Rise Authentic Baking Co.

1220 Fulton St W, Grand Rapids
(616) 288-7969

Recent Reviews

Sam John

Fast service. Comfy seating. Polite workers! ($$)

Taylor Barlow

Rise has become a regular place for me to visit the past few weeks. I come between classes and I even bring the kids I nanny sometimes. The staff is so friendly and patient when I bring the kids I nanny (twin 2 year olds and a 5 year old) and talk directly to the kids which is awesome. Even though the kids are messy the staff is never bothered. They always have a positive attitude and give suggestions when I am being indecisive!


Fantastic coffee. I do not have any dietary restrictions (other than self imposed) but I have loved everything I have ever eaten from here. Good design, friendly staff, great location.

Emily Heyboer

What a wonderful place! My brother and I have never been able to eat at a bakery due to our severe allergies to dairy and tree nuts.. even though they have nuts on site, the employee I spoke to was able to be detailed about their food preparation policies and although they can’t guarantee there won’t be any cross contamination.. I felt confident enough to eat there. Having such a cute and friendly dairy free place to enjoy coffee and donuts is so refreshing, I will be back!

Thaisa Rantanen

I buy Rise items at the Bridge Street Market and they never disappoint. I usually have to make my own treats because I'm super sensitive to artificial ingredients in commercially produced baked goods. I never have any problems with the delicious pastries, cookies etc from Rise. I'm thrilled to learn there is a walk in location as well! Thank you for your wonderful clean baked goods...such a refreshing source of purity and quality for everyone to enjoy!

Del Belcher

Never have I visited such an incredible gluten free bakery. My wife has celiac disease and she was in heaven. Be careful! You may come for the donut, but you'll leave with a box of amazing treats. The lavender vanilla cake, and apple fritters were exceptional.. Seriously tho, everything here is good.

Michelle U.

This looked like my kind of place. Local with small but interesting choices. I got a breakfast empanada and kombucha and both were mediocre. The empanada has no egg, just meat (beef, I think) and potatoes and lacked flavor. The crust was really dry and the heating uneven. The kombucha tasted watered down. I wanted to like this place but came away meh.

Faith B.

Way beyond excited to try this place out had been following them from the beginning when I was living out of state. Finally came to their brick & mortar a week ago and was underwhelmed the pastries were average vegan pastries that could be made at home and the service was average not very welcoming for a second time. I noticed a lot of stay at home moms and people leeching off the free WiFi not a very GR home feeling as I walked down the street to see other coffee shops with pastries bustling with business I questioned if the small shop's hype had already been killed. I would recommend trying their pastries at another local shop they serve them at than rather go to their brick & mortar for better vibes.

Rebecca Marvin

Fabulous coffee and wide assortment of gluten free treats!

Melissa Emmorey Sams

Everytime I go here it’s a delightful experience. Having celiacs has been very difficult and this bakery is the only place I can eat anymore and feel like I don’t actually have celiacs because everything is safe, amazing and “normal” tasting!

Shannon Gerow

I just moved to GR and this was one of the first places I wanted to try. After my first visit it looks like I'll be coming everyday :) Amazing options, flavor, and ambience. The Squibb coffee is really good too. You need to go here!

Robert Cardwell

The baked goods are off the hook. Absolutely great staff. I'll be back 2-3 times a week. Blueberry sprinkle donuts and that raspberry & Ruhbarb .....cake party... square unbelievable!!!!

Danielle Novak

We love Rise! Where to start- we are a vegan family and it is so nice to have options for delicious baked goods we can actually eat. But what I love even more is that when we bring family and friends there who aren't vegan, they always rave about it.

Kait Geers

appreciate the vibes. thankful to have this sweet little vegan pastry shop on the west side!! 😋

Jenn A.

Love this donut shop! All of their baked goods are vegan and gluten free and soooo delicious! They bake donuts, "yum tarts" (their version of pop tarts), cupcakes, cakes, cookies, etc! I especially like that you can get cake by the slice - yum!! Additionally they have avocado toast, smoothies, and a full coffee bar! Their flavors are always unique and inspired by the seasons. Check it out next time you're looking for a treat, or a unique place to meet with friends or get some work done!

Sarah L.

We have loved Rise since they were a brand new vegan bakery upstart and I'm not GF or Vegan. They make THE BEST DOUGHNUTS I have ever eaten. GF or otherwise. Their cakes are filling and delicious and beautiful and the perfect birthday treat for someone special. Sure, they're a bit pricey but GF flour is, too. We live WAY on the other aide of town so don't get to their West side spot often but their goodies are all around town.

Kate Finch

Love this place family members I have quite a few allergies and this place is just a special treat that they were looking for. They are yummy tarts are my favorite!

