay away from sugar, etc. So, Brick Road just made sense because of their extensive menu that has tons of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. Truly, their menu is amazing, so many options, that all sounded really delicious. They had food options for every single person in our family. The vibe inside of Brick Road is like a casual Italian restaurant with posters and plants and mismatched tables. The space is full of energy and lively. Our server was great as she took good care of my family of 9 (even though some of my family members are not great at talking to servers kindly). She was on it and checked in with us often and brought us refills on drinks. Unfortunately I have chose to give Brick Road 3 stars because the food was just so mediocre and our pizzas took forever to come out. We ordered 4 pizzas, a salad and a sandwich and it felt like we were waiting for way too long. We arrived at 5:15pm so it's not like it was the peak of rush dinner time. Our appetizers came out quickly but then we just waited and waited. Our server was awesome and checked in to let us know that it would "be out soon." She told us that twice but we kept waiting. I understand that they were busy and we were a group but it really took forever. I was really excited to order their unique sounding pizza with herb butter, arugula and pine nuts and after seeing the fresh, heavily loaded photo of this pizza on Yelp, I was persuaded. When my food came out though, my pizza was soaking with grease. Like the bottom was literally dripping and there were very few toppings. Hardly any arugula. It was very OK. I would definitely not order it again. The kids were happy with their gluten free, dairy free pizza and my mom enjoyed her salad but most of the other adults felt like I did-meh. Such a bummer. If I ever go back, I'll order a sandwich perhaps. I'm not rushing back though.

Candy Rocha

Amazing food and great cocktails! I would highly recommend the classy meatballs and goat cheese, pesto and marinara appetizers. The gluten free and regular pizza was awesome also! Plus it is very reasonably priced! Win win!!!

Alex K.

I honestly kind of rolled my eyes at the idea of just getting a vegan pizza on my night in Grand Rapids -- been there, done that. But this place does more than pizza, and the vegan pizza they *do* dish out is still better than probably any I've had in metro Detroit. The buffalo tofu pizza? Banger. Tasted just like any buffalo chicken pizza I remembered eating. The crust looks mediocre, but it's sneaky phenomenal. The vegan philly? Insane. The bread is an interesting choice, but it's reminiscent of a Hot Pocket, and I wholly recommend it. I'd say it's my favorite veganized philly I've had, and other reviewers agree. From the thin-sliced tempeh to the mushrooms and the insanely not-so-vegan tasting cheese, it's any every day sort of craving. The vegan poboy? Ridiculous. Again, awesome bread, this time on more of a sub bun. The "chicken" would fool anybody. The tomatoes on it were even some of the best I've had.. where the hell are you buying those things? I usually don't care for tomato. The fried jalapenos and splash of hot sauce just brought it all together with a slather of mayo to cool things down. Spectacular. Seriously guys, this is the place to go in Grand Rapids... vegan or not, you're gonna want to try the "fake" options out for yourself.

Tia A.

Have you ever known a place so good that you'll literally drive an hour out of your way to eat there? Well, Brick Road Pizza is such a place. Whenever I'm going to be anywhere remotely close to Grand Rapids, I hustle myself in for their INCREDIBLE list of vegan selections. Whether you're a veg-head or not, this place is flippin' amazing! So. Many. Choices. Only. One. Stomach. I'm a huge fan of their Carville Po-Boy (add the olive tapenade on the side, it's the closer) and may or may not make groaning noises whilst eating. So, if you're looking for truly delicious food head this way. If you're a vegan who is looking for a menu with actual choices AND all the choices are delicious, then DEFINITELY head this way!

Tu-Mi N.

I love coming here and ordering vegan options. The food is so delicious that you can't even tell it's vegan. Also there is so much to choose from. Love coming back here and trying something new every time. Only thing I don't like is service is always really slow. But worth the wait.

Amy Bonjour

Caleb, Nick, and the kitchen staff were great! Having major food allergies, they made sure our food was made to specifications and brought it out separately from the non allergy food. They were very friendly and considerate. Can't wait to go there again!

Hiribel Monegro

My wife and I love this place . It has been our to-go spot since the beginning of our relationship. My wife is vegan and she introduced me to vegan food at brick road & oh boyyy! I felt in love . Everything is pure perfection from the service to the food to the recycle straws

Payton Pinsky

Absolutely blown away by Brick Road! We were visiting from out of town and had a mixture of vegans, vegetarians, and non vegans in our group so this was the perfect option for us all to be satisfied. The unique vegan options on the menu made it difficult to choose what to order. My significant other and I ended up splitting the tempest pizza and vegan philly cheese steak. Both of the items were so full of flavor and this was easily one of the best vegan pizzas I have had. Their buffet was even packed with vegan options! Great atmosphere, great service, and amazing food. Highly recommend!


This is one of two restaurants that my son with food allergies has been able to eat at in his 16 years. The pizza is great, and the staff has always went above and beyond to serve us.

Greg D.

The greatest Vegan Sunday Brunch ever. The Vegan Chili is awesome. The homemade sour cream, amazing.

Tricia Brands

First time here, came with a group and literally everything I tasted was amazing. Also had soup. They have gluten free and vegan options too!

Christopher Jennings

Brick road has a great artistic homey feel to it with great natural lighting and a beautiful collection of plants.