Pop up Burger

1445 Lake Dr SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 258-8350

Recent Reviews

Jimi Arizola

Pop-Up Burger wins the Grand-wich in my heart

Braden Baldwin

Awesome. Get it.

Ryan W.

Love this place! The chicken tacos have a nice fresh flavor that will fill you up without making you feel like you need a nap after you're done.

Linda Goulet

The highest quality food with great flavors. Also lots of vegetarian options.

Michael M.

Hard to get takeout breakfast right, but they do. Even with a random piece of plastic in my hash (it happens no biggie) it was delicious. And other dishes we've had were consistently good. Online ordering didn't really work so had to call but that's fine. Overall a good option in Eastown for sure.

Luke B.

this place is so awesome. Coffee, or food. I got the hash and a french toast latte, and I was so passionate about it, I had to write a review.

Darrel Murray Smith Jr.

Yo. I cannot say enough good things about this place. They have become a part of my families daily (sometimes we miss a day or two) routine.

Gary W.

Coffee is delicious. Not sure about the food because we had bagels at Terra Bagel but the coffee there was awful so walking back to the car we spotted this place and what a pleasant surprise to get a real latte.

Esther C.

That Early Bird NEVER fails me. You can probably tell that my favorite is either the Avocado Smash or Eggs Divorciados! But honestly, I can promise you'll enjoy anything and everything on the menu. Street parking isn't too fun so if you're close by, it's a great stop for breakfast/brunch after a jog! My friend and I stopped by after our run but had forgotten our masks :-( Luckily, the staff provided! Outdoor seating only so not many seats available depending on when you arrive! Can do takeout. Contactless pay! Super friendly staff.

Taylor V.

I love the atmosphere, the staff, and coffee is great! The food however isn't great. Pretty plain. I got the astro and there was a very thin piece of Gouda, and little dill mayo. The sandwich was pretty plain. My husband got the breakfast hash with chorizo and it was good, just not great. Kinda plain, in terms of seasoning and taste. Great service, awesome that they use biodegradable products and coffee is awesome, just food was good just not great.

Sue Kowalski Ellis

I was there yesterday for lunch and had the vegan options tacos burrito and nachos. I give you a perfect 10! What a satisfying meal- I did share !

Heather F.

The employees seemed irritated to be there but the food was awesome and I like the aesthetic. I would definitely go back!

Shuan C.

My photo somehow got deleted but rest assured, the food looked beautiful. I'm happy that this is one of those hippy millennial places that not only looks great but tastes amazing as well. As a hippy millennial, I loved everything about my meal. I got the biscuits and gravy while my husband got the eggs divorciado. The flavors were phenomenal. We also shared the baked French toast which was equally delicious. The gravy was one of the best gravies to have ever been poured over biscuits. The Latin infusion into this dish was something I had never considered before but should be done more often. My favorite version of this dish ever. Their fresh squeezed grapefruit was refreshing as well. Highly, highly recommend. Only downside is the parking. There is none. But the 2 block walk was nice since it's Eastown and worth it in my opinion.

Sarah G.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I wanted to take a friend out to brunch, and I chose That Early bird. That Early Bird is in Eastown in a popular location. It was hard to find a parking spot, and there was a line up to the counter where people ordered food. We had to We sat at the counter in front of a big bay window as the sun shone in. I ordered a lox and salmon sandwich and we shared a stack of vegan coconut pancakes. The food was delicious, some would say the portions were small, but I say reasonable. It was a bit expensive for what I got, but the ingredients were fresh.

Ashley L.

Went to That Early Bird this morning for breakfast with my 1 and a half year old. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little worried whether or not they would have high chairs (I've noticed there's quite a few places around town that don't), but fear not!! They had a whole stack of them! Woot! We ended up ordering the blueberry lavender scone (which my daughter DEMOLISHED, and I got to have a little nibble of), it was reeally good! The lavender isn't too overpowering and there's a perfect balance of flavor and moisture so the scone wasn't at all overly dense or dry. We also got a side of roasted potatoes, which were seasoned perfectly. And I got a chorizo burrito. It was SO good. I was mildly skeptical at first just because it was a burrito that they warmed up from their cooler- but they are all made in house and seriously so delicious! We will definitely be coming back!

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