Tiffany Lynn

I’m really disappointed to have to give such a bad review to (I believe) the only vegan bakery in GR, but unfortunately I had a very bad experience here. My partner and I came here for breakfast, both had vegan empanadas, coffee and bought cinnamon rolls to take home for later. Felt fine after breakfast, but once we ate those cinnamon rolls we later both felt very ill, nausea and dizziness and general yuck feeling that accompanies gastric distress or illness. Mind you, this was the only food we had consumed. I’m not sure if the food wasn’t kept in the right storage conditions or if it was prepared in an unclean environment, but something was definitely up. Because of both of us falling ill after eating here we will not be coming back.

Bill C.

I've been around gluten free and vegan baked goods most of my life because my wife and kids need them. We've literally tried everything within a 200 mile radius and this place is really good. Plus a good variety. If you're not GF, go someplace else because this is our place. You have other, better options. That said, I have a couple things that drive me nuts when I go here. 1) Why does it take so long to get a flipping cup of coffee? Not just me, everyone else I talk too. You get a delicious muffin and then you literally stare at it (15 minutes today) waiting for coffee. All I ordered was coffee- just pour it already! Today it was 15 minutes but that's not unusual. It happens every time I go. I think the coffee is run by a different company, Squibb, so maybe it's not fair blaming Rise. Second, when you order a piece of cake they take it in the back room and measure it with a micrometer and it takes forever! There are large and small cakes and You pay as much for a small cake as a large, so never order small. But even after that- sometimes I get a good slice- other times I want to send it back because "this is a $6 piece of cake! Dont scrimp on me!" Sometimes it's half the size as the previous time I went. You would think that as long as it takes, slices would be more consistent. Error on the side of too big, not the other way. So, I just stick with a muffin now. I get what I see. Third, there is very limited parking, but I can deal with that. Please fix these first two things and I will love you long time! I want to give you a five, but I can't because of a couple things that should be real easy to fix. In food service, bringing out the coffee last and 15 minutes after the food is breaking all the rules. For GF options, you won't find better baked goods around GR. LJs in Holland is a close second, but all they have are muffins.

Pam G.

My brother is on a gluten free diet so they stopped to get donuts. My brother loved them and said they were really good for gluten free. I am not gluten free and I thought they lacked flavor and were dry. They had some unique flavor combos (basil raspberry) but I am a more traditional donut eater so not for me. If you are gluten free you may really enjoy these. My brother did and went back the next day for more.

Amy S.

Really excellent vegan & gluten free bakery goods! I had the peanut butter brownie, my kids each tried a funfetti (no food dyes either) and carrot cake cupcake and they both loved them which says a lot for a 4 & 5 year old! Also had an iced latte with almond milk and they don't cross contaminate anything so I wasn't at risk for getting sick from dairy or oat milk (allergic to both). On a note for some improvements....I asked for a cup of water for both my kids (with tops - hello they are kids glass doesn't work well for them) and one of the employees had to go ask if she could get waters for my kids. That was strange, I mean I like to go eco whenever I can but with kids you have to make due. Plus the only glass they had on the side rack was filthy so wasn't about to use that. She finally did bring us waters. The silverware was also dirty in the cups (and the cups the silverware were in were filthy too) on the side rack so I had to ask if that was the clean silverware to use to eat my baked goods. Besides those little things I will be back since the food and drink were delish!

Barry-Susan Rutherford

Husband/Wife team were super helpful and willing to make our special order! Cheerful, friendly, answered all our ?s. DELICIOUS GFDF products! Can't wait to order again!!!

Katie J.

Went for the first time today, and it was AWESOME! I just recently started eating gluten-free, and it was so amazing to be able to order anything. My husband and I tied the Magic Bar, Apple Fritter, Blueberry Scone, and Oatmeal Cream pie. All were delicious and we didn't miss the gluten at all! The apple fritter was my personal favorite, laced with chunks of apples and delicious caramel sauce. Hubby loved the oatmeal cream pie and magic cookie bar. I also had a coconut milk latte, which was on the small side, but delicious. 10/10 will come back again. They were pretty busy (which we expected on a Saturday morning) Buy the line moved reasonably quickly, and we left with a delicious box of pure gold, so no complaints here! We also managed to snag a parking spot right in front, which was lucky, but there was plenty of street parking within a block or two.

Teresa M.

New cafe on the Westside of Grand Rapids featuring Gluten Free and Vegan deliciousness. Haven't had a bad dish yet. Charming cafe feel inside and cute outside seating in the back of the building. Loved my almond milk chai and brown sugar tastey-tart. The closest adult pop-tart experience you will get. 5 stars and I can't wait to come back and try more. Thank you for looking out for those with GF and Vegan needs!

