Squibb Coffee & Wine Bar

955 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 350-9545

Recent Reviews

David Webster

Great chill little place. Will be returning. Very friendly, helpful service and great music selection!

Arryn Uhlenbrauck

Fun, low key coffee shop. Great place to meet up or for solo studying/writing time. Coffee, wine and beer are all options, so there is something for everyone. Plenty of different seating options. The bench seats have plugs for charging. The WiFi is always consistent. Cafe food options including: pastries, variety of toasts, spreads and charcuterie boards. Water pitchers by the coffee fixing station.

Nathan Coles

Friendly staff and great selection of food and drink.

Deanna Haynes

I wish their were more wines to pick from, but overall, the charcuterie is good and the wine is well picked.

David Martin

Great ambiance, good service and a great cup of coffee!

Giuseppe Lupis

They make delicious cappuccinos!

Disha R.

Squibb was an impressive coffee & wine bar. I absolutely recommend to those that like to start high with coffee, and end a job well done with a refreshing glass of wine! Came here to reunite with business colleagues and was impressed with the fact that we had a reserved space in the shop. One person from the group reserved a spot weeks ago. I never knew this was possible (reserving in a coffee shop?!! It must be the wine!). Squibb's laid back atmosphere made it easy for us to reconnect. I tried the ham toast and rosé. My friend tried the Pour Over x chemex and appreciated the bold fruity flavors in the coffee. Try out this GR gem!

Brenda Nowack

The best service! And the workers are the best! So friendly! I take my grand daughter to voice lessons. So to pass the time we go up front for coffee.. Thank you for the best!

Jacob Betts

Grand Rapids is quickly becoming a hub for specialty coffee. In the boom of specialty cafes, it's easy to be just another voice in the crowd. Luckily, Squibb stands out with the added Wine bar that makes this a unique stop amongst the Grand Rapids coffee scene.

Kevin Coger

I really love this coffee shop. I often do meetings in coffee shops and sometimes I like to have a beer during a meeting. This is one of those places you can do that. Friendly staff and beautiful shop.

Samantha Kreun

I had an iced, miel latte today. It was delicious! It was exactly what I needed on such a warm, sunny day. I also love how this place seems to bring out the best in people-both employees and customers. Every time I come here, I have the best conversations!

Honest Reviews

Initial impressions walking in are fine, the atmosphere and lighting seems nice. It was hard to communicate to the barista because it was a very loud space, so loud that I couldn’t tell if there was any music playing (there was). Most of the seats were taken, so we were forced to sit somewhat awkwardly close to someone else. Having to shout across the table in order to talk and having not very comfortable furniture to sit on made me sure that I did not want to stay for long. But, I get it, it’s a coffee shop in a city. You make more money if people come and go quickly, and don’t get comfortable.

Kam Peel

Great coffee and a good selection of beer and wine.

Linnea F.

This is my ideal spot to come and get some work done on my laptop. Usually I'm in the mood for wine, but I love that I have the option to pick between wine and coffee if I need it! The mochas are the best because they're made with Mokaya chocolate. I've also really enjoyed many cheese boards and the stuffed dates!

Mary Frances Lembo

we just stopped in for a quick glass of wine, love the atmosphere, wine was delicious, fun little spontaneous date night spot!

Carolina A.

This cafe is super cute and the staff is very friendly. I recommend the hot chocolate it is v. tasty!


Loving this little cafe on my first visit. It is roomy and welcoming, and the food and drink selection is full of variety and great things! Highly recommended. 👍

J C.

This is a nice, chill place to have a drink and do some work or catch up with friends. I tried one of the green tea specialty lattes, and it was very well done: I could taste both the tea and the house-made rosewater syrup, it wasn't too sweet, and the foam was smooth and even. The space is clean and minimalist, with a surprisingly spacious feel for a small location. There are plenty of seats in a variety of configurations- single bar seats, group high-tops, small tables. Squibb's is not what I would call cozy, but it's trendy and tasty and close to a bunch of fun shops and restaurants. I would definitely come back if I were in the neighborhood.


First visit to Squibb and I loved the quiet laid back atmosphere and great service! The crisp and bright cask/tap wine was delicious and paired great with the cheese and meat platter. Great setting!

Angelina Densham

We came in to celebrate my Mom's birthday and everything was wonderful. They let me call ahead and reserve a table for us, they greeted us warmly and offered samples and the drinks and charcuterie plate we ordered were delicious! The unique choices and friendly service guarantees a return visit from me!


They are so friendly here and quick with your order. Delicious coffee, sweet treats and unique appetizers!

Tess H.

