Kiosk E100C, 3195 28th St SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 816-1066

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Cate Alumkal

absolutely horrible customer service don’t recommend wasting your time with this Jamba.

LeeManuel Grover

Horrible worst experience and customer service I've received. For one I always went to Jamba juice out of state so was excited one came to grand rapids. I signed up for the 50% off my first drink then the workers refused to give it to me because "you have to wait 20 minutes until the coupon comes through" even though I showed them that the coupon was on my account. So i waited 30 minutes still no resolution so I decided to pay and tried scanning my QR code to receive points she told me she didn't know how! So I spent my money had no points or no 50% off. Then they had the nerve to give me a nasty smoothie super bitter. I wouldn't spend my money here again if it was the last place on earth.

Anthony Cummings


Tricia Ross

Cashier was very impatient and unwilling to answer questions

Mark Williams

Smoothie was great. Travis was very friendly and personable. The other guy that was working (Richard or Robert maybe) Seemed to be in a really sour mood and seemed to be slamming stuff in the back and even threw a part of a blender on the ground and kick it to the side and would complain to the girl in the back about things and just seemed to have a real attitude problem. I don't think your restaurant is a good fit for him and maybe he should consider a career not in customer service.

Gina Lorey

Work space looks messy and workers were rude when I ordered. Chrissy was not very helpful.

David Foster

Terrible experience, terrible setup, and system. 15 mins to get a smoothie that I could have made at home 10x quicker. They should probably be out of business.

Terry Pham

Got my drink, they looked busy but got it out at a good pace. Thanks (especially robert)


thank you for working hard during the rough, tough, and busy times ???

Sean Ramsdell

peanut butter mood. The service was spectacular.

jessica young

Gross!!! All i could taste was tartness of the apple juice in.my strawberry banana smoothie.. woodland mall needs to bring back surf city squeeze that was my fav place for a smoothie!

Vittoria Lange

Workers were very rude. Had an attitude about everything you asked.

Emily Dalziel

Juices are amazing, but terrible service. Lady with long braids yelling and screaming and refusing to help. Absolutely disgusting service.

K W.

Pretty good smoothie. I ordered the Kid's Strawberry, Banana and Blueberry Smoothie. It was dark purple and not too sweet, more sour like a blueberry. The cup was so small and cute! There were two frozen blueberries on the bottom of the cup so I got to eat them. I couldn't really taste enough banana. It was a great experience for my "mom and son" date. I decided to come get a smoothie instead of boba this week (: and it was good. My mom even stopped by DQ and got me a chili cheese dog (which is my favorite at the mall because I AM Sonic the Hedgehog!). The two girl workers were nice.

Sean Ramsdell

I can never get enough

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