Erb Thai

950 Wealthy St SE #1A, Grand Rapids
(616) 356-2573

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My favorite joint in GR. Visit every time I'm in town. Highly recommended.

Dan Snider

Been here many times. Food is always good - staff almost always friendly. Get the garlic noodles with chicken

Alex Tarvainen

Spice level Hot was a delicious flavorful hot. Not too weak, but not overpowering either.

Dani Ryan

The head chef, Lisa and server Allie were extremely professional and kind. Awesome experience and would definitely recommend. Great food! Very knowledgeable staff!

Esther Gish

Love this place, poor guy behind the counter was working overtime and still a total sweetie. The food is so good too!

Kendal K.

Well, the good news is that I was able to get the food that we ordered in about the same time as was promised. The bad news is that I was given chicken instead of tofu - I'm a vegetarian, and therefore could not eat it, but not realizing it was actually meat, accidentally had a piece of the worst quality chicken I can remember having the displeasure of consuming back when I did eat meat. Also, the eggplant was so overdone - slimy and nearly inedible. Would not recommend.

Alexandra C.

I love this place. It's such a treat and generally healthy. I usually get the house noodles. I only give three stars because they are EXTREMEly over priced with substitutes. House noodles are normally $11 or so. Comes with chicken, shrimp, and beef... but I'm vegetarian so I asked to sub for tofu for all three meats which you'd think be extremely cheap. Plus I asked for no egg and to sub for rice noodles instead of the egg noodle.. and the price went up to $18 before the tip. Crazy. They shouldn't make such a huge deal for substitutes... it's literally just swapping one out for another not adding on. Doesn't make sense to me even tho the nice girl at the counter explained that "they have to add a lot of tofu to make up for the meat" well... tofu is just soy?? So cheap. Seems sketchy. I won't come here as often because of this.

Nathan B.

It was a little late and I was looking for someplace still serving bubble tea. This place is pretty close to my apartment, and I've heard a lot about their Thai food, so I decided to try it out. I got the taro milk tea and my friend got the mango. The place was nice and had a cool vibe, but the bubble tea was so the worst we've ever had. We had to waIt ten minutes for them to make them and the payoff was horrible. The mostly disgustingly sweet drink I've ever tasted; it tasted like pure concentrate. Probably will not be trying their Thai food and will be sticking to Cafe Boba for bubble tea.

Mitch Garcia

Plz answer my calls I just want your food

Matt Biek

Ordered Sunset Curry on Doordash, and was delivered a strange dish that contained broccoli, mushroom, baby corn, tomatoes and what appeared to be drastically over cooked basil(?). anyway, i couldn't get a hold of the Dasher, or the restaurant after multiple calls. Doordash credited my the service fee back, but i am still left with a 14 dollar pint of white rice... Everyone make mistakes, but not being able to contact anyone to get it fixed counts as a failure in my book.

Harold Wheatley

3 days in a row phone either just rings or is busy. No one will answer.

Johnny Carlton

Food is excellent and the service is great. I have been here a handful of times and tried a few different meals, all of them have been great.

Kennidy Hoadley

Me and my friends dined in and each got charged an extra $12 for what should have been around a $17 meal each according to the menu they gave us. The food was just ok and I have no idea what that $12 extra charge was for because we did not order anything extra. We each just had an entree and a boba. The receipts dont even say why we were charged more. Will not be back and reccomened others to also not go.

Rosalia Heppler-Austin

Was actually very good!. We ate in and service was great .

autumn enszer

This has been my least favorite Thai food in GR. The curry pad Thai was just soaking in juice and when it arrived the juice was spilled everywhere because there was that much juice. Terrible flavor, presentation, and all around curry pad Thai. I have been home with the flu for 4 days and was looking forward to finally being able to eat some food. I wasted $ and still didn’t get to eat my food. I would love a refund but don’t even know who to reach out to.

Tony V.

