Rise Authentic Baking Co.

1220 Fulton St W, Grand Rapids
(616) 288-7969

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Christopher Symons

Amazing!!Excellent products, all gluten free, and tastes so good you wouldn't know if it didn't say so on the storefront.The staff is so helpful as well - we arrived just before closing, not knowing it, and they were very kind regardless. Highly highly recommend, hope they stick around forever.

Hannah Martinez

Rise Bakery is my go-to place for baked goods. I prefer their donuts, yum tarts, buckeyes, cheesecake bars, and breads over any other bakery in town. All food is gluten free, soy free, artificial BS free, and uses natural coloring which I find awesome. It can be a bit expensive, but in my opinion, well worth it. I recently had their breakfast sandwich on their bagels and oh... my... goodness. I’ve also ordered cakes from here for birthdays and they are a bit small but oh so tasty. This place is delicious. Be mindful that it’s a small group of staff that pump out dozens and dozens of baked goods daily. I think Rise does a fantastic job. Favorite vegan bakery and bakery EVER.

george petrentzev

High expectations, but it's below average. We are vegan and the bread was too greasy. The jackfruit didn't have enough flavor, the scones were ok but the lemon icing was too heavy and overpowering.. I had to scrape the icing off and still too sweet. They were sold out by 12pm.. how about better planning if they close at 5pm? ??‍♂️

Mary Jacobs

I visited Grand Rapids this weekend and Picked up breakfast/food at rise two mornings in a row! I’ve eaten at vegan bakeries across America and I was seriously impressed to find out that not only is rise vegan but also gluten-free, their goods are a high caliber and raise the bar for what to expect from vegan coffee shops/bakeries. The star of the show for me was definitely the peaches and cream doughnut and the Nola cold brew. I tried the egg and bacon bagel one morning and that was a 10/10 however another morning I had the black bean and sweet potato empanada, it was under seasoned and the crust was chewy not crisp/flakey. Overall I loved Rise and can’t wait to order more again!

Pat Farra

Fabulous. My daughter and I come up every year from Texas to spend time with my other daughter. Rise is the number 1 place we have to visit and we've been there at least twice a week since July 22. Eating on the patio in the cool morning with the incredible donuts, smoothie bowls, fritters and hot mocha is a dream. Staff is friendly and accommodatng. I hate to name a favorite pastry because they're all delicious, but I lean toward the donuts: blueberry filled, blueberry pie, and chocolate with sea salt caramel. Yummy.! This week we're going to go for afternoon "tea" to sample the fresh cakes, cookies and milkshakes. I guarantee no one would guess these goodies are GF and DF. Kudos to you, Rise!

Dee B.

This place is AMAZING! All of the five star reviews are well-deserved. A friend and I picked up lunch to go one day, and were very pleased with our choices. We each had the avocado toast, and I chose the lemon blueberry sandwich cookie for dessert. I also had an iced latte, which was very well made. The items would have been good regardless, but the fact that they were gluten-free and vegan made them outstanding!

Sarah Lukas

Gluten free baked good heaven. I have a wheat allergy and love going here for special treats! My favorites are the doughnuts, yum-tarts, apple fritters, and soft pretzels. The service is great, staff is very friendly, and the cafe is cozy and clean.

Caroline Spezia

Looking for a delicious gluten, dairy, refine sugar free or vegan option? This is your bakery! Everything is homemade and delicious. Their milk shakes are to die for, you cannot go wrong ordering anything off of the menu.

Bill Smith

Very tasty but my coffee cup was only half full. $50 for pastries (homemade and tasty but not exceptional) and 3 small coffees. I was a bit disappointed.

Rust R.

I had been really interested in this place, but my contact with them this morning fell flat on its face.I tried calling Rise Authentic Baking Co on the phone to ask a couple of menu questions before I walked over from my house, but I got a fast busy signal. This usually indicates that something is wrong with the phone line or phone service, but I cannot be sure.I walked over to Rise Authentic Baking Co (about ten minutes' walk from my house), and while I was looking through the store-front glass, an associate was nice enough to come out to see if I needed any assistance. I advised that I was waiting for my parents, but would be ordering once they arrived, momentarily. He told me I should just do it through the Web site, which was totally fine. I then went to the advertised Web site via my cellular phone, but it would not pull up. I tried again, but reached the same error / result.My folks arrived, and so I knocked on the window for some help, since I could not access the Web site. We had taken a couple of minutes to review the menu in the store-front window, which is always helpful if it's posted. The same gentleman came out, and asked me to call them on the phone instead. I told him I had done so earlier, but had been unable to get through, due to a "fast busy" signal. But, I tried again, and still I continued to receive the same "fast" busy signal.At this point, I had wasted twenty minutes of my time walking over and then being re-directed to first the Web site, and then re-directed to their phone number: neither of these were accessible to me, however, regrettably. I decided we needed to leave, right away, because I had obligations at noon to take care of, and just had run out of time.

Melanie Jean Durham

It's so wonderful to have gluten free dairy free options. Plus, everything tastes great too. The first time I went in, I didn't know it at the time, but the owner helped me. He was very patient and kind with me as I ooh-ed and ahh-ed over everything while making my selections. So far the oatmeal cream pies, quiche, and apple fritters are my favorite. I highly recommend Rise! It's always a treat.

Alison Passino

I can't say enough good things about this place. Everything we've had has been AMAZING! I would highly recommend this if you're vegan....but EVEN MORE IF YOU'RE NOT! My boyfriend isn't a vegan and absolutely loves this place. So thrilled its here in Grand Rapids!

Ashley Christopher

I love their selection of vegan and gluten free baked goods; not a lot of places offer everything allergen-free! Their coffee and tea is delicious as well. The coolest coffee shop atmosphere in Grand Rapids - I love the walls inside and outside! Great for taking artistic pictures.

Josh Wickham

Ordered some snacks and coffee and sat on the back patio. The food was great. What a wonderful place.

Maryanne Gerke

Love this place. I live right in the neighborhood and can order online and just walk over and pick it up

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