Erb Thai

950 Wealthy St SE #1A, Grand Rapids
(616) 356-2573

Recent Reviews

Joe G

I really enjoy Erb Thai. They have great service. I?ve never had an issue with take out orders. If you want to dine in they have a few seats. It?s not very spacious but the staff is friendly. The food is always on point.

Delaney R.

This used to be my favorite Thai restaurant. Within the last few months, I have repeatedly experienced terrible customer service. The other day, they told me my food would be ready in 10 minutes. 20 minutes later, I was told that it would be another 20 minutes. The young girl at the front counter was extremely rude and didn't apologize. They never answer their phones anymore either. I don't know if the owners have changed or what, but I will not be returning. If you love paying $15 to wait around and feel disrespected then this is the perfect place for you!

Jared Richards

I like spicy hot food. If you know what Dave's Insanity Sauce is, you are probably on my level. Used properly, a bottle of Dave's Insanity Sauce will last me over a year. It's hot AF. Erb Thai knows spicy hot. Believe them, they are on the Dave's Insanity level of spicy hot. The food is amazing at medium level spicy heat. Medium was perfect for me. I just asked for the Insanity level spice on the side. If you go through more than 1 bottle of Dave's Insanity Sauce every year feel free to go nuts and ask for the hot level spice. If you don't know what Dave's Insanity Sauce is, medium spice level will blow your mind. The food taste amazing, don't ruin it going crazy on the hot spicy level. You can easily make it too hot.

Mitchell Braddock

Delicious fast thai food.


Wondering if your hours changed or you closed? 8 month pregnant lady wanting your delicious food and no one was there. Web site says you should be open.

HavokBeoulve .

Wondering if your hours changed or you closed? 8 month pregnant lady wanting your delicious food and no one was there. Web site says you should be open.


My sister in law brought over some of this food and it was excellent. Very tasty food. The place is clean and well kept. One of the best Thai places around.

Austin Dellinger

Best thia in town week days have better food weekends tend to be chaotic and randomly staffed at best but damn that food is good!

Lauren W.

I was recommended here by my boss. I love Thai food, but sometimes it's really hard to find good quality stuff. This exceeded my expectations. The pad thai was delicious. And when I asked for it to be extra spicy it was actually spicy. Normally when I order things spicy It's never enough. This was perfect exactly what I wanted. I cannot recommend this place enough. Like Thai food greatly suggest going here.

Joseph Garbini

The restaurant was quiet enough inside (which I like) so you don't have to yell at the people you are dining with. Very soothing music played. Food was great; had the Lime Leaf curry this time (excellent, especially with a little heat added), and will be back to try more. Others in my party had noodle bowls and loved them.

Zefram Korson

Very tasty food! The medium spice is a bit of an understatement and is very hot, coming from someone who enjoys spice, the "mild +" was a happy medium. Boba is pleasant but unexceptional.

Kathy DeMey

No dressing with the garden salad. Would not allow me to order the small side salad. Peanut sauce was like sweet melted peanut butter and chicken satay very disappointing. I've had better meals here.

JAMIE Montero

We have been coming here for over three years and as of last year their food has been very disappointing. It's a 50/50 draw on what you're gonna get. One day its delicious the next its poorly made and taste horrible and the person that takes me order never seems to get it right when I get my food even after I've repeated it to them and they've read it back to me. It'sreally sad because this place had alot of potential.

Tiffany Lynn

Every time Iâ??ve ordered from here theyâ??ve messed up our orders, and the portions are very small, so we learned our lesson and no longer eat here. Isnâ??t very good Thai in my opinion, youâ??re better off going to Lai Thai for much better food and service!

Mallika David

Great food! Poor dine-in service. The waitress decided for us when we were done and took away our water glasses, plates and all. Food was alright but definitely not spectacular

Evan M.

Had to update my review after giving this place 5 stars about 4 years ago. Unfortunately, Erb Thai has gone downhill in the last year or so - the food isn't as fresh tasting, and the customer service is awful and even non-existent at times. I can't even remember how many times I have tried to order over the phone and received just a busy signal, or a dial-up modem sound. Sometimes, they just close during regular business hours (that THEY post!), with no explanation at all. It's become an inconvenience to even crave their food anymore, because it's really a 50/50 chance that you'll even get the chance to order. It's obvious that the owners have not learned how to run a business from the customer service end, even after being open for so long. Bangkok Taste is a couple miles away and they are much nicer and are open during their stated business hours - try there instead of you have a craving for Thai.

Jessica Fields

Best Thai in GR. My absolute favorite. Sauces are AMAZING. Veggies are always so fresh. So so good.

Gabrielle Monique

My favorite restaurant in GR! Every time I'm downtown I ma my e a stop here! Always have good encounters with staff & food is never a disappointment!

Murjanatu-Olivia M.

So this is the second time I've tried this place. Mostly and practically specifically for their Boba tea. It is just not great at all both times I went there it wasn't cooked at all and the food was just subpar. But the Boba tea is disgusting there's a Boba place right next-door and they ask for you to visit this place when. It is closed it is closed often and does not even come close to serving real Boba. Heartbreaking for a real Boba fan

Kyle V.

Craving Thai food on a Sunday afternoon in GR is usually tough. Despite the number of poor reviews, my wife picked up Erb Thai takeout for dinner. We were honestly pretty surprised and we enjoyed it. A lot of people claim they are hit or miss, so maybe we caught them on a good day, but I have to give them the benefit of the doubt. We ordered three dishes as well as veggie spring rolls. The dishes were Chicken Pad Thai, Curry Pad Thai, and Cashew Chicken. The Pad Thai was better than our usual Thai restaurant in town but I still think it lacked a little bit of flavor. My wife loved her curry noodle dish as well as the traditional Pad Thai. My favorite was the cashew chicken and I thought all of the spice levels were perfect at mild plus. The spring rolls were average at best and we probably wouldn't order them again. The portions were large enough to save some for another meal and the prices are reasonable. The food was ready for us to pick up at the exact time they predicted. Overall, a lot of negative reviews but we enjoyed it.