I wouldn't say that this coffee shop stands out from any other independent and small coffee shop in GR but I was pleased with my visit. Very cute atmosphere and nice and quiet for studying or reading! I spent 2 hours here just reading and relaxing. I ordered the 10 oz. macchiato with vanilla and it was satisfactory. Nothing excellent but tasted like your average coffee. Seemed to cost a bit much for such a small cup. Food looked good too but I didn't order any.

Casey C.

Wine was good. Seemed like a good place to study/get work done during the day. They had live music on the Friday night I went. Can be on the pricier side but a nice treat

Pamela Adams

Great beverage offerings and the staff is wonderful!

Rizvi A.

hit it or quit it: hit it. snapshot: upscale but approachable and comfortable local café that also serves wine, with a smile. full review: tucked away at the edge of eastown this gem of an establishment is better kept a secret for us regulars. there is ample parking on the street or in the back of this clean and well kept building with two respective entrances. the location has a trendy, contemporary, almost minimalist decor that manages to stay cozy and not sterile (also there is a giant squid painting, my favorite). staff are super friendly and often one of the owners is behind the bar. the coffee menu is not big, not small, and has good variety. most importantly everything i've gotten is good. slightly pricey but in my opinion worth it. i haven't tried the wine. overall i'm a big fan of the whole experience; i come here for a chill time amongst like minded people and that's what i get. the only thing i would improve is their internet, it can be buggy. if you come through ask for the 'Ali', it's not on the menu but is quite good, a café mocha miel hybrid. tell 'em rizvi sent you! (nothing will happen, but i will feel good about myself).

Zeke K.

Good place to work, good place to chat - this coffee shop has space and cheap drinks for the price.

Brad G.

Went there last night to grab drinks with a friend. Really cool place with a great drink selection, nice decor and awesome and friendly service. Chatted with the owner for a bit, and learned they even had a wedding there over the weekend. Will definitely be back and highly recommend to check it out. In a very cool area of GR too.

Dan Bergman

The price of the coffee seemed a little high. The flavor was definitely better than the price. There's just as good and better priced places right down the road.

Lake M.

This place is super cute! Came to write a paper, and it was a great environment to get some work done. Good coffee, and music-- exactly what I needed.

Tito R.

Want to relax? I suggest doing so with a glass of wine and a cheese board from Squibb, what a great ambiance.

Claire C.

Great environment, loved the gluten free coconut bar but needs more seating. Was trying to study here but there wasn't enough seating or outlets or good study spots. In a cute area in Grand Rapids, nonetheless

Kelly Velting

They have great coffee choices. Customer service is amazing. They're so friendly and remember the regulars. My favorite coffee locale in GR.

Amanda G.

The setting the menu the beverages are just so wonderfully simple but still mind blowing! So happy my friend invited me here!

Rachel K.

Squibb was such a fun place to go for a nice morning coffee! The environment of the shop was modern and had the most beautiful light fixtures! I had a Carmel cappuccino and my boyfriend had the "guatamala" a dark roast coffee. We both enjoyed our drinks and we noticed there was also a great selection of wine, cheese, and baked goods available. They provide free WiFi as well and free parking is directly behind the shop.

Brianne Hubbard-Ross

The coffee is great, but I can't stop dreaming about the home made gingersnap oatmeal cream pies. Seriously, the 8 year old in me was ecstatic as well as the adult. Friggin delicious!

Michelle Linck

Super cute place , friendly staff and great coffee!Try the Cousin IT!

Yvonne L.

I'm from out of town and my friend took me here because this is one of her favorite coffee shops. I absolutely love the squid art on the wall and the ambiance of the shop. I got the matcha latte and I really loved the taste of it. You definitely get a rich taste of the matcha and not much of milk, like some other coffee shops. Next time I'm in town, I'll definitely stop by here!

James Hughes

Squibb is my favorite place to get coffee, a variety of yummy toasts, and incredible cheeses. The atmosphere is friendly, inviting, productive, and spotless. What I think is the best is their amazing catering! Full trays of cheeses, meats, breads, nuts, and pickled items are to die for (all with little hand written signs and attention to detail) and they do iced teas, too! I've had them cater two large events so far and they've completely knocked it out of the park. Customer for life!

Rozalina B.

Definitely walked in here because i thought the name came from Harry Potter lol (anyone else?) I'm conflicted. I ordered a seasonal small latte with coconut milk, so the cup was like 12 oz. When I received my drink only half the cup was filled. However, whatever was in there was the most delicious latte I've ever had. Like, it was creamy and buttery and smooth and literally perfect. Not overly sugary or milky. I forgot a latte could be so good. I would definitely come back next time I'm in GR but I really hope that's not what their portions are normally like.

Brooke S.

My favorite coffee shop in town. The drinks are delicious. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable about both coffee and wine. Love the atmosphere.