Kava Kasa

962 Cherry St SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 649-0177

Recent Reviews

Dennis Robinson

Wow...what an experience. I can't even fathom how I would be able to describe the experience you get from the kava. I can tell you that you will be greeted with an awesome environment and a friendly face! Just listen, try Kava Kasa!

Peter Medlock

Amazing and weird. Awesome place

Bonka H.

ThIs place sucks. Hate the atmosphere and rude. I won't give them my money. Not clean an unsanitary!

Julia K.

This place is absolutely amazing. My friends and I started going here because we're in recovery and don't drink, but still like to go out and have fun. Kava Kasa provides the perfect environment. They have live music every now and then and a variety of board games. The seating is comfy as well, ranging from a bar style to couches. If you have not tried Kava, I would absolutely encouraged you to do so. It truly helps relax the mind and body. The owner is amazing as well and has always let us bring our dogs in when we have them. Can't say enough good things about this place.

bianca kirt

The ambience is good for the soul.


Really chill atmosphere. Very nice and informative worker. I'm sad it's the only kava bar in MI. Great place to relax!

Mellissa Manzagol

Unique in Michigan and luckily in Grand Rapids! Kava is quite earthy in taste but wonderfully relaxing for mind and body.

j.j. bobasho

IDK I just went there for the first time today. This week they're offering a 20 percent discount if you show an ID from my school, so I'm planning a weeklong exploration of kava (: tried the most basic one today, will try the middle one tomorrow

Susan Coombes

Friendly and helpful staff, comfy chairs, nice place

Adam Baker

Cool place, cool vibe! Great selection and add-ons and flavors

Bjoern Hamberger

Relaxed and refreshingly quirky, artsy atmosphere. First time visit, will come again if around, marked on map.

Devin Charlton

Good atmosphere and very friendly and helpful barista for newcomers.

Luna W

I absolutely love this place! The atmosphere here is so nice and it's so nice to have a place to talk to people with a beverage that isn't coffee and opens you up. I've had a lot of really cool interactions here and have met a ton of really cool people! I will definitely be back!

Lanai Cane

Great, unique choices of drinks, including Kava and Cacao both with health benefits, great service and a nice atmosphere.

Chelsea Holley

Great service and teas! A great place to chill

Travis Nelson

Chill atmosphere with a plant that is needed in today's society more than ever.


Really good, especially their pina coladas. If you want kava in your drink, it's pretty expensive, but it's otherwise super affordable for what you get. It's also super lgbt friendly, and nicely kept. My only complaint is that they don't really offer any food to go with your drink other than trail mix or fruit.

Levi Fallstrom

everyone takes great care to learn about you and what led you to try it out. the bartenders are great at explaining what to expect when trying Kava and Kratom. this place has helped me travel down the path of sobriety and I am forever grateful for that.

Bill C

Parking is limited,as is seating, but very nice place. Barista was very knowledgeable about Kava, and took his time to explain it to us. Will definitely revisit.

Colin Rahn

Incredibly friendly staff and a great selection of beverages you can't get anywhere else in Michigan. Try kava and see why the regulars here love it so much.

Drew Looyenga

Kava Kasa is a comfy establishment. They offer several coffees and teas in addition to the main draw, the Kava drinks.

Ethan Van Sant

Came for lunch and it was packed! That didn't stop the 3 man kitchen from churning out great food in short(ish) time. As a college student, the prices are friendly and you really can't beat their "Pulled Tea" on a cold day.

talal arshad

They will try to sell you by telling all of its advantages but as far as my experience goes, it's just a regular kahwa. Seems the same one you can find at many Arabic coffee shops/restaurants. Nothing special, all the mind and body calmness stuff is ridiculous - it pretty much just seems like a marketing pitch. Overall, I would not go again unless I'm in real need of a nice atmosphere to chill around with friends.

dan rosie

Stopped in on the recommendation of a colleague. As recommended ordered the premium double. What can you say, the taste is definitely not the best you will ever find, but that is part of the fun. As you drink you can feel the tingle in your mouth. After a while you start to get a numbing sensation and then the relaxation hits. That entire day of stress just washing away. I am truly sold on this wonderfully undeliscious concoction. No doubt I will be back for more soon.

Skye Schader

Since giving up alcohol at the beginning of this year, this place has become my new go-to spot. I love its chill vibe, wide selection of drinks (from kava to plain 'ol cocoa), friendly staff/patrons and late-night hours - which still gives me the social satisfaction of feeling like I'm at the bar, but without the temptation to put poison in my body to have a good time! As an added bonus, I have noticed they have super plush toilet paper!! Haha. Nothing but good things to say about this place.

Amanda D.

Caution!!! There are so many fake reviews! The coffee is good. The atmosphere is strange at best, the creepy regulars that hang at the counter will gossip about you if you order coffee instead of kava. All around strange experience.

Leah M.

I was shocked to see a Kava bar in the area and stopped in earlier today. The staff was really cool and accommodating. My drink was tasty and relaxing. They are the only Kava bar in the state and are promoting an amazing root with amazing benefits. Definitely a spot to check out

Jess h.

The positive reviews here must speak to the unique subculture of kava. During the two hours that I was here, I eavesdropped on conversations primarily about kava- first time experiencing it, the different strains, etc. Creepy of me perhaps, but they were hard to ignore. People seem to here for the "experience of kava"- not to socialize, get work done, or enjoy a tasty beverage. Speaking of taste, I found it almost unbearable- and I like earthy drinks. It was the bitterness, coupled with the unpleasant cold (especially on a dreary, wet day) that make it hard to choke down. They'll give you tips on things you can do to not taste it, but overall, $6 for the simplest drink seemed a steep price to pay for a disgusting drink that seemed to offer similar relaxing effects as many other things. The atmosphere is confusing too- doesn't really lend itself to cozy socializing or getting work done. Mural is super cheesy, lighting and furniture are cold and unwelcoming, fake tiki bar is just... odd. I'm excited GR has some different offerings other than hipster coffee joints. This just isn't my cup of tea.