Ordered the chicken peanut Curry noodle to go on a Friday around 2pm and there was no line or any people eating inside. Easily placed my order and it was ready within 10 minutes. Placed the to go bag on the passenger seat but seems like the container does not hold the curry well. It leaked into the bag and I had to keep the container in the bag while eating as it was quite messy. The noodles were a bit overcooked but the peanut Curry taste was on point. There was a good amount of chicken along with other various vegetables on top of the dish to accompany the noodles. Good portion to fill you up as well. I was satisfied with my trip here but there's nothing that would urge me to pick this place over others.

Joe G

I really enjoy Erb Thai. They have great service. I’ve never had an issue with take out orders. If you want to dine in they have a few seats. It’s not very spacious but the staff is friendly. The food is always on point.

Delaney R.

This used to be my favorite Thai restaurant. Within the last few months, I have repeatedly experienced terrible customer service. The other day, they told me my food would be ready in 10 minutes. 20 minutes later, I was told that it would be another 20 minutes. The young girl at the front counter was extremely rude and didn't apologize. They never answer their phones anymore either. I don't know if the owners have changed or what, but I will not be returning. If you love paying $15 to wait around and feel disrespected then this is the perfect place for you!

Jared Richards

I like spicy hot food. If you know what Dave's Insanity Sauce is, you are probably on my level. Used properly, a bottle of Dave's Insanity Sauce will last me over a year. It's hot AF. Erb Thai knows spicy hot. Believe them, they are on the Dave's Insanity level of spicy hot. The food is amazing at medium level spicy heat. Medium was perfect for me. I just asked for the Insanity level spice on the side. If you go through more than 1 bottle of Dave's Insanity Sauce every year feel free to go nuts and ask for the hot level spice. If you don't know what Dave's Insanity Sauce is, medium spice level will blow your mind. The food taste amazing, don't ruin it going crazy on the hot spicy level. You can easily make it too hot.

Mitchell Braddock

Delicious fast thai food.


Wondering if your hours changed or you closed? 8 month pregnant lady wanting your delicious food and no one was there. Web site says you should be open.

HavokBeoulve .

Wondering if your hours changed or you closed? 8 month pregnant lady wanting your delicious food and no one was there. Web site says you should be open.


My sister in law brought over some of this food and it was excellent. Very tasty food. The place is clean and well kept. One of the best Thai places around.

Austin Dellinger

Best thia in town week days have better food weekends tend to be chaotic and randomly staffed at best but damn that food is good!

Lauren W.

I was recommended here by my boss. I love Thai food, but sometimes it's really hard to find good quality stuff. This exceeded my expectations. The pad thai was delicious. And when I asked for it to be extra spicy it was actually spicy. Normally when I order things spicy It's never enough. This was perfect exactly what I wanted. I cannot recommend this place enough. Like Thai food greatly suggest going here.

Joseph Garbini

The restaurant was quiet enough inside (which I like) so you don't have to yell at the people you are dining with. Very soothing music played. Food was great; had the Lime Leaf curry this time (excellent, especially with a little heat added), and will be back to try more. Others in my party had noodle bowls and loved them.

Zefram Korson

Very tasty food! The medium spice is a bit of an understatement and is very hot, coming from someone who enjoys spice, the "mild +" was a happy medium. Boba is pleasant but unexceptional.

Kathy DeMey

No dressing with the garden salad. Would not allow me to order the small side salad. Peanut sauce was like sweet melted peanut butter and chicken satay very disappointing. I've had better meals here.

JAMIE Montero

We have been coming here for over three years and as of last year their food has been very disappointing. It's a 50/50 draw on what you're gonna get. One day its delicious the next its poorly made and taste horrible and the person that takes me order never seems to get it right when I get my food even after I've repeated it to them and they've read it back to me. It'sreally sad because this place had alot of potential.

Tiffany Lynn

Every time I’ve ordered from here they’ve messed up our orders, and the portions are very small, so we learned our lesson and no longer eat here. Isn’t very good Thai in my opinion, you’re better off going to Lai Thai for much better food and service!

