Ellnora's Kitchen

547 Eastern Ave SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 454-0240

Recent Reviews

Mark Mathews

Great food


Elijah was kind enough to hold our Thursday's men's group at his business and served some delicious barbecue rib tips, deep fry chicken tenders, baked beans and potato salad. The food was superb ? Thank you Elijah!

Ashley GH

Rib tips!!! Love em

faye lowery

There ribs tips?they could work on the sides green beans are Italian beans and no turkey necks in they as it says on the menu really hard to know their hours wish they would post that baked beans ok mac and cheese a lil dry

Sally V.

Good food .home cook makes the better


Reasons to not eat here. Firstly the place isn't hygienic. The same guy handles cash and then food without gloves or any hand washing. His mask was dangling of his ear the whole time I was there. Second not overly professional no menu not even a hand written one he just lists what he has. Thirdly the food wasn't all that. The rib tips were 90% bone 10% meat and the sauce kind of tasted like open pit. The mac and cheese wasn't that good. The greens were not bad but the meat in them was dried out which is odd since it sits in the liquid. Overall for the 10$ I paid I really expected better than what I got. Will definitely not be back.

A Stubbs

Best soul food in the city and customer service is great. I always go there for a home made feel.

Curt Pugh

Delicious soul food & family oriented with roots in the community.

Faye Shanley

Great prices, owner smokes the meat and serves the food. Very friendly atmosphere.

Betty Harmon

Delicious. Found my bbq spot!

Tawana Pugh

Love the foodif i could i would rat there everyday rib tips Awesome sides i love them Soul food Sunday the dinners are like what your Grammma would cook

clear as water

They were closed. I was on fire!

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