Rise Authentic Baking Co.

1220 Fulton St W, Grand Rapids
(616) 288-7969

Recent Reviews

Lisa L.

Love this bakery when I visit Grand Rapids! Everything is delicious and great for those of us that have to eat a gluten and dairy free diet.

Sarah T.

Love this place. So trendy and on point..everything is vegan and GF. I love their oatmeal cream pie. Try it, you won't regret it!

Ashley J.

Rise can always be counted on for fantastic pastries. I think we peek in the box four times on the way home. We also enjoy the Onyx coffee pour over! Donuts are a cake like consistency v. a yeast donut. Rise does run out of some items, but they typically restock throughout the day. Their service is always friendly and helpful. Ordering online for pick up makes for a seamless trans

Ben N.

It's nice to see a vegan place doing takeout during the pandemic. If you're feeling adventurous, try some of the items off of their "Secret menu": 1) John Ball Bundle- 14 frosted sugar cookies made to look like various zoo animals, complete with edible googly eyes 2) Great Wall Burger- Impossible Ground beef, mixed with General Tso's sauce and served on a "bun" made of fried instant ramen. 3) IKEA supreme- Rise's "build your own" special. You'll receive an unmarked white box filled with all of the ingredients needed to make your own cake (plus a few spare parts). The recipe will come in over 10 different languages, bringing an authentic IKEA experience for your kitchen. 4) OOPS! All nozzles! - Just a bunch of variously sized pastry bag nozzles they bought too many of by mistake. Served by the handful. 5) Charlie's New Orleans Gumbo- Served with a side of vegan beignets, this spicy soup will take you straight back to the French Quarter. Plant based "shrimp" and spicy beans & rice give this dish that authentic Cajun flavor. 6) Free cup of ice water- Vodka soda

Jessica Marsh

The cupcakes and cinnamon rolls were delicious and reasonably priced. I’ve paid much more for vegan baked goods that were not even good! We just moved to this area and ordered curbside they brought it right out to us. The website was really easy to order from. I am very exited to have found this bakery.

Miguel Muñoz

I recommend their donuts. They were delicious.

Sandy Kirschner

We got blueberry lemon donuts. They are the best I've ever had!! We also got blueberry lavender donuts, cinnamon donuts and chocolate covered ones, too. All wonderful but the blueberry lemon was like a round piece of heaven!

Samuel Schubkegel

Not my favorite donuts, but I understand that their primary focus is the gluten-free, vegan thing - so it’s to be expected that they might lack in texture. Cute interior. Went in on a Sunday to eat donuts and spend an hour with a couple friends. The gal at the counter was unfriendly and not helpful when I asked what donut flavors they had and what flavors might be interesting to try.

Louis J. Glinzak

Another gem to experience with a wonderful and friendly staff

Kasey Wierzbicki

One of my favorite spaces in GR! Super friendly staff, good snacks & drinks, and the best part is that you don’t get charged extra for dairy alternatives! Yay for almond milk being included in the pricing :)

Adrienne Wallace

Cute vibe. Great baked goods. Not much space to enjoy your snacks or coffee on account of all the people working in here like it's a co-working space. So grab your snacks to go.

Jonathan Jesse

Great allergy friendly location

Matthew C.

If you are gluten/dairy free or vegan, this place is a shining oasis in a culinary desert. The food offerEd by Rise is second to none, not only for those with dietary restrictions. The flavors, ingredients and options are top notch. The only reason for four instead of five stars is the seating is super limited, and the lady who waited on us seemed annoyed to be serving us (maybe just tired from the endless line of people). The gentleman who helped bring our food out was far nicer, and he restored our hope in the customer service of Rise. We will be back for sure.

Olivia S.

Coffee was really good but the service sucked. The lady was awful and talked to her friends the whole time I ordered and while I got a shirt she had awful attitude. She also served everyone's coffee but mine and was so polite to everyone around me and had such positive vibes until it was my turn to order. She was pretty though. Very clean looking and everyone else was polite.

Rasool B.

