435 Ionia Ave SW, Grand Rapids
(616) 724-4866

Recent Reviews

Raven B.

I wish I didn't live all the way in California I'd eat here everyday! Can't wait to go back some day!!

Jay .1d

I’ve ordered real Thai twice now on Uber eats and it’s been horrible. Uber was fine it’s just the food was terrible. I ordered orange chicken and “fried rice” which was extremely expensive for something that was packed so SMALL. First of all the “fried rice” was literally just soy sauce and white rice ... no veggies either. Definitely disappointed. AND the chicken is always hard !!!! Disgusting!!!

Gannie Warrington

I had a hankering for Thai while visiting from out of town. We ordered four entrees for four people and could have gotten by with three. The chicken Pad Thai was good. The peanut curry was very flavorful. The drunken noodles were delicious. I think we all agreed that our favorite was the Beef Bulgogi. The crab cheese wontons weren't great. The fries as mentioned by another reviewer were surprisingly good. The prices were very reasonable. They had my food all ready in about 10 minutes.

Juan Cabrera

Worst fake Thai food every had you might as well compare this to Panda Express

Karen E.

Update - we had delivery clear out to 3Mile area via Grubhub, and it was perfect - great delicious break in the routine, and felt great to support a local business

Claude Tenel

The frozen bubble tea is the absolute best, and I've loved every worker that's interacted with me! The location in the downtown market is amazing too. I recommend getting a punch card to earn a free drink.

Aron Mitchell

Who mixes the orange chicken with the fried rice? Seriously? Fried rice is $3 extra. No veggies! No fried egg. Just rice in soy sauce. I think. Cuz being that this place just crams everything in one very small container, the rice was smothered with orange sauce. Just gross!

Becky T.

This is not good thai. This isn't even good american thai. It's extremely bland and the portions are small. I ordered Pad Thai recently, took two bites and threw it out because it tasted like watery noodles. Some of their dishes may be forgivable if the price was right, but it is in fact overpriced. I would save your money and if you are craving Thai make the drive and check out Little Bangkok in Cascade! You won't regret it. Or if you need somewhere near downtown to check out, I think Mai's Thai and Angels Thai are both pretty good. Rak Thai needs to work on their portions and their flavors.

Ken Hickmott

Good food. Fast service. Friendly staff. Great combination to have when going to eat. I will stop there every time I am in Grand Rapids. Staff helped make a decision and suggested the food. Good choices.

Olivia A.

Located in the center of the Grand Rapids downtown market, this Thai place has two sides now. One for boba tea and the other for food, although you can order tea at both. The menu is very clean, clear, and simple with basic Thai dishes to choose from. The service was wonderful and food came out very fast. I love their bubble tea!

Deb D.

Absolutely adore their Pad Thai! Super fast order and everything I've had there is excellent! I usually take my meal to the seated counter area at Aperitivo to eat and grab a tasty adult beverage.

matt berzley

Drunken noodle and springs rolls are my go to. favorite place for thai food.

Chad H.

Holy Jesus on ice skates this place is spicy. I got the 2 out of 5 and I'm literally in pain right now. I am officially sweating while sitting upstairs at downtown market eating my 2 out of 5 spice meal. And I like spicy things!! Please for the love of all things holy be careful when you're thinking about what spice to order. That being said their peanut curry sauce has tremendous flavor and I will be going back for it, just with less spice. Very friendly service and great flavor! One of my favorite spots at downtown market

Zach Hurd

I get Thai from here all the time but I stopped the prices are higher and the Quality of the food has gone downhill.

Alexandra A.

This place is gorgeous, cute, and a great balance of architecture and greenery. I loved all the little kiosks inside with wine, baked goods, cards, soaps, teas, canvas bags, meats, etc. It was a great place to go with friends, and in my opinion a must stop in Grand Rapids. When we went, there was a wedding upstairs so we couldn't go into some of the rooms up there, but the greenery and decor there was awesome. There is paid parking there, and plenty places to eat, shop, and drink.