Samantha Kreun

This is a wonderful "grab and go" location. It's much smaller than the other Squibb Coffee & Wine Bar on Wealthy, so I usually don't come here if I plan to sit down or meet friends. I use this location for my regular caffeine & fresh pastry fix!

Ansley Prior

I’m so happy Rise has its own location now! I’d always loved everything they made but recently had to switch an all gluten/dairy/soy free diet because of a health condition and I can’t explain what it means to be able to go somewhere and not “think” about what I’m ordering, and then to also have it taste amazing... I’m very grateful. Also you must get the apple fritter. It’s insane and I don’t understand how they did it, it’s magic.

Wendy Nance

Quality Gf and vegan baked goods. Most items best eaten on the day of. I haven't had anything here I haven't liked. Everything has been good. Oatmeal sandwich cookies are a favorite as is the layered bar with coconut. While I haven't had anything from their dine in menu - it all has looked good when it comes out of the kitchen! The coffee bar drinks also look good. GREAT food.

Becky L.

Best ever. Gluten free everything - and vegan. I've tried multiple of the pastries and smoothie bowls all DELICIOUS. If it's crowded inside they do have seating outside (front & back). Friendly, awesome people there too :)

Ashley P.

My favveeeee vegan bakery ever. So good, so clean, just all around amazing. I've gone here multiple times and always find a reason to go back.

Sandy C.

I'm not a coffee drinker, but the vanilla steamer and pastries are always satisfying. I'm always greeted with a warm welcome and always served promptly. Most things are vegan so the prices are a little higher than average. A cute and modern atmosphere inside too!

Zachary K.

Coffee is pretty good (Squibb Coffee). The lavender earl Grey donut was good also, not overly sweet. The barista was either not a fan of work/customers/myself/etc. Do not expect a warm welcome or much help.

Claire Rose

I was very pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this little neighborhood gem on a walk. I stopped in a for a coffee and snack, and was able to enjoy it outside with the dog and baby. There were a few other children inside giving it a kid friendly vibe. The coffee and date ball were great. This will be a regular stop for us, we’re so glad to have this in the area. We wish you were open on Sunday too!

David B.

Pros: - gluten-free paradise! - dessert flavor combinations are very creative - wall of face art is really neat - slick modern design - you just feel like a cool joe-shmo sitting in this shop -Cortado was solid, not remarkable Cons: -Space is very small, which makes it a bit uncomfortable at all times - not really a spot to do work or even a spot to have an extended conversation - Everyone is going to talk about parking. Yes, it's an issue and yes, we can walk 100 feet. - Barista was not overly helpful or enthusiastic, but I understand that it was late in the day and I was overly-curious - If you're not gluten-free, cake and donuts are nothing to write home about (that said, they are impressive for their lack of delicious gluten) - Everything is pricey -- Overall, very neat addition to the west side but not a place I want to hang at regularly. Check it out at least once and make it a habit if you're gluten-free.

Amber M.

Oh My God! Soo good! It's not many places you can go and know you're getting vegan/gluten free deserts. We had 3 different donuts and a scone, they were all so fresh and flavorful! The funfetti donut was my favorite! Only downfall is the space is so small that it gets very cramped. A few people in line fills the place.

Hannah H.

I was really excited to visit Rise for the first time. However, I was incredibly disappointed. The food/drinks are way overpriced. I order avocado toast...after about 15 minutes with no sign of my food, I asked the cashier if it would be ready soon. She was very rude and said she doesn't make the food, the kitchen does. Several minutes later my food came out. It was underwhelming to say the least. And for ~$7 I wasn't too happy. The chai latte was lackluster as well. Moral of the story, visit one of the many other cafes in Grand Rapids. This one was a bust for me.

Pamela Cook

Special granddaughter day out started here and it was delicious! We took extra tarts home for the family.

chrisholley dumond

This shop is amazing!! Vegan and gluten-free donuts that even the gluten-eaters would prefer!! Cake, empanadas, and apple fritters—all delicious!!! Beautiful store front! Go check them out!!!

Some Girl

I really want to like this place. Have tried a few things and nothing wows me. Got hot tea to go, the cup was really small and the tea was too strong, would have preferred to be the same tea bag in a larger cup. I wish the items were marked with allergens. The line was really long and I didn't want to ask df/nf etc. I have tried the muffins and the dounuts, still has that chalky taste. Best gf in GR is the lemon polenta cake at early bird/little bird.

Marina Chekhovskiy

Love this place and everything they stand for! Thank you for showing people that vegan and cruelty free is delicious

Leticia Vaughn

The most amazing Vegan GF Allergy friendly baked goods around!!