Midwest Fried Chicken

725 Eastern Ave SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 647-5634

Recent Reviews

Tay Tay

Okay liquor store

Manny Phresh

Th fish was so fried it was chewy. And I got like 20 fries lol not worth the 30 + dollars I paid for 2 meals 2 cans of pop and delivery imo.

Collin Blatt

Chicken tastes like it is frozen pre-breaded and then fried. Super greasy.

Markel James

Deliver driver was given completely different order.

Laughing Sage

Great food!

Dimitri Keith

I wouldn’t refer anyone to eat from this place I ordered from this place for the first time Nd wasn’t pleased at all for rolls I got a bag of hot dog buns instead and ordered strawberry cheesecake and got a plan and smashed cheesecake the chicken was cold to the point on everything my kids wouldn’t even eat it Nd they love chicken

Tim D.

The wings smell like a fresh pack of baby diapers and taste like they were brined in a puddle. The sauce portion is a joke. Baskins gives bigger ice cream samples than what you pay for here.Updated review after finding hair in my order.

Brian L

So I order Uber eats at 9pm the food never showed up,, and it 11:13pm don’t order from them, when I called they were closed,, nice business practice,, but charged my credit card,, shady

Rebekah Erin Burge

delicious!!! I liked the pic of obama and mlk on walls. friendly guys.

Tina S.

Never again!! The chicken tasted burnt, the fries were soggy and rubbery. We ordered Pepsi and got nasty Coke even though they listed Pepsi on their menu. The mashed potatoes were kind of like rubber but tasted like Styrofoam and the gravy was soupy and no flavor. I paid over $50.00 for a meal for 3 people and got crap for a meal that we couldn't even eat it all. They use Styrofoam and it's a very low grade Styrofoam that can't take the heat. The chicken was so hot that is was melting the Styrofoam. Our dinner boxes were literary stuck together because they has melted together. We had to remove the skin of some of the chicken because some of the Styrofoam was melted to the chicken. The Styrofoam containers they put the mashed potatoes and gravy in were even starting to shrink from the heat. This would explain why they tasted like Styrofoam. I sure hope we do not get sick from the Styrofoam. Anyway I would never eat here again and if you are wise you will take my advice or find out through your pocket what an expensive mistake you made.

Leah Volz

Same kind of chicken place

Chyna Johnson

There is no good communication they take money off your card without even giving you the food then say the order was canceled also when you call they fast talk you then hang up plus you can’t understand anything they’re saying

The Oracle

Pretty good. But new. Give it time to really test it given the area.

Amrinder Pelia

Good tasting food and exceptional customer service

Chantel Mills

Receivee my order thru Uber eats..food was hot but no seasoning on it or in the bag. Coke pop was flat and two pieces of ice. Fries didnt have any salt either. I'm keep getting disappointed by the "hood" restaurants except for Four Brothers. These people should learn consistancy from them.

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