Brooke Beck

This is the first place I've ever eaten Thai food from and I'm continuously disappointed when I eat it elsewhere. My go to lunch spot! Veggies are always fresh and food service is great. Enough time to walk around the market while you're waiting for your meal. Also the spice levels are spot on. I love spice food and hot (their middle level) is perfect.

Devin Leeman

Boba tea is great as is the curry noodles. A bit pricey, but location is prime so the prices seem justified. I’ve only ever ordered delivery so cannot speak on their customer service.

Rachel Vance

The food was really good and fresh. I will be going back!

Kayla R.

If you're looking for decent Tai food in under 10min this is the place to go. I always get the pad tai with chicken so unfortunately I cannot speak for the rest of their food but I've heard from friends that it's good. They're also one of the only places in GR that I'm aware of that sells Bobba tea. Take your meal upstairs or outside and enjoy the fun atmosphere of the Downtown Market.

Mary P.

It is kind of hit or miss. One week I will go my meal will be excellent. I can go 2 weeks later and it will be mediocre at best. I go back, keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a good week. Service is fine, they are usually very polite and helpful.

Simon Carlson

My preferred choice of Chicken Pad-Thai in the Greater Grand Rapids area. Can't beat the location either!

Jenny K.

I used to always order pad thai because it was so delicious but once I tried to branch out to their curry noodles.... then their curry pad thai...I was hooked. The curry noodles are delicious and saucy but the curry pad thai adds in that peanut flavor on top of it. I'm not ashamed to admit I went back the next day to order another curry pad thai because I couldn't stop craving it. The spice levels I'd say are a little too spicy for me. I usually can handle spicy food but level 2 was a medium for me. I order level 1 and add Sriracha on the side to add zesty heat when I want it. It's still very flavorful but the amount of heat is a little too much for me if the whole meal is too spicy. Do yourself a favor and try them out next time you're in the downtown market.

Julia K.

My favorite place to grab a bite to eat and stroll around. They have everything from sushi to Mexican food and it is delicious. There's also several cute little shops that sell tea, special olive oil, and cute trinkets. Upstairs is an amazing community garden.

Sarah H.

Downtown Market is a diverse collection of all kinds of food, drinks, and food items. Parking is easy across the street and you can explore for a morning or an afternoon. Get tea or coffee, check out the meat/seafood market, get some sweets for your sweetie, get fresh baked goods or restock your pantries with spices, olive oils, and balsamic vinegars. There is also a great Mexican restaurant if you want to sit down and eat versus snack. I'm sad that Grand Traverse Distillery isn't in the market anymore, but there are plenty of shops to check out. The space itself is beautiful, an open air market feel but indoors with high ceilings instead.

John H.

This spot is great for those who are undecided about what they want. There is a selection of restaurants, bakeries, beverages, cheese, and shops. I like Field and Fire bakery, Pho 616, and the Madcap cafe. Upstairs has a beautiful greenhouse for private events. It also has additional seating and restrooms. There are also cooking classes you can sign up for. I like the multi-purpose dimension of this space. It is located at the edge of Downtown and near some awesome breweries.

tiashika taylor

Tasty good service

Jacquelyn E.

Ate at Rak Thai tonight. The flavor was good and the meal seemed fresh but hardly made it home before my husband and I both got sick off from different meals. Will be picking another Thai restaurant next time.

Oacia Fair

This place was delicious! I ordered spicy chicken curry and it was spicy. The cool thing is you can choose your spice level for the food items. My brother got orange chicken and he enjoyed that as well. It is a bit pricey for the portion but I guess the location makes the price go up. But I would recommend this place, it was good and made me full.

Joseph H.

Upon entering I was overwhelmed with the options. Go online and look at the options so that you're not wandering around when you're hungry. The food and experience was great. Food is fresh and real. You have to pay for parking if you want to park at the market but it's not expensive. Lots of cooking classes available and they even have live music which is probably one my favorite things about restaurants. My on criticism is that if you want alcohol you must sit at that restaurant because the liquor license is only good in that small space so there is no mix and match. I ate at juju chicken and the spicy chicken sandwich was amazing. Very juicy and of course spicy.

Doreen B.

