Rise Authentic Baking Co.

1220 Fulton St W, Grand Rapids
(616) 288-7969

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Logan F.

Amazing place! Love all the diary free options! But they do jot taste dairy free! Got our small wedding cake here! It was great.

Michelle Furman

Loved the lemon bar and oatmeal cream sandwich. I will be back tomorrow before I leave town!

lul lul

Rise Authentic was a 5 star experience for me. ? Mother's birthday was coming up in less than a week and I was in a frantic late night search to see what local bakery could make a cake in time. Little did I know, most bakeries need a 2+ week lead time. Scrub mistake and planning on my part. ? I reached out to 6 different bakeries and only this one could *Rise* to the occasion (but really it was luck, give your baker time y'all).Rise was advertising on their Instagram at the time that they could do it with much shorter notice (4-5 business days; of course this might change due to order volume and how booked they might be, YMMV). I filled out their online form that night and waited anxiously for their response. Called in the morning just to check in on it. No problem they said. They can make the cake in time. Huge relief. Communication with the owner through email was great.They followed my request perfectly. Stunning cake. Lavender lemon ? buttercream and flavor with blueberry compote. Less sweet requested. When I first cut into the cake I was nervous as it looked dry (nature of a vegan cake?) but no, this cake was moist, delicious and beautifully fragrant!!! It's not everyday or in many places where you can get a LAVENDER flavored cake. Everyone in the family loved it, even the waiters at the restaurant (I shared a couple slices) only to find out they were sharing bites with the team in the kitchen. I gave them more. ? But they all commented on how great it smelled even before eating it. No piece will go to waste. ?Rise made this cake look beautiful even though it wasn't a wedding cake request. They were able to accommodate by adding beautiful design with fresh fruit on top. While my family is not vegan at all, they never suspected that this was made without animal products. Truly impressive. I will use Rise Authentic for all my future cake needs. Could eat this lavender lemon cake all day and my family and relatives are hard to impress! Even my grandma finished her slice! ??️ Amazing cake, amazing flavor. Please never stop making this. ?P.S. this cake didn't need a cake topper but I added one just for the photo op my mom wanted. ? Gotta know it's for a birthday. Also the cake/icing dent in the restaurant pics wasn't Rise's fault. Probably during transportation or at the restaurant between being stored in their fridge and moved around. ?

Jessie Hollett

Rise made it possible to find a cake that could meet the dietary needs of my group ... and blow them all away with its deliciousness!! Can't recommend them enough. Just wish I'd snapped a pic of the beautiful thing before we dove right in. I've included a photo of a similar looking cake from Rise just because it's so pretty.

Sophia Medawar

This place is a miracle come to Grand Rapids and they literally saved my sister's birthday. My sister is GF/DF/V so it's always been nearly impossible to find her yummy desserts that she's excited about, but we were BLOWN AWAY by Rise Authentic; they went above and beyond to help me pick treats super last-minute, even after hours (yes, I'm the worst), but at the end of the day it's cuz of them my sister's birthday was magical. They are SO sweet and genuine and welcoming, and seriously we could not believe how good the treats were. Literally eating one of their oatmeal cream pies while I type this. I also may have stolen one of her peanut butter brownies. THANK YOU Rise Authentic!!!

Lyza Hockemeyer

I work for Construction Simplified, a local commercial construction company, and we contacted Rise to see if they could do a special brownie order for us that we could gift to a client. They brought our idea to life with the design and we heard nothing but great reviews from our client on the taste of the brownies! 10/10 recommend, especially if you have a custom order in mind!

Rick G.

Rise is wonderful! Great options for food allergies. In my first visit ever yesterday, it was clear that they genuinely cared about providing great service and food. They took extra care to give us off-menu options that met our dietary needs - a list of allergies including wheat, corn, legumes, nuts, and more. The owner gave us personal attention to make sure our dietary allergies were avoided, that we had plenty of options for ordering, and that we enjoyed the food. The kindness and service were beyond great. We're not from Grand Rapids, but had driven there in the morning for a personally difficult reason. After a couple hours in town, it was almost time for our drive home, and we were emotionally drained and pretty hungry. We found Rise, praying they'd be the kind of place that could manage all our allergies. They were! The kindness of the staff, and especially the personal attention and compassion from the owner, made our day. We will never forget this.