Scott Haskins

I hate to only rate it 3. First couple of times were great here. Lately it is just not what it was. Last time I was there I ordered to go. People behind me also ordered to go. They got their stuff 20 minutes before I did...and they ordered the exact same thing as me.

Edward Porter

Best Thai in Grand Rapids. Always fresh ingredients. It is better to order for pickup and the the seating is limited. There are a few other locations as well.

Jenna T.

I just have to say how disappointing the food was that I ordered for take out. I realize you do lose something from a dish when you get it to-go, but I'm fairly certain whatever was "lost" wasn't there to begin with. The flavor of the pad-u was non-existent, and the noodles were so over cooked they formed more of a paste than a noodle. The peanut curry noodles were better on the flavor side, however the noodles were also overcooked so yet again with the paste. I'm feeling there is some inconsistency with the spice level. Having ordered mild+ for both, the pad-u had no spice and the curry noodles seemed to be extra spicy. The Tom Yum soup was an EPIC let down. The flavor was hard to place. What I find it comparable to is the bottom-of-a-pot of what was maybe "okay" Tom Yum soup that had water and a little salt added to make it a full-again-pot of "okay" Tom Yum soup. 2 stars, only because the curry noodles were edible.

Trisha Lynn

Horrible food - all salt and scallops weren't even cooked through.

Bethany Wanroy

Erb Thai is easily one of the better Thai places in GR - however this location definitely leaves a lot to be desired. I placed an order over the phone for take out and there was a bit of a technical difficulty and then the hostess put the phone down and completely forgot about me. I ended up hanging up and calling again and was finally able to talk to someone. They said it would be about 20-25 minutes for the order to be done and I arrived within 30 minutes and still had to wait another 15 for my order to come out. Store was also not very clean during my visit. Would recommend that you make the drive to the Standale location - way better staff and cleaner store!

Bethany Johnson

This is my most favorite restaurant. The food is so good. They're to go only now, but you can sit down to eat if you don't mind bussing your own table. Highly recommend the peanut curry with chicken.

Dr Pain

This is my favorite place to eat for the food alone (I recommend the peanut curry noodles) though they take their time making it, even in an empty restaurant. Great place for a quiet date but unless you order on phone, itll take you a while.

Tom Algai

Counter service and cheap prices. The food comes out very quickly and tastes great. There are lots of vegetarian options .

matthew g

I love Thai food, and Erb Thai is one of the better choices; however the food still doesn't taste "authentic". Staff usually on their phone, and my order has been messed up multiple times (though we still continue to go here regularly lol).

Alexis Reign

Iâ??ve been ordering for 3 years and their new chef is always late, burns food, and pretends to be the owner!! The food is good but they have a horrible chef now!! I waited 40 minutes for a 25 min meal then was denied the option to speak to a manager (the chef pretended to be the owner) and my fiancé was denied the order after I requested the manager/owners information for a complaint. Itâ??s 1 hr later still no food

Leanne M

I came here with a group expecting it to be much nicer. It was very very okay. The inside is small. Definitely not special or even particularly nice. There is not table service; you order at the counter and then sit down(at a table that is probably not very clean). The price is average-experience The food I had was very tasty however the inside appeared uncleanly and a couple of people who I came with noticed a cockroach. One member of my group also got sick right after eating his food.

Lauren Germond

I LOVE their chicken pad Thai but I live out of town now and every time Iâ??m in town and craving it, theyâ??re CLOSED. Theyâ??ve shut down 2/3 of their restaurants making it inconvenient to go to their Wealthy st. Store. They DONT OPEN until 5pm on Saturday! I tried ordering take out this past Saturday, waited til 5 on the dot to call and no one answered. Went out of our way to drive there and the store was closed with no notice and no post on Facebook. Awful customer service!

Aaron X

Love this place. Great food, good service, reasonably priced dishes. Their appetizers are delicious too.....Iâ??ll be back!

Michael C

I've given this joint a couple of chances. They allow substitutions but charge $1 extra for any additions, including, if you prefer certain items over others, a single dish can be extraordinarily the portions are small. Taste is, I guess about the kindest thing I can say about Erb Thai is 'meh!'

Kekoa C.

The fundamentals are just so off here. The Tom Yum and Tom Kha were soooo salty, making them inedible. We had two curries with beef. The beef was super mushy and came with only 6 slices. Also, the potatoes in my masaman curry were cold in the middle. Super disappointing. Do yourself a favor and go to Bangkok Taste instead.

Kasey B.

Went specifically for bubble tea. Tapioca boba were hard and dry. Waste of money. Hopefully the food is better, but don't go for the tea.

Hank H.

Generally get take out so I can eat it while I watch football on the television. They have Curry Pad Thai that I enjoy. Good spice (medium) and they take the bean sprouts out for me. I tell you what, this place is fine be me.

Kelsey M

The curry fried rice and the crab cheese appetizer is my go to meal! It is so good and so fresh! They are always very friendly and patient while you decide what to order.

Andy S.

Can be really good, but unfortunately it's hit or miss. Last night was a miss. I ordered medium spicy as usual but this time it was barely edible because it was so hot. The rice had been cooked so long it was a gummy paste. Poor consistency.

Stephan H.

They do a ton of takeout business, but the food is so much better if you can grab one of the five tables and dying inside. Dishes are pretty good, but if you order something "Thai hot" it is so loaded with dried chilies that it is crunchy to eat. I love hot food, but I think they're just being jerks.