Mallika David

Great food! Poor dine-in service. The waitress decided for us when we were done and took away our water glasses, plates and all. Food was alright but definitely not spectacular

Evan M.

Had to update my review after giving this place 5 stars about 4 years ago. Unfortunately, Erb Thai has gone downhill in the last year or so - the food isn't as fresh tasting, and the customer service is awful and even non-existent at times. I can't even remember how many times I have tried to order over the phone and received just a busy signal, or a dial-up modem sound. Sometimes, they just close during regular business hours (that THEY post!), with no explanation at all. It's become an inconvenience to even crave their food anymore, because it's really a 50/50 chance that you'll even get the chance to order. It's obvious that the owners have not learned how to run a business from the customer service end, even after being open for so long. Bangkok Taste is a couple miles away and they are much nicer and are open during their stated business hours - try there instead of you have a craving for Thai.

Jessica Fields

Best Thai in GR. My absolute favorite. Sauces are AMAZING. Veggies are always so fresh. So so good.

Gabrielle Monique

My favorite restaurant in GR! Every time I'm downtown I ma my e a stop here! Always have good encounters with staff & food is never a disappointment!

Murjanatu-Olivia M.

So this is the second time I've tried this place. Mostly and practically specifically for their Boba tea. It is just not great at all both times I went there it wasn't cooked at all and the food was just subpar. But the Boba tea is disgusting there's a Boba place right next-door and they ask for you to visit this place when. It is closed it is closed often and does not even come close to serving real Boba. Heartbreaking for a real Boba fan

Kyle V.

Craving Thai food on a Sunday afternoon in GR is usually tough. Despite the number of poor reviews, my wife picked up Erb Thai takeout for dinner. We were honestly pretty surprised and we enjoyed it. A lot of people claim they are hit or miss, so maybe we caught them on a good day, but I have to give them the benefit of the doubt. We ordered three dishes as well as veggie spring rolls. The dishes were Chicken Pad Thai, Curry Pad Thai, and Cashew Chicken. The Pad Thai was better than our usual Thai restaurant in town but I still think it lacked a little bit of flavor. My wife loved her curry noodle dish as well as the traditional Pad Thai. My favorite was the cashew chicken and I thought all of the spice levels were perfect at mild plus. The spring rolls were average at best and we probably wouldn't order them again. The portions were large enough to save some for another meal and the prices are reasonable. The food was ready for us to pick up at the exact time they predicted. Overall, a lot of negative reviews but we enjoyed it.

Waan Wonder world

The restaurant is good environment in a good location. The food are good and boba teas is good too anyway they served food as you order to go even you eat at the restaurant I think because they don’t have enough of people to work there. Well overall it’s good though.

Scott Haskins

I hate to only rate it 3. First couple of times were great here. Lately it is just not what it was. Last time I was there I ordered to go. People behind me also ordered to go. They got their stuff 20 minutes before I did...and they ordered the exact same thing as me.

Edward Porter

Best Thai in Grand Rapids. Always fresh ingredients. It is better to order for pickup and the the seating is limited. There are a few other locations as well.

Jenna T.

I just have to say how disappointing the food was that I ordered for take out. I realize you do lose something from a dish when you get it to-go, but I'm fairly certain whatever was "lost" wasn't there to begin with. The flavor of the pad-u was non-existent, and the noodles were so over cooked they formed more of a paste than a noodle. The peanut curry noodles were better on the flavor side, however the noodles were also overcooked so yet again with the paste. I'm feeling there is some inconsistency with the spice level. Having ordered mild+ for both, the pad-u had no spice and the curry noodles seemed to be extra spicy. The Tom Yum soup was an EPIC let down. The flavor was hard to place. What I find it comparable to is the bottom-of-a-pot of what was maybe "okay" Tom Yum soup that had water and a little salt added to make it a full-again-pot of "okay" Tom Yum soup. 2 stars, only because the curry noodles were edible.