Fat Boy Burgers

2450 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids
(616) 447-2200

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Mike M (LordGlarp)

It's unfortunate that I didn't take a picture of my meal. The burger was absolutely fantastic!The astetic is small town burger joint mixed with some music themes. It's a very clean establishment with a kind wait staff.If your fortunate to bump into the owner, he is an absolute joy to chat with, and makes one hell of a burger!If you appreciate a good burger and fries, do yourself a favor and check this place out. Don't pass up this gem!!!

Marc Right

Mediocre. There are better burger places close by.I stopped here for late lunch with my brother recently. Got a cheese burger, fries, chocolate malt. Burger tasted fine but the sorry, small handful (child sized hand) of fries made me do a doubletake. Fries are still made from potatoes right? The menu used a whole page (of the 3) to tell you all the things they won't do for you. It's a shame that some businesses view customers as such a burden. My malt was listed in the menu as "20 oz." yet arrived in a 16 oz. red plastic glass. Was it packed in? Finally, the place could use some cleaning, certainly in the bathroom.

Bears S.

The burgers are very very very good here and as you can see my friend stuffed his face with them.

Ryan K.

This place is your classic straight fire burger place. Solid burgers and fried food side options. These diner-esque burger joints feel like returning home, and Fat Boy beings you there. Friendly neighborhood staff with the a classic grill guy flipping patties through the kitchen window. A slice of America through and through.

Anthony West

Stumbled into this place one evening with my brother. This food was awesome! If you go, you've gotta try the Sloppy Boy! Best burger I've ever had!It's a regular spot for my family now.❤️??

Daniel Andrella

Service was excellent. The dining room was clean as were the bathrooms. Sadly, the hamburgers are not good. First time here so I just ordered a plain cheeseburger so that I could taste everything. The bun that the hamburger is served on is way too much, way too dense, took a lot away from the hamburger patty. Overpowering. I could not tell if the bun was stale or just meant to be that way. Was not good bottom line. I will go for a second visit someday and try their breakfast. But no reason to try the hamburger again

Carley Morrison

The food is delicious diner quality and I love it.

Don D.

A classic in GR. Been around a long time and for good reason. Hope they do well. Great burgers and breakfast - love the coffee in the old school mugs!

Reuben Reyes

Had breakfast and it was good. Place was busy and waiter took good care of us. Coffee was refilled in a timely manner and the order priced right. They also have great burgers! ?


One of my coworkers recommended Fat Boy’s as we were all craving burgers. All four of us ordered burgers and a variety of sides. I got the Fat Boy Burger with a side of fried mushrooms. It was perfection! The portion sizes are quite large and everything was cooked very well. Even ordering online was easy and the food was great even not being “fresh” as we carried out rather than dined in. Needless to say I was quite useless the rest of the afternoon! Totally worth it!

Nathanial Creek

This place will be missed. I will no longer be able to walk down the road to visit. This is a cute little brunch diner that always gives me a food coma afterwards. The pancakes are a classic, however, recently I tried their burger with Egg and Bacon....wow! Might not look as modern and up to date, but the chef and staff are prompt and kind. If you enjoy people watching as much as I do, sit at the booths and creep away.

Mark Coykendall

Wanted to try this place for 30 years. Finally stopped and got The Fat Boy(classic 1/3 lb olive burger with cheese). The handmade onion rings are the best I have ever had. Midrange prices for quality food. I will be back for more.

Kel Lat

Love this place for breakfast. Great selection, good food, and good service.Won't be back for lunch. Food not great, but was hot. Service was not good (and we were there during off time).

Aaron Merritt

Decent little meal. Probably a buck or two more than it should have been compared to relative places and what you get. Handful of fries and a burger that easily fits in the palm of your hand. But the taste was good, food came out at a decent pace. Service was attentive. In and out in under 30 minutes at lunch time seemed like an alright turnaround too.


Been a family favorite for many many many years (several decades, actually). Now is my son's favorite spot to eat a burger. So happy to see this place still standing after so much time.

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