Jessica G.

I'm rating this during COVID times, which means this was an order-ahead, curbside pickup. I selected a variety of baked goods because I just wasn't sure what they'd taste like being vegan. I ordered a lemon blueberry donut, chocolate glazed donut with sprinkles, apple fritter and a cinnamon roll. I also ordered an iced oat milk miel (they have Squibb coffee). Upon arrival, I was impressed with how quickly I was assisted. All I had to do was pull up in front (only one car ahead of me), roll my window down and state my name. The barista then went inside for maybe a total of 3 minutes and quickly came back out with my beverage and box of goodies. I will tell you though - that box had to weigh at least a pound or two! I was unsure what to expect as I'm not a big connoisseur of baked goods when it comes to the vegan and gluten free variety. I think that keeping in mind is key because I wouldn't choose these over regular non-gluten, non-vegan items. I think that the cinnamon roll had a nice flavor but the density was just too much for me. The lemon blueberry donut was for sure my favorite because there wasn't an "expectancy" for it to compare to anything I've ever had before. The chocolate glazed donut just felt like there was a lot of chocolate covering a not as enjoyable dough. The apple fritter I haven't tried yet, but I'd imagine it's similar to the others in density. I give 4 out of 5 stars because it's not my personal cup of tea but I also think they do an amazing job with the ingredients that they use to make it work. They're very pretty baked goods at that! I'd be interested in learning more about what goes into their goods and also being able to actually get inside and talk to the workers once COVID restrictions have loosened.

Molly Cook

Rise is a gem! It means so much to me to go somewhere where I can trust what I am eating is gluten free and vegan. I so appreciate the creativity of mixing up their menu, the fact that they keep customers and staff safe with curbside, and their DELICIOUS food. I used to live in Lansing and would happily drive an hour each way just for Rise treats.

shari phillips

Amazing experience and fantastic food and coffee. The service was too notch. This is a must stop whenever I am in the area!

Desirae Mertz

Most of the things I have had are pretty darn good! A couple of things I wouldn't eat again but they weren't bad. Love that I can get nice baked goods that ate dairy free.

carol weideman

The absolutely best, beautiful, hands down, unbelievably wonderful gluten-free bakery of all times. And I have had a lot of gluten-free items.

Andrew Hall

Traveled over an hour to hang out and have lunch in a cute greenhouse.The apple fritter was pretty good, however I've never paid $5 for one until today, and never will again.$10 something for a sandwich with no side was a bit pricey for us. Although we enjoyed the thick sliced fresh bread, it had very very little filling inside.The cake is so worth it. Was delicious.Paid about $6.50 for 2 "kitchen sink" cookies, which sounded delicious. Saved them until I got home. Just took and bite of one of them, and found the pretzel, and whatever else was inside of them were incredibly dry and stale tasting. The other one was a little better.Oatmeal creme pie cookies are to die for.Overall a bit pricey but baked goods and cake are superb.

Sherlynn James

Yum! The curbside service was impeccable, the food delicious, plus it’s easy to order dairy free here. I will have to come early to get a green house. I was happy to enjoy their delicious food and support a local business.

Lisa Klenk

Saw a news story about this place and how they're working during the pandemic and had to try their donuts. I ended up getting several items and we had a tasting at home. Everything was amazing. I got one of each donut, the mostess, a buckeye, and the RSF millionaire bar. The flavors are rich and you likely won't end up overeating. My favorite was the cinnamon and sugar donut - dense and well covered, it tastes exactly like an elephant ear. I will definitely be back and in fact am going to pick some stuff up for a vegan friend. The prices are a little more than you'll pay at some of the more traditional donut dens, but to me it was worth it.

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