After the rigors of airport travel and landing in Grand Rapids, I was ready to rise above mundane teas and animal-based pastries. Rise lives up to its name. A local, and die-hard coffee snob, recommended this gem with a charming back story. Over a decade ago, the owners began making vegan and gluten free pastries and hot drinks to meet their own needs. What began as passion is now a community staple. Other cafes even purchase their baked goods to supply the ever growing demand for healthy & eco-friendly fare. You feel that story as soon as you walk in. It has an intimacy to it and the warmth of walking into a friends' living room for coffee. They offer several plant-based milks (oat & almond) as well as the traditional variety. The chai tea latte with oat milk was rich and smooth, as well as the perfectly spiced and sweetened. Curious about their plant-based take on a comfort food favorite, I decided to try the "chicken pot pie." I was warned by the barista it would take 15 minutes to properly warm, which only increased my curiosity to try a dish that was so carefully and methodically heated. I'm sooo glad I did. The jackfruit "chick'n" paired wonderfully with the savory, hearty filling chock-full if peas, carrots, celery and sauce. The crust, the 'raison d'etre' of any savory pie, offered all the satisfying flaky and buttery texture and taste of a pastry without gluten and butter- quite impressive. Coffee snobs also have reason to smile here as the house blend serves us silky smooth, yet robustly strong experience enhanced by the subtle sweetness of oat milk. The blueberry "cheesecake" is attractive and delicious as it cleverly uses a cashew based filling to simulate the creamy tartness of cheesecake. The ambiance, offerings and warm atmosphere makes this spot Rise above the usual watering hole and provide an altogether heavenly experience.


I have been going to Rise for a few months and I have had a mix of good and bad experiences. First of all, some of the staff is great and personable. Others are rude and don’t make you feel welcome. If you find something you like, beware because there is no consistency when it comes to the pastries. I have had good pastries and others that were flat out raw or over cooked. I have been sold scones that were mislabeled as one flavor and were something else entirely. When it’s brought to the owner Nick’s attention he has a way of exasperatingly making it seem like it’s my fault and gives a half hearted apology. He cares more about his profit margin than keeping a customer happy and he certainly does not like owning up to his mistakes. He is perfectly fine selling inconsistent pastries to people who don’t complain because they are just happy to say they are eating a “vegan, gluten free, soy free” pastry. My family has spent a lot of money at Rise and we have given them many opportunities to fix their mistakes. Nick gives off the impression that he does not want our business when we are there all because of the fact that we have pointed out valid problems with SOME of the baked goods. Who wants to eat a RAW scone? They sell day and two day old scones and cookies at full price and do not let you know they are not fresh unless you ask. I get the impression it annoys Nick when asked. All this has encouraged me to just bake my own vegan pastries. I hate to say that Nick makes Mr. Krabs from Spongebob seem like someone who really cares about his customers. Instead of fixing problems and owning up to mistakes, he and some of his staff would rather make that extra money off someone who won’t complain about a raw or over cooked pastry and will just let it go. You will not be a valued customer if you complain about anything. They just want your money. It’s such a shame! I really wanted to support this local bakery but I think my business is better taken elsewhere.

Beth Williams

Great service. Lots of choices. All vegan and gluten free. Baked goods, coffee, tea, smoothies and lunch items as well. Easy on off from 196 and I always find parking close. Bathrooms sparkle.

Nichole K.

This is the most beautifully designed and thoughtful coffee shop in Grand Rapids. From the artwork to the throw pillows - the space is incredibly warm and welcoming. The shop itself is super cute and located on the Westside which is a bit outside of the walkability of downtown. But there is free parking on the street which helps! They are completely vegan and their treats are awesome and so so beautiful. Their shop is a collaboration with Squibb (who's first location is off Wealthy Street on the other side of town). Coffee is tasty and hot! I highly recommend Rise for any coffee meeting, hang out, heads down working spot and even for bringing kids. Their bathroom is equipped with a changing station - score! Last, the staff is friendly and extremely knowledgable. Go!

Jonathan Holter

Rise is a great place to get delicious baked goods, especially if you are looking for something vegan, gluten free, soy free, or dye free! Their Yum Tarts are to die for <3 The staff is super friendly and hardworking, too. If you're lucky enough to be in while one of the baristas named Priya is working, say "Hi" and let the Rise staff know how well they're doing!

Heather Picardat

The 2 stars indicate that their customer service is 100% where it should be. However, their products do not taste good. I've been back twice, I've also bought 2 pastries at other establishments, one at Bridge Street Market (a muffin) and one at Corridor (a pop tart). They all have the same chalky, sugarless taste. I don't know who's buying this? When I visited their location in Grand Rapids, at least the smells were alluring. The cashier was super kind and friendly and I do think they're good people, but I can't in good conscience recommend their baked goods.

Vegan Sauce

Would be nice if there was somewhere to sit ??? please make more tables and seats. I was super excited to finally try this place so I came all the way to have vegan coffee and pastry while doing homework but had to walk out because didn’t have anywhere to sit. I’ll try another day

Amanda Payne

I enjoy going here to grab a latte and get some work done. Wifi is great, delicious bakery items, and the music is quiet and great for the atmosphere. There is also stress-free parking near by. They are located close to John Ball Zoo and a side street.

Emily G.

Really great selection of bakery items. We had donuts and apple fritters. Texture was perfect, you couldn't tell that it was gluten free! Coffee was good too.

Shelley G.

I stopped in today for the first time and after several moments of deliberation decided on the gingerbread pumpkin sesame donut. It was the most delicious donut I have had. Everything here is vegan and gluten free. Every. Thing. This is my new favorite place in GR.

