Fish Lads

435 Ionia Ave SW #107a, Grand Rapids
(616) 259-7009

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Hillary Goode

Fantastic seafood as always and their scallops can't be beat! Also, their house smoked salmon ends and pieces are favorite of my 9 year old. She requests them for her school lunch box every day!

John Carroll

Lobster roll was delicious! Not quite as big as what you might get from places I've been in Massachusetts, but not a real complaint all things considered being in Michigan. Fries that came with it were good as well and more than I could finish on my own.

Kashyap Sigdel

The actual quality of fish was great. Had to wait for several minutes to even get someone to take our order despite it not being super busy but other than that, no complaints.

Kelly M.

Fish Lads is delicious and important to me. I try to purchase seafood that is properly sourced and I've read that the Fish Lads owner doesn't the same and it's what inspired him to open Fish Lads. The selection of fresh seafood does not disappoint!!! They have options of fish I'd never heard of and it's fun to pick out new things to put on my smoker, and they always give information on sourcing. The real kicker is the salmon jerky-- origin "heaven" and it is the real deal. I have to hide my baggie when I pack it for work lunch or I have eyes on me the entire time wondering if I have any to share. The Lads also offer food prepped for you. My bestie and I shared a lobster roll, I've had the halibut fish and chips, and clam chowder. Food probably takes around ten minutes to make. My final note is the staff-- they're killing it and always make my experience a good one. Everyone is friendly and helpful and don't mind when I order 3+ pounds of heavenly salmon jerky. I made the mistake of shopping on Thanksgiving Eve and the line wrapped around to the entrance doors of the market hall but the staff didn't miss a beat, keeping track of orders with a smile on their face. Fish Lads is a 100% must visit, time and time again.

Chris Ducsay

My husband met the wonderful owner today and told him how impressed we are with the quality and freshness of the food. My husband had smoked fish, which was delicious. I had the lobster roll, which was delicious, lots of tasty fresh lobster, just a touch of mayo, and every bite mouthwatering. I had the slaw instead of fries which was also very, very good. There are many items on the menu we are interested in trying at Fish Lads. High quality seafood with fresh ingredients!!!

Kim D.

If you like seafood and are in Downtown Market, you MUST check this place out. All of the fish in the display case is so fresh and beautiful, and they sell a bunch of sauces and spices to compliment it if you want to cook at home. If you want to eat on site, they make exceptional fish-based meals that are prepped as they are ordered. I got the soft-shell crab po' boy and it was incredible. The bread is made at the bakery next door, and it shows. The sauces and other ingredients are all super fresh as well. If fish sounds good, I highly recommend these guys!

Alicia R.

I got shrimp ceviche, crab/artichokedip and salmon jerky. All of it was fantastic. I didn't even know salmon jerky was a thing but it'd good!

Irene K.

This is THE place to find fresh fish in GR - the only place for decent oysters if you're looking for supplies for your Christmas Eve oyster stew. The options, smell, and visual display are amazing. Worth a trip just for the experience, even if you don't buy anything!

Chris Dyer

Grossly overpriced. We paid $34ea for 2 lobster rolls and average fries. We will stick with getting our lobster rolls for $11 less with far better fries in Muskegon.

Janel P.

Yummy and Yummy, everything we've had has been excellent. Best fish and chips in town!

Carol P.

Best perch I've had in a very long time. Fresh, I mean FRESH. The flavors were present. Perfectly fried, not greasy. I can't wait to order more, but there is so much more on their board that I have to try. Great place!

Busted & Boosted

Great Soft Shell Po' Boy

dennis g

Went for lunch and to buy fish for meals during the week. Walked up to counter only to big ignored by employee looking at me from a few feet away. Never came to take order. Figured they were busy but no customers around. Walked around, came back, another staffer did the same thing. Made eye contact and walked away. I guess you don’t need customers anymore to dig out of a pandemic. $200.00 stayed in my pocket.

Jerome A.

Man oh man. I was so hyped to revisit the Downtown Market in Grand Rapids, especially hearing about Fish Lads and the delicious sounding options they offered. Sadly, they couldn't even get fish and chips right. Shaking my damn head. Fish tacos? Fuhgetaboutit. Sucked. Fish tacos were inundated with slaw and beans, which took away from the limited flavor of the small amount of fish each taco held. The fried tortilla chips were probably the stalest chips I've ever had from an actual restaurant. So yea. $15 down the drain. And now the piece de resistance; the overpriced and deeeeply fried fish and chips. My word. We tried both cod and perch. Both fried into oblivion, far from the golden brown they were suppose to be. Fries were pretty good tho. I don't like dogging places but c'mon. Sadly it was Fathers Day weekend and my dad wanted fish and chips. I'm not mad, Fish Lads, I'm just disappointed.


Have eaten here before and it was good. Last Sunday with out of town company we got their fish and chips to go. If it hadn't been storming I would have taken it back. They overloaded us with fries and the fish was so overcooked that it was dry and tasteless. Our guests were not impressed, we won't be back.

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