This space is nice, I always enjoy these marketplaces. It's great way to show the talents of Grand Rapids. I went to severaral shops, Madcap, Sweetie-licious-bakery, Carvers Finest Meat. I like the open concept and windows everywhere that lets the beautiful sunlight in.

Saurabhi P.

Went there for the first time. I recently moved to this area from Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo has an awesome farmers market so was looking for something comparable, I was recommended the downtown market. I went right when they opened so maybe didn't get the whole experience. But it definitely felt overpriced. The meat was overpriced there's other spots in GR that have similar items for lower cost. The bread I got was good and would recommend that. Didn't try any of the food, maybe next time. I will go back sometime to check out the green house and food. But don't plan to shop for groceries there.

Christy L.

What fun way to spend a little time while in Grand Rapids ! I loved how they transformed the old warehouse building and houses a variety of eateries sprinkles with a couple of cute gifty spots ! A highlight for me in the offerings was the fresh pressed juice - despite a clearly new cashier who struggled with a simple order then couldn't figure out the change , the " barista" was amazing and concocted my perfect beverage ! The sushi spot had incredibly prices which made me skeptical but they shined with presentation , value and flavor. Perhaps my favorite part of the space was the second floor rooftop garden / nursery that also serves as a special event space ... what a novel ( and beautiful ) idea !

Elizabeth Armendarez

We will never order from here again! We placed an order through Grubhub and received something completely different. The order on the recipient was correct but what we received had a completely different sauce.

Dave D.

Love the market. You can take cooking classes here. The food options are great. They have Seafood that is extremely fresh, Mexican , BBQ and Pho just to name a few. They have a fresh meat and seafood counter and a great bakery. Don't skip dessert either..great ice cream

Jd Wahrman

Green apple bubble tea is legit

Linnea F.

This place is my go-to when I want pad Thai. The flavoring is really good, and the chicken and shrimp are always cooked perfectly for the dish. I usually go into the downtown market to order, but I recently discovered that they are on Uber Eats, so I used that the last time I ordered. I should branch out and maybe try another dish, but I really do crave their pad Thai! Also, they are really quick! I ordered it, they made it, and Uber Eats drove it to my house in less than 15 minutes!

Samantha Furl

Bubble tea with boba was awesome!

Donna T.

Slice of heaven in Grand Rapids #prayerheard My favorite place in GR, West Side, and all of Michigan (that's food-related) Downtown Market is a successful open-space market that houses many different types of food, drink, retail businesses while offering a gorgeous space for special events, date night, family outings, etc. The upstairs 2nd floor has a greenhouse and I wish Downtown Market wasn't so greedy in hosting events all the time and opened the greenhouse to the public :) It's pretty to admire from a distance nonetheless. Plenty of chairs and tables to sit and enjoy your pad thai and boba milk tea from Rak Thai or delicious carnitas taco from Tacos el Cunado or Michigan-shaped chocolate bar from Love's Ice Cream. Whatever you get, you're going to enjoy it! The vibe here is definitely more hipster upscale yet casual which really hits home for me, reminding me of California. I go here weekly as my rewarding escape and pay my homage to the local businesses there. Not only are there shops, there are cooking classes and opportunities to host a special event there (weddings are super popular wow!). It can get crowded on Friday and weekends but I've never felt overwhelmed. It's wonderful to study, eat, break, etc. here. The staff from all businesses are welcoming and the quality of the products are top notch. I'll keep coming back every week!

Debralee M.

We LOVE the Downtown Market!!! It's a bunch of fan restaurants and shops all in one space. Some use each other's products and all are great. Aperitivo is the fave with great cheeses, beer, wine, and an incredible chocolate bread dessert. if you are lucky enough to meet BEN VANDERWAAL you won't be sorry. He is a doll and so helpful and informative. Told us everything about the menu, the rotations and how everything is done. All his suggestions are spot on! Omg this kid is fantastic!!!! Amazing dinner and a definite trip back thanks to Ben!

Kari B.

Wow, what a beautiful market. A lot of great vendors and the market is green. It's too bad I just ate a huge breakfast elsewhere because I could definitely eat may way through the market. Good place to find some unique food gifts from Michigan.