Carly H.

LOVE the magic cookie bar!!! What a satisfying and filling treat that is well worth its cost. For what it's worth, I hate cake donuts and I love their peanut butter chocolate cake donut. My fiancé loves cake donuts and scarfed it along with the chai pumpkin donut with orange glaze. I asked if their chai was homemade (I hate how pretentious that sounds, but I want to choose a drink I can't buy in a container!), and although they said it was from a concentrate I gave it a try with oat milk. Side note: shoutout for having oat milk. The chai was overly spicy for me, but I managed to drink the whole thing. I was given the heads up from the barista about the heavy spice, so no issue there. Fiancé's latte was reported as 'good'. The space is super welcoming and the service was lovely. A bit pricey for drinks that weren't remarkable, but we will gladly go back. There's even a few parking spots in the back.

Chase Hasper

Amazing baked goods that cater to all different kinds of dietary restrictions. They also have drinks such as coffees, teas, and kombucha. There isn’t much seating so I wouldn’t expect to stay, it’s more luck-based. But definitely a spot worth visiting a bit outside the city.

Dean heintzelman

If I lived closer to Rise they would have to chase me out with a broom. This place has incredible deserts and pastries! Even if you are not vegan you should check this place out because they are doing fantastic things!

Michelle Kooi

What a wonderful little bakery. All of their baked goods are vegan friendly and they have quite the selection! Everything I have tasted has been delicious. I enjoy their cupcakes and toaster tarts. Parking is a bit difficult especially if the cafe is full. Pricing is higher then other bakeries but for the quality it is worth it.

Jennifer Mohorovic, Ph.D.

Lovely little stop with lots of great treats ranging in price from $2.50 to $8.00. For vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and dye free, this is on par with pricing of other sweet shops that do not offer these wonders. Save the animals and your health by going here for a sweet treat.

Allen Voth

The pastries were superb! (even though I usually don't enjoy gluten free food) And you can't go wrong with Onyx coffee. Great place.

W. Reid Morris

Great place to stop on a bike ride! It's the West Side's prime spot for vegan and gluten-free sweet or savory goodies. Plus, the coffee never disappoints.

Benjamin Cousino

While their food is some of the only gluten free baked goods in the city, their customer service is extremely poor. We walked in at closing time, unaware they were closing, the girl said we made it just in time and had one more minute but then told us she wouldn't make us coffee. Save yourself the bad review, take a minute, and make a coffee. I realise you were closing but either tell us you're closed or make us a drink. Don't tell me we have a minute and then refuse to make what we order. Will not be coming back to their shop.

W.P. Osborn

Very good small vegan gluten free bakery and coffee joint near the John Ball Zoo. Their pastries are made there and they are delicious. Try the Cinnamon swirl muffin. Nice hardworking staff. Enjoy!

Anthony Kadzban

Was very happy with the taste and texture of their baked goods. Cool little shop and everything is allergy friendly. The cashier was very knowledgeable about the ingredients.

Kathryn K.

We came on a Sunday and it was pretty busy! The bakery case wasn't full so selection was limited. Honestly for the price I didn't think my raspberry cinnamon walnut scone ($4) was that great. It was kinda dry. The brownie was tasty and maybe would have been better served warmed up a little. I got the bourbon maple cinnamon cortado and it was on point and the coffee tasted great.

Tabitha H.

So many amazing vegan goodies it's hard to choose! Really cute place. Nice workers. Probably should keep political views to yourselves though .

Emily W.

Stopped at Shwallier's Country Basket and Orchards today, anticipating the kids would enjoy their donuts while I watched as usual. I was pleasantly surprised by a Rise Authentic Bakery pop-up stand outside selling Gluten Free Vegan Donuts! People need to be told when they're doing things right, and Rise Authentic Baking Co. is doing it right!!!! Delicious Apple Cider Glazed donut and Michigan Peach Pecan Glazed donut...both surprisingly fluffy yet perfectly dense and sweet! I've found my new bakery and can't wait to visit their downtown location. Thank you Nick and Becca for making my donut dreams come true. And thanks to Shwallier's for offering the gluten free vegan option alongside their own!

Sam John

Fast service. Comfy seating. Polite workers! ($$)

Taylor Barlow

Rise has become a regular place for me to visit the past few weeks. I come between classes and I even bring the kids I nanny sometimes. The staff is so friendly and patient when I bring the kids I nanny (twin 2 year olds and a 5 year old) and talk directly to the kids which is awesome. Even though the kids are messy the staff is never bothered. They always have a positive attitude and give suggestions when I am being indecisive!


Fantastic coffee. I do not have any dietary restrictions (other than self imposed) but I have loved everything I have ever eaten from here. Good design, friendly staff, great location.