Marc G.

kava is the best and this place is a second home for anyone trying to stop by

Alex J.

Amazing atmosphere. Highly knowledgeable and passionate staff. I was sold the minute the barista explained what this miracle plant does and HAS been doing for generations. You MUST try Kava, and Kava Kasa is the place to do so. I LOVE THIS PLACE!

Nathan Djomoah

Have been visiting Kava every odd month or two since last Fall and will still keep on coming back. The atmosphere is very relaxed, the staff and regulars are always open to you--new or returning, and the roster of drinks they provide make it an adventure to try out at least everything. If you need a quiet place to chill while sipping on some tea or trying to finish that one paper, Kava Kasa GR is the place to go. Bula~!

Ryan Zentz

Definitely interesting. I had a "Cloud Chaser" with milk, sweetener, and pumpkin spice flavoring. Wasn't terrible but it's probably an acquired taste. My colleague had the same with just milk and could barely get it down. The mouth feel is that of Chloroseptic, tongue and lips were kinda numb and it definitely had a calming effect. A little expensive but never know until you try.

Seamus Moon

Great kava. Fun atmosphere awesome and friendly staff. Owner is terrific. One of my favorite places in GR. A real gem.

Andrew Dwarshuis

I go to Kava Kasa all the time and I love it! It's relaxing, relieving, and therapeutic. They play great music and have wonderful live music from time to time! Great place with great people! Service is top notch!

Russ V.

Well..... The nice lady described Kava as tasting "earthy". I think it tastes like dirt. As far as the benefits, well.... nothing worse will happen to you that day. Looking it up, it comes with a risk of liver damage. The coffee is just so so. It has a nice decor. I will not be back, I suggest any coffee house instead.

kdsr 300

Nice place and experience. First time there and staff was helpful about what to expect and made time there nice. Kava was good. Served cold which I did not expect but was good. It is pricey for a drink but was a nice time. Will definitely go again.

Nika D.

This was my first experience with Kava kava and the barista Lindsey made me feel right at home. Lindsay was patient and too time to explain each product, what I could expect, and made suggestions. The environment a Kava Kasa is very warm and inviting; certainly a place you could spend a few hours! Their prices were reasonable (although I have no idea what is normal for Kava tea) and they had lots of options to suit your palette. I will certainly be back!

Kristin Vander Linde

Aloha!!ð???ð??ºð??´ Nice tropical sort of atmosphere. Kava is a new thing to find for most people in GR so be aware a Kava smoothie is $10. I have also had their Golden Milk which is super yums! I love that Kava Kasa is open late and has a cozy coffee shop feel, tucked away on Cherry street. Love that they have lots to choose from including Raw Cacao on the menu!! Yay for plant healing :) You can buy raw powdered Kava here. It looks like there is live music here too! The music they play on the speakers is chill and peaceful. The chair and tables are comfy and nice. Taken from their PowerPoint playing: "Kava is an herb used ceremonially in the South Pacific Islands for its ability to promote relaxation without effecting cognitive function. Eases anxiety and creates peacefulness and oneness. Kava is free of side effects and non addictive, it is calming and enhances perception, awareness, and clarity of thought." Lateral Root/Body Kava Effects: Muscle Relaxing Joint Pain Relief Boosts Immune System Fatigue & Insomnia Relief Inflammation Relief Basal/Mind Kava Benefits: Relieves Anxiety Stress Relied Focus Clarity Stimulating Energy

Stephen S.

Excellent service and a unique experience. Ricardo provides a great environment for socializing, productivity, and relaxing-- all without inebriation.

Amanda L.

So I'm an idiot and walked I here with my husband and 16 year old step daughter for a "pick me up", thinking he and I had ordered coffees ( mine straight up/every day shot and his an iced coffee), and my 16 year old step daughter was getting a mango smoothie. It was not a smoothie and coffee that we ordered and we knew this immediately when we took our first sip and our tongue and lips went numb. Turns out it's Kava, a root that has medicinal antiseptic properties that help with pain, anxiety, mental clarity, and can be a sleep aid. It is legal to sell, and I can now say from experience, it does not create a high, just a chilled out vibe and maybe less body pains. Once we realized this and googled exactly what we had all drank, we were all okay with this, but it would've been helpful if the staff explained things more or if there was additional signage. My step daughter mango smoothie was legit delicious and you could hardly taste the kava in it. That said, I'm not sure if it was because she was 16, it was her first time with Kava or if the mango smoothie just has more Kava in it, but she complained of not feeling her face after half of it, so we told her to stop drinking it. My husband iced coffee was bland as ice coffees go but it helped with the Kava taste. He finished his and took a nap at home. My "every day" single shot with no cream and no sugar was horrific to taste and I would not recommend it at all unless you like Kava already. I doctored mine up at home with a lot of milk, ice coffee and vanilla extract and it was actually pretty good. I drank all of mine that way and felt relaxed but still productive making dinner at home. I'm giving this place 3 stars because the smoothie was legit good (minus making my daughters face numb). But I wish they would've had additional signage about the product or explained things more. I'm also not sure if selling a smoothie to someone under 18, is 100% a good idea. So there you have- a review of one families experience trying Kava.