Fat Boy Burgers

2450 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids
(616) 447-2200

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White C.

SUMMARY: Some of the food is fine, some of it is...not great. It's a bit pricey. The burgers tasted good enough. We like the buns they use. They gave a decent amount of sauce and toppings with the burgers, and I like the barbecue this place uses. That said, the burgers taste like very generic meat and toppings you could easily put together at home. Plus, our burgers were a bit overdone. About half of our onion rings were also overdone. The onion rings are really not good. Not inedible, just not a good batter. One onion ring was made from an inedible, papery ribbon from the outer layer of an older onion, so no matter how much I chewed, I couldn't get my teeth through it. The fries were pretty tasteless. The fresh cut fries (straight fries) weren't salted, and as pictures from other users show, they were super soggy. The chili fries were also without seasoning, it seems, and somehow covering them in chili did absolutely nothing to add any flavor to the dish. The service was pleasant and timely. Overall, I just can't justify coming back to this place, especially for the price. The fact that so many people rave about this place is proof that you can't trust anyone. If you want a basic burger and fries like this place offers, Bridge Street Burger Shack up in Rockford. It's better and cheaper.

Amanda Hardy

Very great place to go, old school flat top grill and cooks that know how to use it. Service is super friendly and quick. Much neater and newer inside then the outter building implies. Great spot for any meal, excited to go again. Great prices, great menu.


I decided to give them a try after not eating there in quite some time. Service was decent, but food was VERY expensive for what you get! A single burger and onion rings was over $13 and NOT something that was worth that amount. Also, there was a customer that left that was complaining about flies in the dining room, and the manager brushed her off and then continued to speak of that incident for about 5 mins after they left, as well as talking about politics with another customer. That's fine if they talk about those things in front of their customers, just be prepared to have people that won't come back if they don't align to the beliefs that you do. Best to keep those things talked about behind closed doors in my opinion. I definitely wouldn't recommend this place to anyone I know...

Haso Keric

1. The Wait staff is inexperienced. It's a pandemic so I won't hold it against2. The cups are damaged, those are 1$ cups and yours are like 50yrs old, the cola sign faded, and is chipped. Do you even care about your business?3. The onion rings are actually a disgrace to onion rings around the world. Burnt.4. Fries are not great at all, check out Bosna Express or Freddy's learn the art of fries.5. Burger is just a burger Similar to Steak n Shake. My friend Jay makes better burgers and he is pretty bad.

Walt Moore

Yes you will like Fat Boys.

Darlene Kline

We’ve known & gone here many many years & they have been open for many more years & the food has always been fabulous! Never have they goofed up our orders:) Love them!!!!! Glad to see they’ve made it thru the bad times. Recently remodeled too. Looks great!

K D Flagg

Looking for Olive burgers we found this spot while visiting Grand Rapids. The buns were kind of sale the lettuce was wilted not a good place additionally the onion rings were very greasy. It's been pleasant on the outside and the inside but okay the server was very nice, but the burger was awful.

Tammy Renae

Biscuits & gravy were the best my bf has had in years (4 stars for that reason). My french toast was good, as well as the crispy bacon that came with it. Portions were good. Coffee was nothing to write home about. Waiter was nice, helpful and patient with us. Positive experience, so we will be back ?

C&N Coolsen

Great food. Excellent service.


The food is SO good! Adorable little place, good service and well priced! Best fried pickles I've ever had!!

John McAllaster

Comparing our lunch time experience to the reviews, quality definitely depends on the short order cook. Our timing was bad.

Travis Kurtz

My wife and I went for breakfast this morning and were disappointed with the quality of the food. Her potatoes were not fully cooked, and both items (breakfast sliders and corned beef hash) were very dry. The waitstaff was friendly and happy to accommodate us.

Reo Bg

Food was served in take out throw away containers. I had to ask for a fork twice for my very small side salad that tasted like there was dirt in the lettuce. A few bites in, I gave up. Our hotdogs were way over done. The chimney burger ordered was huge. The waitress sighed every time new people came through the door and complained about no cups being clean and needing to do dishes. This was my first time here.

Steve H.

Delicious. Friendly Service. Comfortable atmosphere. Good to see the old NorthEast side place still doing business.


We went over to my grandma’s house and decided to order fat boy for brunch l ordered the pancakes with chocolate chips and by the time we got our order the pancakes were ruined there was burnt chocolate chips and l only got to eat one the Belgian waffle was OK but if you go for brunch do NOT order the chocolate chips on pancakes

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